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Chapter 75: Demon Eye (Part 2/2)

The transport vehicle drove onto the high-speed magnetic rail, shaking off the group of people from Quantum Corporation far in the distance.

A headless corpse sat quietly within the confines of the vehicle. Jack’s demon eye used the illuminating flames to take a cold look at everything inside the vehicle from above the mutilated and broken neck.

The conflict just now had caused quite the mess within the vehicle. Two bodies used to be placed down here, but they were tossed around to be all over the place from the effects of inertia.

Jack’s corpse was deeper inside; it had been knocked under a seat right now.

Rui Wen’s body was curled up. Her hands were tightly bound together by the powerful EM shackles. She was a bit closer to the demon eye.

Actually, Jack already lost all interest in the other headless corpse. Even if that used to be his body, the body that had gone through alterations time and time again no longer held any meaning once the Dynamo Core was extracted out from it. The sole emotion that his old corpse stirred up was contempt.

The same feeling of contempt was felt against the corpse he was currently possessing.

This Burner’s body used to be quite decent, but after crossing paths with Rui Wen, half its body seemed to be completely crippled. Its right hand was broken and right now its head had been splattered by an attack. It had changed from an oil tank that could barely supply Jack with energy to a tattered water sack that couldn't even be repaired.

The power system of the Deep Blue Walker was what was genuinely providing him with energy. It was the block of originum stored in the backup power supply.

Oh, that’s right.

Fine metal threads like nothingness probed out from the mutilated and severed neck. They pierced inside a different exoskeleton armor to form an ad hoc parallel power draw structure.

The armor had been taken off by Wall Five. The power supply was half full and it also contained a block of originum in reserve.


He sighed with emotion as fine threads manifested from the structure to bore through in a flowing and meticulous manner. It was inconceivably exquisite. Then when his gaze switched over to Rui Wen’s body, a different emotion flourished. Its name:


The glow of flames circulated upon the demon eye, causing the fine thread structure to transmit with the subtle vibration of a rippling light. It was unbroken as one: “I must have been possessed in the past. Such a perfect body was placed before my eyes and I actually wanted to destroy her! Those idiots, they…… and that includes the previous me, don’t realize where the value of this body lies at all.”

The gaze continued to sweep across Rui Wen’s body. A deep scan revealed to him a cauterized injury, caused by the piercing of the high-speed particle cannon, and several wounds in the form of internal swelling and deformation. Jack even felt somewhat of a heartache coming on.

“I must do a detailed examination of this body in the future. I hope that the radiation didn’t cause any irreversible injuries. Then if everything goes smoothly, the Dynamo Core can live as a parasite using this body as a host. With a careful arrangement of the Dynamo Core’s configuration, it can fuse as one with Rui Wen’s original soul configuration and ability configuration. Nothing would be further ideal than that. It doesn’t matter if she is a girl. This body represents unlimited potential…… Oh, soul configuration?”

His thoughts had arrived at this point, a different piece of information suddenly stood out after being slipped over. It made Jack suddenly be on guard. The demonic eye suddenly flared, switching through several different detection methods in a flash. He scanned within the vehicle, especially giving the surrounding area of Rui Wen’s body several more scans.

In the end, he used the amplifier installed within the exoskeleton armor to transform signals and let out a buzzing sound: “Youngster. How long are you going to keep hiding for?”

The vehicle was a sheet of silence; there was no reply at all.

The flame of the demon eye stared dead-fixed upon Rui Wen’s body: “It looks like you want to protect this girl. Your soul configuration’s strength was extremely amazing back in the apartment. It’s so funny. Yan Yongbo and the others had thought this ability belonged to Rui Wen’s body. This just exposes their ignorance in soul science.”

The vehicle’s interior was buzzing from the vibration of the amplifier, but there still wasn’t any significant information that appeared.

Jack laughed in a low voice: “Youngsters always overestimate their own patience, and they overestimate the patience of others at the same time……”

The exoskeleton armor suddenly punched out, bringing with it a whistling wind. The fist smashed directly down upon Rui Wen’s head.

The hard knuckles already touched Rui Wen’s temple and even slightly pressed into her skin. But in the end, the fist froze still and stopped.

Jack maintained this stance for quite a while. He was anticipating the tetrahedron figure, but he had yet to see it. Or perhaps he was waiting for some other response. This time he was truly puzzled.

Did he make a mistake in judgment? Or maybe this ability really did come from Rui Wen?

Jack thought of the time back in the DeShang Building with the thorny big fellow and the youngster possessing a super large sensing range. Jack’s mind was rather filled with an apprehensive feeling that was hard to get rid of.

Yes. It was this feeling of apprehension that turned so distinct. If his transplant was truly successful, he would become an absolutely real and boundless existence of life.

He just needed time.

Then the city’s public service system transmitted over information at this time: “Maintenance is being performed on the magnetic rail ahead. Please switch to a different traffic layer. The next switching area is a hundred meters ahead.”

The digital map had already provided an open route.

Jack’s demon eye flickered once again. He paid no heed to the indication. The speed of the vehicle didn’t decrease but increased as it charged its way through.

The radio waves of various systems of obstruction, control, and authority interweaved in the empty air, all seeking to control the crazily advancing transport vehicle. But under the comprehensive control of the Dynamo Core, all attempts to link with the vehicle were absolutely meaningless.

Jack fed signals into the amplifier to laugh with a muffled laugh using this sort of senseless method.

He was the undefeated demon king in this AI-ified metropolis. It didn’t matter what warrior from what power and what direction.

The feeling of disdain and conceit was quite nice.

Ohohoho! This sort of feeling of superiority was especially wonderful!

The demon eye painted the interior of the vehicle with a blood-red luster. It was dazzling, but people would find it hard to get a good feeling from it. Luo Nan watched this devilish scene with rapt attention, his heart exceptionally calm.

Even though Jack was dealing with the changing situation outside the vehicle. His scanning and monitoring of the inside never faltered.

Luo Nan knew of Jack’s fear towards him…… No, a proper description was that Luo Nan could see it.

Luo Nan had laid hidden for a long time already. He had been guarding Rui Wen by her side ever since the moment she took on the particle cannon and fell unconscious. He had tried to use his old methods to rouse Rui Wen’s consciousness and restore her state.

But soon Luo Nan discovered that this task was hard to accomplish within a short period of time. The seriousness of Rui Wen’s injury far exceeded his expectation. The high-speed particles’ kinetic assault had wrecked several of her inner organs and had also destroyed the musical foundation of her harmonious melody.

Forcefully switching tempos under these conditions would only make the recoil kill everything.

Luo Nan could only guard Rui Wen by her side and expedite communications with the reinforcements of the Society.

The members of the Society, under He Yueyin’s arrangements, were already prepared to intercept Quantum Corporation’s fleet halfway. But then Jack’s appearance made a mess of everyone’s plans.

The Society was making adjustments to their deployments and Luo Nan remained standing guard within the vehicle. He had seen with his own eyes Jack’s bizarre yet interesting change in state.

Yes, it was extremely interesting.

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