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Chapter 72: Soul Quelling Tower (Part 2/2)

Rui Wen’s fist was heavy and tricky. The exoskeleton armor with a weight reaching 300 kg lifted into the air with a rumble from the force of her fist. It didn’t move a particularly long distance, but The force of the heavy fist had penetrated the armor to eat away at the bone. The person inside the armor had taken practically all the damage.

The Deep Blue Walker moaned miserably. He had lost awareness in half his body and had lost his equilibrium. The structure of his Format was in a chaotic mess and the Format of Fire had already dispersed. He even had problems with piloting the armor. Right now he was still awake, but he was just relying on strength from his day-to-day training.

He saw Rui Wen glance at him with her long and narrow eyes and a chill rose rapidly from the bottom of his heart. He gathered the last of his remaining strength to launch himself off the balcony to fly away. His diversion fins spread out slightly and this propulsion device brought him to soar upwards. He had actually left the battlefield.

After repelling the Deep Blue Walker with a single fist, Rui wen dropped her body downwards and exerted force once more to spring up and over the railing of the balcony. Her momentum was unstoppable. She soared two meters into the air and she pushed off against the upper wall of the balcony to flip up and over.

Dark red flames shot out from the balcony below her a step too late. It was the sweeping blaze of Jack’s Format of Fire and it directly destroyed half the balcony.

The Deep Blue Walker of Quantum Corporation had been worried about bringing Rui Wen back to the Deep Blue World as an experimental subject. He used battle tactics, but he didn’t use deadly force. He had restrained himself.

But Jack was completely different. He didn’t care at all.

The attack had failed. He rushed to the edge of the balcony and stuck out his head to look, but he didn’t see anything.

The Deep Blue Walker, who was levitating through the air with his diversion fins, had the perfect viewpoint right now. He alerted through the pre-established comms channel:

“Below you!”

Jack’s body shivered. He was unable to detect Rui Wen’s body even though his robotic eye was integrated with several detection technologies, even though he was equipped with other sensing instruments.

But Rui Wen was really below him. She was a large living person, yet she was as incorporeal as a spector. After she had flipped to the balcony above, she immediately moved to the side and borrowed the shadows on the face of the balcony to drop back down without a noise. She used the railing of the balcony as a screen to let loose an explosive fist the instant when Jack had received the warning.

The deathly-silent blade aura penetrated through with its mysterious] transformation between void and reality. Jack groaned miserably as he staggered backwards to retreat. His leg had been hit.

He only retreated two steps before his flesh and skin withered and shed in an instant. His fragile bones couldn’t support the weight of his body and snapped with a crack. Half his leg bone was left there.

Jack toppled backward to smash heavily against the floor. His current appearance was just like that of the once high and mighty Greatmaw Basilisk….. In the way it died.

“Rui Wen!”

Jack’s face twisted as he howled loudly, but at the same time he used his hands and feet to suddenly exert strength. He glided on the surface of the messy floor at high speeds and his Deep Sea EM Field and his Format of Fire blended together to form a massive vortex of flame. It contracted and expanded continuously to form a powerful repelling force in order to block Rui Wen’s attack of shadow and material.

His speed in this form was actually quite fast to be able to slip out the front door in the blink of an eye. He didn’t close the door this time for there was moving metal wall that was blocking outside.

It was yet another Deep Blue Walker.

This exoskeleton armor looked to be much bulkier than the one that had fled from the balcony. No matter where it stood, it blocked and sealed off the front door of the room. It then turned its arm around to bring out a bulletproof shield attachment. It slammed against the ground with a rumble to firmly fix in place.

If this was just a shield, it would only be a freebie when faced against Rui Wen’s mysterious ability. The problem lay open this person’s steel body. The flames were scathing as there were layers and layers of flames that amassed upon the shield. It was clearly a special skill, a specialized technique. Its defensive power was certainly way above normal.

Luo Nan suddenly thought of something while he was observing the situation. According to some popular science programs, the Deep Blue Walkers acted in groups of five to seven to form units for their anti-mutant operations.

