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Chapter 77: Demon Transformation (Part 2/2)

Jack nearly touched Rui Wen’s fingers when he suddenly pulled apart at least two meters of distance to his target. The color of the dark-night sky outside the vehicle was like a turbid river that suddenly crossed between Jack and Rui Wen.


Jack’s brain instantly calculated out the terrifying and preposterous force required to tear apart the thick bullet-proof steel plating by force. He deduced using the simplest of logic….. If this force were to come exploding his way with the highest efficiency, it would pierce through him completely.

Clarity came with this thought. Jack’s self-awareness shined with a luster, dispersing the bizarre force that affected him on the mental plane.

The vehicle was twisted and torn apart in an instant. The color of the darkness of night separating Jack and Rui Wen fluctuated with a rainbow luster. The color spiraled a little before fading without a trace.

This time the vehicle really did go wide. It collided with the abandoned site of the ground floor of a large building, but the seriousness was far from what he had felt before. At this time he found out that all levels of detection instruments had already taken information about EMP attacks and transmitted it over. Yet he had no clue about it.

A mental illusion technique? I can be hit by illusion techniques?

Inexplicable and complicated emotions surged up in his mind, then he turned cold and penetrating in an instant once again.

This was due to the double effect of receiving the illusion technique and EM attack just now, causing his body to make the wrong response in confusion. The vehicle had gone super wide, flinging the distance between him and Rui Wen. Jack wanted to use the vehicle’s wall behind him to push off and grab the precious treasure that was Rui Wen’s body. But then there was a “thump” behind him right at this time. 

The sound was heavy and thick. The force was incomparably bizarre. It transmitted through from the outside of the vehicle, causing practically no damage at all before it directly struck into the internals of the exoskeleton armor, into the half-rotten body.

It was as if the vibrating force was coming forom the center of his chest to disperse outwards, causing the tightly woven Dynamo Core configuration to even tremble slightly. It jolted his body to be paralyzed on the spot.

A second “thump” came and the two forces overlapped with one another. The two different vibrations interlocked and excited each other. The half rotten body, who’s state was due to Rui Wen’s deathly-silent ability, had its structure collapse completely to turn into a completely meaningless dead sack of flesh. The vibration even spread through the good half of the body to lead into the fine penetrating threads of the Dynamo Core. The Dynamo Core needed to be redeployed.

And so, Jack still couldn’t move.

Then came the third “thump”.

The demon eye suddenly flared after Jack donned a cold mask. The omnidirectional detection instruments had already formed an image of the situation with the vehicle and the image was projected back.

The middle-aged man outside was short and stocky. He wore a casual short sleeve shirt that was torn at the cuffs from his buff arms. He was the one who had hammered a fist against the vehicle. But there was something strange. The power of his fist had made Jack be stuck in a dilemna within the vehicle, yet the location where the fist landed on the car remained as smooth as ever.

“This fighter is at least B Rank!”

As soon as this judgment was formed. Dark red flames burned from the rotten flesh within Jack’s exoskeleton armor. It exploded outwards with great brightness.

The body within the exoskeleton armor burned to ash in an instant. However, the Format of Fire wasn’t effected at all. It was amlpified through the armor and it was blasted out from the back.

The bullet-proof steel plating in the back of the vehicle was approximately a one meter in radius. It was instantly enveloped by high temperature. Gathered by the Archetype Format, the atonsihing force of heat practically didn’t spread at all as it directly conducted its way to the outer layer of the vehicle.

A muffled snort came from outside the vehicle. The large-arm fighter’s fist had been heated by the high temperature; the fighter had been injured by the power of the Format of Fire. The sheet of scorched-blackness forced him to stop his third punch and fall backward.

Jack recovered his freedom at last. He disregarded the damage he had done to himself with his instantaneous exposion of flames and he turned around to go grab Rui Wen. But then he saw the back of the vehicle explode open at this time. The man who he had once crossed fists with before, Crag Burst, charged inside with large laughter. Crag Burst didn’t care; he just met Jack in close combat.

“God damnit!”

Jack knew he lacked the strength to seize Rui Wen into his hands and his demon eye darkened in an instant. But then it lit up once more: “Even if I can’t have Rui Wen, I still have the Dynamo Core. I still have energy. I am still not defeated!”

Two powerful people like two enormous beasts were inside the wide open vehicle. They engaged in close-combat fighting in an instant, bursting forth with stregnth. It looked like the five-ton transport vehicle could topple over at any moment.

The rescue operation was equal to being over at this time; it had been exceptionally direct and efficient. The surrounding deployed personel showed themselves one by one, surrounding the tranport vehicle to set themselves up an easy target.

He Yueyin stood beneath a cement pillar at the abandoned site. She calmly watched the current situation.

Next to her stood an undisciplined little old man. He was yawning endlessly.

The large-arm fighter, who had been crucial just now, walked back over. His arm already recovered back to normal, being only a bit coarser than that of an ordinary person. He shook his injured arm and spoke with emotion:

“Secretary, you even dared to think of using an illusion technique against Jack, this abnormal Altered Human. And it was even successful! Not bad Daydream.”

Daydream, aka Mr. Bai, was the veteran psychic of the Xia City branch. He responded with a yawn and shook his head:

“The fluctuation of this man’s emotions is very large. The defense strength he displayed was oddly sloppy. It didn’t even match a normal person’s defenses to a certain degree. Of course, his logical ability is exceptional strong and he recovers quickly. But as long as the first step hits the mark, follow-ups won’t be an issue.”

He Yueyi rose and faced the large-arm fighter: “I just exchanged some information with Quantum Corporation…… Mr. Giant Arm has worked hard. Things wouldn’t have gone this smoothly were it not for your contribution of two attacks.”

“I’m ashamed. I was going to land three fists, but I never thought that the Format of Fire from this Altered Human could be manipulated to this degree.”

While they were speaking, Crag Burst burst forth from the middle of flames with a rumble, exploding his way out.

No matter how brave Crag Burst was, his body was that of flesh and blood. Compared to Jack, who was already a completely metal composition, Crag Burst had quite the headache going on.

Jack pushed Crag Burst back with this one explosive attack. Then he walked out with large strides and dropped to the center of the empty ground to face the dozen veteran Awakened of the ability user society head on.

The divide between the strong and the weak was large, yet he had no fear. This boldness made others have a whole new level of respect for him.

But Luo Nan, who was floating in the air and observing from above, was a bit embarassed: “What……. Is this Human-Faced Arachnid up to?”

From Luo Nan’s perspective, at least half of Jack’s current performance could be blamed on the Human-Faced Arachnid. It was that fellow who waited in concealment within the depths of Jack’s soul. It was that fellow who constantly guided the emotions their direction. It was that fellow who eliminated practically all of Jack’s negative elements. Only in this way did Jack grew braver the more he battled, unleashing his fierce nature from the depths of his heart.

Since the Human-Faced Arachnid was implicated in this. Luo Nan was like an accomplice of Jack now.

Right now the Human-Faced Arachnid was extremely excited. Its strange and unpredictable instinct spurred it on. It took the most valuable portion of Jack’s soul energy and brought it out to injected it into the spiritual seed before its eyes.

Right now it wasn’t like a fierce Darksider life form. Instead, he was like a garderner hard at work. It let the spiritual seed in front of it be washed of the color of greed and blood so that it could blossom with radiance that was more and more brilliant.

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