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Chapter 77: Demonic Transformation (Part 1/2)

God was always watching, but Luo Nan was quite innocent right now; he didn’t even attach his soul to Ink after all. From his understanding, Ink was supported by his soul breathing, successfully joining the draft of the surrounding air. Each flap of the crow’s wing seemed to merge together with the night’s sky. Ink was simply piloting the wind as it flew, so it used next to nothing in energy. Luo Nan didn’t know just how satisfied Ink was.

Alright. Luo Nan never expected that the reinforcement of soul breathing would have such great results. It clearly didn’t increase Ink’s upper limit, but it gave Ink a state incomparable; it let Ink display 150% of its abilities. 

Luo Nan copied this from Rui Wen. No wonder Rui Wen’s thin body was able to display super-godlike combat results. Perfect harmonization was sometimes even more key than absolute strength.

But no matter what Luo Nan’s thoughts were, He Yueyin was the highest ranking commander in the operation. Her orders were absolute. Luo Nan could only order Ink to fly over to the area assigned by He Yueyin

He Yueyin’s maintained a high standard for her work as a secretary. She knew that Luo Nan wasn’t quite clear about what qualified as a sniper spot, so she even transmitted satellite images of the surrounding area. She also marked out locations that Luo Nan was in charge of and even gave suggestions for patrol routes.

Such meticulous work left Luo Nan speechless.

As Ink flapped its wings and flew to the predetermined position, the Society’s modified deployments for the operation entered the execution stage.

The HexaEar acted as the main channel of communications during this time, transmitting with psychic waves. The waves covered several dozen square kilometers of area to converge and form a giant closely woven net that fell outside the scope of senses of normal people. A rapid mobilization had started.

Luo Nan was located at the core of this giant net. He clearly felt the layers of interweaving psychic waves; the ripples on the water’s surface turned even more distinct.

Clearly, this sort of change did not escape Jack. His mood turned even more impatient than before. The criss-cross interweaving psychic waves completely destroyed his search towards the suspicious signal. This was because right now there were suspicious signals coming in all directions all around him.

Jack understood now. He was already completely surrounded.

A few negative effects finally arrived after the completed transformation of his state of life. Jack knew that it was no use to be impatient, but he was unable to block these emotions.

The strength of the Society’s encirclement was within Jack’s expectations, so Jack didn’t react drastically because of this. Ultimately, it was Luo Nan’s provocation from before that had left him with an extremely bad experience. It was like scattered weed seeds were beginning to germinate and sprout from the pressuring waters of all sides to him. They grew rapidly to consume what was supposed to be nutrients for the core of his willpower.

The emotions of disdain and contempt from before had long since flown elsewhere.

Jack smashed a heavy fist against the metal plating of the vehicle. He began to clean up the equipment he had yet to finish installing. His efficiency was lower than he had planned for.

Of course, Jack owed this all to Luo Nan…… Even if he didn’t know just who was behind the suspicious signal.

Jack’s reactions were quite interesting. But here on Luo Nan’s side, the Human-Faced Arachnids reactions were not to be outdone.

As Jack grew more and more impatient, the Human-Faced Arachnid stirred more and more restlessly. Even though the Arachnid wasn’t intelligently aware, this sort of hunger instinct passed on information quite clearly.

Under interpretation, the Human-Faced Arachnid was approximately saying: “Don’t stop Jack. The nutrition of the spiritual seed decreases when you do.”

It seemed like the arachnid wasn’t going to consume it right now.

Luo Nan’s mind stirred. Jack’s sensitivity to the mental plane had increased to unknown heights under Luo Nan’s stimulation. It had increased to at least be able to sense the Society’s closing encirclement. Even though Luo Nan had faith in He Yueyin’s leadership ability, Rui Wen was at hand’s reach of Jack. Jack, under the control of his bad emotions, wanted to guarantee his safety. He had added an extra safety precaution.

Luo Nan loosed the chains at last and the Human-Faced Arachnid was freed from its fetters. It let loose on the spot with glee and pounced directly over towards Jack.

It must be stated that Jack, having been sharpened by Luo Nan’s provocation, had made great strides in his capabilities on the mental plane.

Before, he didn’t have any ability to detect Darksider life forms like the Human-Faced Arachnid at all. But now, he had something like an “intuitive” reaction when the arachnid came pouncing at him. It allowed him to tense up in an instant and unleashed his mass of probing instruments that could burn the void. What a pity.... It was completely ineffective.

Jack’s emotional thought process was laid completely bare. This was the key irreparable deficit that Jack possessed and the Human-Faced Arachnid’s attack method far exceeded Luo Nan’s imagination.

The Human-Faced Arachnid didn’t open up with a wide mouth to go biting in a single gulp. Jack’s synchronized tempo of his body and soul state possessed a certain defensive capability.

This Darksider life form possessed a cunning instinct. It went around the frontal defenses by blinking into the void with its weak body. Its core essence had actually transformed into a pulse of “information”. It let itself be captured by Jack’s detection instruments that were coming in all directions and it entered Jack’s completely defenseless emotional thought process in this way.

Luo Nan was stupefied when seeing this.

Driven by energy, the information-transformed Human-Faced Arachnid was traveling within the Tower of Babel. The collision with its information emitted a reaction in an instant, flashing with a certain dark hue of emotional luster.

Luo Nan was able to immediately decipher that this was impatience.

This tiny emotional element of impatience rapidly pervaded within Jack’s emotional current. It followed the structure of the Tower of Babel, rising step by step. Soon it permeated into the highest level of thought.

And so, the Human-Faced Arachnid was like a type of virus that gradually pervaded throughout Jack’s soul.

Luo Nan found this hard to imagine, but this was a fact that he had seen for himself.

The Human-Faced arachnid started doing the real work after making contact with Jack’s soul. The first thing it did was “weeding”. It callously took those high-level thoughts that helped it enter Jack and it pilfered the core nutrients of willpower, the emotional weeds, to consume them completely. Then it stabbed deep into Jack’s soul.

Within the abyss of self-awareness that was hard to reach, the Human-Faced arachnid found its ultimate target. The spiritual seed oozing with the color of blood and greed actually had a subtle glowing halo surrounding it.

The Human-Faced Arachnid watched with avid attention and greed the seed that could be eaten at any moment. Yet it didn’t make a move. It just concealed itself close by and waited in silence.

As for Jack, he suddenly discovered that the irksome emotions of impatience had unexpectedly been blown away after the series of heart-palpitating omens. This was a change that lacked all reason…… But the deadly pressure was the best reason.

Well in any case, right now his mind had recovered back to being calm. He could now face the imminent crisis head on.

His gaze fell onto Rui Wen’s body. He understood that the source of everything was from the body of this girl who he had monitored and tormented for three years.

Jack reached out with his hand. He had to have Rui Wen be within his hand’s control no matter what.

And right at this time, the high-speed moving transport vehicle suddenly went super wide. It simply made one believe that the vehicle had intensely twisted. Actually, the hard bullet-proof steel plating of the vehicle really did warp seriously. Then it was torn!

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