Five people had joined hands in killing the burning wraith way back on the warship. They were clearly divided into the military and Quantum Corporation, but they advanced and retreated like clockwork. They definitely had the appropriate joint-assault training and it was definitely hard work.

In other words, there were at least three other Deep Blue Walkers hear the apartment besides this buff male shield before his eyes and the one that had suffered critical damage by the hands of Rui Wen….

He just finished processing this thought when heavy footsteps could be heard on the messy balcony. It was certainly another Deep Blue Walker. Both its hands held guns and it appeared to be proficient at operating them. It was clearly not the poor devil that had half its body disposed of.

Another sound came at the same time from the bedroom

She was really blocked off.

This was a commonly seen small-configuration apartment in Xia City with its two bedroom one living room structure. The ways leading outside were at the front door, the balcony, and the master bedroom.

Right now three Deep Blue Walkers were blocking three exits. The situation was now set up to be like shooting fish in a barrel.

This wasn’t a battlefield suited for Deep Blue Walkers, but it would be hard for Rui Wen to have the strength to resist if they could properly make use of their tactical ammunition, of their shock and pulse grenades, to form waves of attacks.

The situation had made yet another dramatic change.

Yet Rui Wen made not a noise and not a sound. She had no intention of changing her target. She charged in a straight line towards the sturdy shield bearer outside the door, growing faster and faster in speed.

Everyone, including Luo Nan, thought that Rui Wen was going to play the same old trick once again and use her mysterious deathly-silent blade aura to directly penetrate the defenses of the shield bearing man.

Radio waves interweaved through the air as thought communication occurred between the several Deep Blue Walkers in an instant: “It’s impossible for Wall Five’s Hundred-Layer Flame to be penetrated by a single attack. Follow up with a wave of shock grenades.” 

“Artillery Six, copy.”

“Prepare tactical ammunition. Load firearms.”

“Gun Four, copy.”

“Prepare to attack!”


A tactical grenade was tossed from the bedroom the instant the voices cut out, but Rui Wen’s dash had been too quick and the grenade’s timer wasn’t that lucky. It was impossible for it to explode before Rui Wen and Wall Five collide.

However, as long as Rui Wen was unable to rush past Wall Five’s iron fortress, the grenade would only need half a second delay to explode at the back of her head.

Luo Nan saw the shock grenade from high in the sky. He was just about to prepare a new ritual with the Format Pyramid as a preliminary step to help Rui Wen withstand the coming attack.

But right at this moment he discovered that all of Rui Wen’s air had increased rapidly in tempo. It was like a densely packed drum beat that was connected as one. And the instant when it seemed to break out of control, it would violently converge back together.

The change between extreme movement and extreme stillness caused the body and soul water to go into an intense upheaval from what had been an undulating pattern. Rui Wen opened her mouth and the air inside and outside interweaved. Then the vibration wave of this upheaval exploded forth in all directions.

It was as if Luo Nan heard the roar of a malevolent beast in this moment. But this explosive attack didn’t form material sound waves. Instead, it was directed at the mental plane.

It was yet another exquisite shifting between the material plane and the mental plane.

The shield wielding man was using his full strength to guard against Rui Wen’s deathly-silent blade aura. His entire attention was focused on his shield. Rui Wen did the very opposite. She let loose a “Psionic Storm” that was similar in nature to the Siege Hammer attack.

This was nothing more than hitting the enemy’s weak spot.

“Wall Five!”

The shield wielding man’s medical signs had suddenly changed, causing the commander of the team to discover that things were far from good and to issue a warning.

Wall Five wanted to be able to take the blow, but his strength was eroded away after getting hit by the Psionic Storm. It was as if a noiseless a dark river had hit him. It was empty, cold, and desolate, yet it directly targeted his weak organs. A single attack of penetration.

The Hundred-Layer Flame suddenly extinguished and Wall Five fell backwards to face the sky, his shield covering atop his body.

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