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Chapter 74: Blood Spirit Seed (Part ½)

The electrically charged particles collided fiercely with the molecules of the air. The atmosphere of the skies above the lake seemed to suddenly be painted with the color of devilish-green. The intensely twisting air was like layers and layers of flickering demon-fire that covered the near-two-acre lake.

The reaction of the molecules didn’t matter; the kinetic energy of the attack had arrived a step ahead of it.

The particle beam was weakened by the near-two-kilometer straight line distance. The beam had already diffused out rapidly, losing a substantial amount of its penetrating force. But the scope of diffusion was so great that there wouldn’t be an opportunity to dodge at all.

Rui Wen’s body had been in the air above the lake. She was smashed instantaneously into the lake by the terrifying attack. The lake swelled and then gushed up two meters high, then she sunk directly to the bottom.

Then the stream of rays generated from the particle beam covered the entire surface of the lake, contributing just a little bit of its effects to the attack.

“Confirmed hit on the target,” reported Artillery Six calmly from atop the apartment building. “We’ve been locked on by a satellite. The SCA is trying to link with us remotely with their authority. They’re requesting assistance in shielding.”

“Understood. Standby for thirty seconds. We can withdraw after we confirm the extent of damage to the target.”

Brain One's response had been simple. Then he called out a different member of the team: “Snake Seven.”


“Snake Seven!”

“Okay okay okay. I know already. Nevertheless, I have to wait for the radiation to drop a bit. Damn, why must these kinds of dangerous work always fall into my hands?”

A lazy voice, which was on a completely different wavelength than the other members of the team, had spoken out. The voice was quite successful in making Brain One’s face turn ashen. Brain One even felt a headache coming on. 

Even though Yan Yongbo was helping endorse the use of the particle cannon, firing this grade of a weapon within the confines of Xia City put him under a great deal of stress.

Evidence for locking them up in prison was locked in the second the particle cannon was mounted on the building; they would be sent to the court of law after everything was over. Even if they had Quantum Corporation backing them, he was unwilling to take this risk.

And right now it was none other than Snake Seven, this fellow, who was carrying out the current mission.

Brain One barked: “The radiation of this area won’t drop even after a hundred years if you don’t intervene. Move faster!”

Snake Seven cursed, but his actions weren’t as prudent as the words he had spoken.

A Deep Blue Walker with a slender build flew out of hiding from the outer side of the lake half a second later. He was propelled by a propulsion device to pass through the extremely scorching atmosphere. He inspected in a circle above the lake.

“Damn. This old fashioned armor is not radiation hardened at all. The built-in measurement instruments have all been fried…….”

“You have fifteen seconds before I have Artillery Six fire another round.”

“F**K!” Snake Seven immediately stopped complaining; he knew that the team leader would really do such a thing.

His efficiency increased under pressure. Snake Seven reported back five seconds later: “I’ve discovered the response of the target…… Wait, false report.”

“Snake Seven!”

“There are two people in the lake okay? The interfering element always needs to be eliminated first right?”

Snake Seven had flown down to the lake while he was speaking, lifting the culprit who had caused him to make a false report and tossing the culprit onto the lake’s shore.

“Jack? Is he still alive?”

Brain One wasn’t the one who had spoken; it was Yan Yongbo. Yan Yongbo, the commander, was one level higher up than Brain One. Yan Yongbo had bypassed ranks to speak time and time again. Clearly, the pressure he was facing was not the least bit smaller than what Brain One was facing.

Snake Seven pulled Jack’s face over: “Ew. It’s like this guy’s skull is a dehydrated fig.”

“I need the Deep Sea Type 4 Dynamo Core inside his brain…… Forget it. Just bring his corpse back.”

“As you wish, sir. Oh right. Leader, can you give me fifteen more seconds?”

“Ten seconds!” said Brain One, clearly speaking through gritted teeth.

Snake Seven gestured with an “OK” sign to the building far in the distance. Then he entered the waters once again.

Yan Yongbo had a feeling that his current actions were suspect to be beyond his authority. He took the initiative to privately chat with Snake Seven to alleviate this uncomfortable feeling: “Is Snake Seven that ‘Radiation Kid’? The ability user who spontaneously awakened, but wanted to become a Burner?”

Brain One also needed to alleviate his tense mental nerves. He spoke with what he had heard before: “Yes. He has the shocking ability to neutralize radiation for his own gain. After integrating with the Format of Fire, he is truly like a tiger that has grown wings. It’s just that…… it’s very hard to correct his nature.”

“Give him a smacking later?”

“No, it’s best not to go hurt others,” laughed Brain One bitterly. 

Snake Seven had discovered the true target while these two were speaking. Actually, he didn’t really need to use much energy to find the one and only source of light in the dark waters. This should be right.

“I’ve found the target. Oh, what skill’s effect is this?”

Rui Wen’s body had yet to settle in the muddy and dirty water. She was floating up and down within the underwater currents. Her arms and legs hung without energy; she had already entered a state of unconsciousness.

Yet there was a dazzling glow around her body. A meticulous graphical structure was enveloped within. Snake Seven had seen this structure so much in training to the point of vomiting.

“The Archetype Format?”

His superiors used their authority to access and observe his viewpoint together.

Brain One reminded Snake Seven: “Don’t think too much. The target had displayed a similar condition last time she woke up from unconsciousness. And there’s also the time when she recovered from the shock grenade…...”


Snake Seven displayed efficient work. He raised up his gun and shot Rui Wen’s body head on. Rui Wen had no reaction whatsoever, but the graphical structure’s glow gradually faded away.

Brain One continued guessing when he saw this scene: “Perhaps this is some ability of the target, a regeneration ability that activates unconsciously?”

“Perhaps.” Yan Yongbo wasn’t talkative. Brain One didn’t have the qualifications to talk about information involving the Apocalypse Laboratory.

“If the high-potency anesthetic has no effect, we can just cut off her arms and legs……” Though Snake Seven had spoken in such a way, when he got close to Rui Wen he took out EM shackles that he prepared ahead of time. He fixed them onto Rui Wen’s wrist.

Rui Wen’s two hands were firmly locked together under the powerful magnetic force. It looked like she lacked the ability to fight back any longer.


Brain One let out a long sigh: “Dismount the cannon, Artillery Six. Time to withdraw.”

Artillery Six rapidly dismantled the ad hoc support structure for the cannon and Gun Four came from a different direction to help out at this time. The two people carried the heavy equipment and flew directly down the apartment building.

The equipment transport vehicle was already waiting there at this time.

There was also a personnel transport vehicle that drove into Park 23 and arrived at the lake’s shore for support. The logistics crew got off the vehicle and moved Jack’s corpse to the back of the vehicle.

Frankly speaking, this sort of action was a bit discriminating to the injured personnel. The injured Fist Two and Wall Five were all in the back of the vehicle in preparation to be transported to the hospital. It was seriously unlucky to have a corpse with them in the back.

But thinking about it, Rui Wen should be in a critical state after being hit by the particle cannon. She should be coming along with them to the hospital.

Snake Seven had yet to board the vehicle. The logistics crew stuffed Jack’s corpse inside. Luckily the vehicle was spacious; they didn’t need to worry about running out of space.

But a “crack!” suddenly sounded out when the corpse was placed down. Several people looked around at the cause of the sound and what they saw was Jack’s shriveled skull being split open.

The scalp had come off the skull. A faint red glow pierced out from the crack within the bone.

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