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Chapter 71: Five Minutes (Part 2/2)

Luo Nan’s soul body soared in the night sky, rushing towards Rui Wen’s position at rapid speed.

Ink was relying on its air superiority to be seven, eight kilometers behind him. This crow was located with the second team, but the distance continued to be pulled apart. Crag Burst could only painstakingly follow Ink from behind at an arm’s length away.

He Yueyin and other participating Society members of the operation came from different directions. The followed the approximate direction and distance that Luo Nan gave and converged together from all sides.

The Society utilized satellites to endlessly shrink the scope of their search. They marked out suspicious locations and countless information was transmitted over the HexaEar. But there wasn’t a single bit of information that left a mark in Luo Nan’s mind.

Luo Nan’s complete attention had already been shifted onto Rui Wen. He erected his Format within the body of water that was a blending of body and soul.

A bit of force from his soul had been thrown in. It transformed into a pyramid tower that protruded out from the water’s surface.  The dark chains were like a giant python that roamed inside and outside the format pyramid, giving rise to waves within the water.

Luo Nan’s objective was to influence and disturb Rui Wen’s tempo, to force her tempo to change and have her break away from the influence of the pulse in her brain.

But Luo Nan never expected that he would be the first to be affected.

Rui Wen’s breathing tempo of merging was flawless, resulting in crystal clear waters that could reflect everything.

Luo Nan was forced to feel that the format pyramid was far too rigid and that the dark chains were far too messy. It was an awkward feeling to be within these pure waters. Luo Nan was forced to make adjustments, otherwise even the erected Format would feel askew.

It wasn’t particularly hard to do this sort of thing. Rui Wen was there to serve as a standard and reference.

Luo Nan let the pyramid’s stability to interweave inseparably close with the chains’ vibration. One was moving, one was still. Yet it was a symbiotic harmony. Luo Nan performed several hundred calibrations before finding an extremely stable and comfortable state, allowing for the opportunity to converge and harmonize his soul force.

Finally, the aspect of his soul formed a marvelous vibration. It was extremely fine, so much so that it seemed to be moving yet not moving, it seemed to be calm yet not calm. The vibration was transmitted in all directions without needing a thought.

As soon as this feeling suddenly flashed, Luo Nan’s soul body made a large shudder. It was as if a layer of incorporeal filth was expelled from his body, causing him to become much more clear.

It was as if his soul was breathing, possessing the capability to breath out filth and breath in purity.

This was breathing of the soul, the tempo of the soul.

The two tempos of Luo Nan and Rui Wen were mutual excited when this vibrating wave swept across. The water suddenly shook with surging waves. The seemingly level vibrating wave actually possessed a battering force.

The external stimulation suddenly rose in intensity right in this moment. It drew Luo Nan’s gaze outside and Luo Nan just so happened to see Yan Yongbo’s expression of shaking in fear.

“He can see it?”

Luo Nan’s mind pumped as he saw Yan Yongbo lose color in his face. Luo Nan’s mind was exceptionally clear right now and a burst of insight flashed in his mind, granting him a sudden epiphany:

Yes. He had established the framework of the altar, he had bore the increasing level of war between Rui Wen and the Human-Faced Arachnid, he learned how to breath with his soul, and much more. He had made improvements himself and the degree of his improvement far exceeded his imagination.

It was so much that right now his projected consciousness could already interfere with the material plane. What had once been an incorporeal soul force was now appearing in front of men.

“Restrain her!”

Yan Yongbo didn’t know why the Archetype Format that he was so familiar with would appear before his eyes in such a bizarre form. As stupefied as he was looking at it, he could still see that a situation had occurred with Rui Wen.

With the new situation with Rui Wen, all thoughts of cooperation turned into a complete joke!

Yan Yongbo had called Jack to attention in a loud voice and Jack didn’t need Yan Yongbo to be superfluous. Jack activated the pulse in Rui Wen’s brain at once. But right before this happened, Rui Wen had a ripple of a desolate current swept through her entire body from inside out. The precise device could no longer respond to Jack.

“Rui Wen!” Jack’s robotic eye seemed to ignite with the fire of murder.

And Rui Wen, who had been unconscious until now, opened her eyes from atop the sofa.

Her figure shot up in the next moment and Jack activated his Deep Sea EM Field at the same time.The near 100 kilogram sofa soared through the air and was flung to the side. It smashed heavily onto the window between the living room and the porch, causing the window to shatter into pieces with a bang.

The cool autumn breeze blew inside, causing the curtains to flutter about.

The surrounding inhabitants were making a commotion; it was past midnight after all. Other places in Xia City may still be feasting and engaging in revelry, but the residential areas were tranquil.

This sort of powerful noise was still too loud.

“Damn it! Hold on for five minutes! Reinforcements will be here soon!”

Yan Yongbo shut off the comms after speaking these words, cutting off the hologram.

Jack turned a blind eye to this. His eyes were only on Rui Wen.

The living room wasn’t that big. There were no obstacles between Jack and Rui Wen right now. But Rui Wen seemed to possess an instinct to conceal within the darkness. She dropped noiselessly to a corner where the shadows were the most dense. She didn’t open her mouth, didn’t utter a sound. She just looked coldly at Jack.

Jack pressed against his forehead lightly to alleviate his sharp rush of emotions: “Rui Wen, you Predator, always destroying other people’s dreams…….”

Before Jack could finish speaking, Rui Wen’s figure suddenly twisted within the shadows of the corner. She launched an attack towards Jack at an absolute high speed. But faster than her rushing attack was the desolate blade aura that suddenly flashed from the void.

Jack’s Deep Sea EM Field had been constantly active. It enveloped practically every furniture in the living room. But Jack snorted in this moment. His body fell backward as he rammed through the front door.

There weren’t any lights there, but soon dark red flames rose dramatically to illuminate his face.

Jack’s face had already been riddled with scars, but soon half his face rapidly withered up. A distinct scar could be seen on his cheek bone and this scar continued to split. The ash white bone was already dropping by half and what spurted out wasn’t blood but flames.

Right on target!

Even though Jack had both the Deep Sea EM Field and the Format of Fire to interfere, he was still unable to stop Rui Wen’s blade aura.

In reality, the blade aura would have probably ran through his skull if he didn’t interfere. A one hit kill.

Luo Nan floated in observation. He could see things much clearer now. Rui Wen’s ability was like Zhang Yingying’s White Rainbow. Though White Rainbow was like a water cloud belt that coiled around a mountain; it had a more fixed form in comparison. Rui Wen’s blade aura was more intrinsic in nature.

Rui Wen’s blade aura was hidden within her basic air. It could suddenly explode out, coming without a shadow and leaving without a trace. Its sharpness was still second to what was truly penetrating, its deathly cold air.

Before Luo Nan could even see the trajectory of this killer attack, half of Jack’s face was already done for.

“Rui Wen, Rui Wen……”

Jack’s voice turned obscure and he retreated even further backward. The home AI system, which didn’t respond at all during all the commotion, opened the entrance obediently like a dog.

Jack had already rammed his way out when the door was opened by just a crack.

Rui Wen made not a sound as she pursued to do another attack. But then the metal door slammed shut with a band at this time and even locked itself. It wouldn’t be easy to open it within a short timespan.

And two clangs rang out in the next moment. Two cylinders the size of water cups had been tossed in through the porch seemingly simultaneously. They went through the broken window and passed through the living room quite accurately to land at the entrance hall.

Only thirty seconds had passed since Yan Yongbo cut off the communications!

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