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Chapter 75: Demon Eye (Part ½)

Snake Seven originally wanted to borrow force from the closed vehicle door and had reacted accordingly. But the electronically controlled metal door opened noiselessly without a sound, giving him no opportunity whatsoever. A sheet of empty air was behind him and the force that pierced against his stomach continued to press against him until he rammed against the ground.

The exoskeleton armor collided with the ground, grinding out a stream of sparks. Snake Seven was left with protecting Wall Five with all his strength as the high-speed traveling transport vehicle rapidly pulled the distance.

Snake Seven glared at the taillights of the distance transport vehicle. His eyes were bloodshot as he raised his right arm. He launched a miniature EMP grenade in the next moment. It flew high in the air, tracing accurately a parabola and landing in front of the transport vehicle.

A muffled explosion sounded out. Snake Seven accurately controlled and directed a stream of gamma rays to penetrate the area where the shielding was weakest in the transport vehicle, frying practically all its electronic gear in an instant.

The vehicle suddenly lost control, went perpendicular, and flipped over. The five-ton vehicle maintained its inertia and slid several dozens of meters before stopping.

Fist Two’s figure had already flown out from the vehicle during its slide. Under the ingenious control of the propulsion device, Fist Two ended up standing on top of the stopped vehicle.

Snake Seven was not happy at all to see the familiar figure. Instead, a deep chill rose penetratingly from the bottom of his heart.

Fist Two’s face had turned deathly gray at this time. His life force was completely exhausted, but before his eyes was the “metal wheat kernel” propped up by countless fine threads. The kernel burned with the color of blood and approached endlessly closer towards Fist Two’s face. It stuffed itself into Fist Two’s empty eye socket and radiated with a devilish and distorted red glow.

“I’ll screw you back eight generations!” cursed Snake Seven from a distance of several dozens of meters away.

The young man original intention was to charge over there, but right now Wall Five’s air was growing weaker and weaker. Blood flowed endlessly from his eyes yet again. He had pumped up his energy just then, and he had received intense disturbing forces. These jolted and shook his frail internal organs. He kept coughing, finding it hard to stop. Snake Seven could see with just a glance that Wall Five was on the verge of dying.

Snake Seven injected Wall Five with the life-prolonging drug deployed within his exoskeleton armor. He howled within the communications channel: “Brain One. Anyone. Anyone?”

Brain One bone-chilling voice responded: “Blade Three will be in position in seven seconds. Vehicle No. One will arrive in fifteen seconds. Snake Seven, be on standby for now.”

“Screw your standby……”


A coughing sound was heard within the communications channel, causing the entire channel to suddenly turn silent. What had been Fist Two’s wavelength had already changed to a different voice.

“What a pleasant surprise…… There’s actually originum. Quantum Corporation’s newest walkers are already using originum as their backup power source? It’s nearly forty percent in purity. This is excellent, excellent.”

“Excellent your mother!” spat back Snake Seven when he opened his mouth.

Brain One was about to do a last-minute encryption on their network to sidestep this frequency when the voice mentioned a name: “Mr. Yan. I know you’re here.”

Yan Yongbo’s restrained voice cut in after a second of silence: “Jack. What the hell are you up to!?”

“Showing you the marvels of the Dynamo Core in this form!”

Dark red flames exploded from the eyes, the nostrils, and the mouth of Fist Two as Jack was speaking. It rapidly formed together to spread all around Fist Two’s body.

“I am extremely apologetic for such a thing to happen. I should have used more peaceful methods, but I have no choice; I am far too hungry. Do you remember? You had used my previous body as bait to make that shot with the marvelous and peerless particle cannon. It would have been nothing were it not for my power supply being cut off. I was forced to look elsewhere to amend this.”

“Otherwise, the new life that I had worked so hard for would have come to a premature end. I didn’t want things to be this way, and you shouldn’t either. If not, who will show you the Dynamo Core’s…...Oh, f**k off!”

The heavy-dark streak of a shimmering blade had cut across; it was the hidden assassin of the team, Blade three. He had borrowed the shadows of the dark night to leap onto the transport vehicle and perform an attack from behind.

This was a specially configured exoskeleton armor. It was practically a whisper all the way until the shimmer of the blade was right at Jack’s body. Only then did the armor unleash its full might. The explosive boost from the auxiliary propulsion device caused the blade’s edge to break through the sound barrier in an instant. The blade was already in reach of Fist Two’s neck.


The nozzle of the auxiliary propulsion device changed directions in a flash and the internal cushioning installed within the armor oddly became loose and soft. The twisting force was applied completely onto the arm within the armor.

Blade Three’s arm broke in seventeen~eighteen places. The single blade-strike moved with the force of thunder towards a direction unknown to him. It went down the stomach and landed on a leg. He fell and crashed somewhere, not knowing what happened.

And right in front of Jack, Snake Seven had taken the interval of Blade Three’s surprise attack to make a sudden assault with all his strength. Snake Seven charged several dozens of meters in a breath’s time. The Format of Fire burned with full force. A dark aperture opened up on the chest of the armor, rays of light coalescing within.

“There’s another particle cannon?.......A miniature model?”

The raging flaming eye of Fist Two turned over here. The deathly face, which already lost all the life force of flesh, revealed a twisted and terrifying smile, a smile belonging to Jack.

“What a retard. Don’t go making a fool of yourself okay.”

Snake Seven was overwhelmed with shock as he discovered that his exoskeleton armor, which he had been integrated with like a single body, suddenly went heavy. All power towards movement had faded away. All signals were blocked off. And the docking circuits of the Dynamo Core used to realize the Format were all severed one by one. 

He was no longer a Deep Blue Walker right now. Instead, he bore a weight exceeding two-hundred kilograms. He was neutered to failure, an unfortunate man who collapsed helplessly in front of his objective.

Snake Seven’s stomach received another kick in practically the same area as before. He flew a dozen meters backward, crashing to the ground with a rumble.

He struggled to get up, but then in front of him, he saw the transport vehicle start up, even though it had all its electronic equipment fried by his EMP grenade. Its four wheels actually started to spin, bringing the vehicle to move, turn, and then speed up. Within his moment of shock, the vehicle had already pulled quite the distance.

Jack’s voice continued to sound out within the communications channel: “Mr. Yan. As you can see, ever since the Dynamo Core was developed, it existed for the sake of helping man control machines. Even a pile of scrap iron can transform into a terrifying weapons platform within the hands of the truly powerful."

“Of course in my perspective, the most important thing is this configuration of the Dynamo Core. It’s emulating the format of life. Life is able to enter a different state with control over this configuration and with sufficient energy. In a certain sense, this is close to eternal life.”

“Our agreement is still valid. But I will need to point out punitive conditions for your disappointing behavior. I hope you will make some mental preparations.”

As Jack’s voice faded away, a dark red streak cut in from above to pierce the “head” of the flaming Fist Two. An EM sniper rifle round caused the entire skull to explode into pieces with its powerful kinetic energy. Blood plasma, brain tissue, and bone fragments splattered all around.

In the back, Snake Seven smashed the ground heavily and made a roar.

Yet Jack’s calm voice continued to sound out. It was ice-cold like the devil:

“Your punitive conditions have been doubled.”

The burning “metal wheat kernel” seemed to float in place within the vacuum above the exoskeleton armor. It was like the ominous pupil of a demon as it cast a frigid and caustic light towards all.

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