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Chapter 68: Position of the New Star (Part 2/2)

Perhaps Luo Nan really could draw a drawing.

Crag Burst had reminded Luo Nan of his own capacities as a psychic. Even though Luo Nan was still confused about the principles behind it, the facts proved that he really was gifted in this aspect.

The greatest key point was that Luo Nan now had inspiration.

This inspiration existed ever since the start of the sacrificial ritual.

The insidious altar, the burning cloud sea, the splendid star, the tempered blade edge. And of course, there was also the empty desolation, the realm of death.

Lines, composition, light and shadow…… Various elements had undergone long analysis within the depths of his heart.

Luo Nan was confident that even if he didn’t realize it now, he would have recorded this scene down in careful study when he got home.

An idea was born at this very moment. The impulse to draw became exceptionally strong.

However, all of his previous experiences with sketching psychic drawings required a source and direction of development before pen could meet paper; under direction, he made additions onto a pre-existing composition.

But Luo Nan understood very little of Rui Wen’s past…… Oh, this might actually be easy!

Luo Nan released the full strength of his mental senses in an instant. The personnel in charge were hard pressed in the fighting arena. The panic-stricken spectators were scattered in the passageway. The gangsters were maintaining order while whispering to themselves. It didn’t matter where any of these people were and what they were doing, they all felt a cold shiver at the same time.

And in the lower level area of the building, Ink, who had been accompanying Crag Burst, flapped its wings and flew off. It flew back towards the fighting arena despite the calls from Crag Bursts.

Mr. Ma was in a deep daze as he lay upon the stretcher. He had his hand placed on his chest. The experience of choking and a heart attack from a few minutes ago still lingered around like a shadow, even though he was already administered drugs and was placed on a breathing machine.

What in the world happened?

He was a board member of a large biopharmaceutical company in Xia City. His net worth was in the hundred of millions. Everyone addressed him as Mr. Ma. Wealth and woman were logically and expectedly just decorations to him.

His life was an experienced life of sixty~seventy years. He needed entertainment and interests that were fresh. He needed stronger stimulation. He needed even higher feelings of success.

What would be more interesting, more stimulating, more accomplishing than dictating the lives of his people?

And so Mr. Ma fell in love with the fighting arena; he fell in love with the bloody atmosphere. He invested in this place. He just wanted to change things to make the fights more exciting, more stimulating.

Today the fighting arena requested to borrow his most prized possession in his collection, the Greatmaw Basilisk mutant. He agreed without the slightest hesitation. Actually, he had purchased this mutant for the sake of some future moment, to give a new show in the fighting arena.

His wish was fulfilled earlier than expected.

But a few minutes ago, his most prized piece of his collection, the Greatmaw Basilisk worth over ten million credits, fell, crumbled, and putrefied right before his eyes.

The destruction of the basilisk wasn’t the end of the world, but the way it died, the will that instantly caused death to descend, the force of fear that exceeded his limit of self-control heavy struck his chest.

Who had caused all of this?

"Rui Wen. It was Rui Wen!”

The girl who struggled in the cage he had made.

He remembered when she first came to the fighting arena three years ago. She was so skinny and small that she looked like she was six~seven years old. She only came to be her current size due to the stimulation from drugs.

She was a fighting genius. Not counting her training time, she became the king of the fighting arena with her hundred victories within a short one year.

But no matter how much of a genius Rui Wen was, in the end, she was just a toy in the palm of his hand. Everything time he saw Rui Wen feign tranquility, this tranquility was always within a situation where her life was at stake. Mr. Ma always had a sense of satisfaction spring up unbidden.

Her fist was very hard. Her speed was very quick. But no matter how quick and how hard she was, she would never be able to break past the transparent defensive walls surrounding her.

This is what it means to dictate! This is pleasure!

Why was today totally different?

From beginning to end, not a hair on his head was harmed. But there was an invisible ice-cold hand that clutched his throat, pushing him onto the ugly corpse of the basilisk to make him taste the flavor of fear and death as much as possible.

Rui Wen, that predator, that ominous crow…...

“The exit is just ahead.”

The medical personnel next to him spoke in relief: “An ambulance is already parked in the parking lot. Mr. Ma is the first, then……”

The fluttering flapping of wings sounded forth. It seemed to fly straight over his head. The medical personnel cried in shock:

“What a large crow!”

Mr. Ma suddenly opened his eyes. The lightning changed since the stretcher just so happened to leave the passageway. The black shadow of a crow flipped over atop of their heads, shining a devilish outline of shadow and light before their eyes.

The medical personnel waved his hand by instinct to drive away the crow, but all he got was a pitch black feather floating down.

And a glance, which was like a demon’s eye of desolation, was cast towards them.

“Rui Wen!”

Mr. Ma suddenly sat up. The movement caused his blood to surge and the rupturing sound of his heart turned into the knell of death that rang loudly.

His eyes bulged and then he collapsed. His last mournful cry echoed back as it reflected over and over in the arched passageway.

Rui Wen, Rui Wen, Rui Wen…...

The enormous crow smacked its wings, coming over with a sweep. Not one person in the entire passageway made a sound within this extremely short period of time. Not one person made a move. Fear gripped their throats; it was as if an ice-cold tide had engulfed them one by one.

Rui Wen, Rui Wen!

This name seemed to transform into a demonic incantation. It bred and spread from inside out, from you to me.

The predator, the crow, the flat-chested witch…...

Fragments of memories rummaged over in their minds, intertwining with their emotions. Like the crow’s wing that swept over, they smeared a grave picture of ominousness and fear.

The crow swept through the passageway and charged into the empty fighting arena. There it spiraled around in the air.

From Luo Nan’s perspective, the crow was a black cloud of negative emotions that pushed its way through.

The interweaving lines that outlined the altar were within the surging clouds. Hundreds of fuzzy human figures rushed about and wailed in distress from within. Compared to their stupidity from before, they seemed to have a clearer understanding of their own positions.

They had turned from illusionary dictators to become, in reality, hogs and lambs.

Countless scenes of memories of Rui Wen appeared and mixed within the altar. Most of them with fragmentary and warped. They assembled together to form a fuzzy image of Rui Wen. Countless aspects were pieced together, but the image was far too biased.

Luo Nan contemplated.

The Rui Wen that he saw was different from the Rui Wen that these people saw.

Admittedly, Rui Wen fought with and was victorious over the Human-Faced Arachnid. And Rui Wen’s slaughtering of the Greatmaw Basilisk left far too deep of an impression in the people’s minds.

But Luo Nan’s first impression of Rui Wen was of her back in the waiting area. She had a towel over her head and she had spoken in a childish manner. She was a young child that used words like “Mr. Crow”.

She had fallen within the circle of her own self-logic. Perhaps she identified herself more as a crow than a person.

But no matter what, she was the unrivaled victor over all the sacrifices and all the rewards atop Luo Nan’s altar.

Luo Nan was the support for the framework of the altar. His duty was to bless the victor.

Ink let out a caw that was quite unpleasant to the ears, but this husky sound converged together with a surging shout on the mental plane and the result was suddenly tossed into the Xia City’s night skies.

“The sole victor: Rui Wen!”

The black clouds surged and boiled. A splendid star rose up above the skies and its sharp radiance swept and cut through the clouds and mist.

The outlining structure of the altar turned incomparably clear. It was in the exact same shape as Luo Nan’s pyramid structure.

The splendid star would occasionally enter the pyramid and would occasionally roam out of the pyramid. She followed her own special orbit and she possessed a marvelous and clear relationship with the pyramid structure.

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