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Chapter 68: Position of the New Star (Part ½)

“The research mission? You need to mobilize the weapons platform for that?”

Hu Yuli felt that this was illogical: “My boy, I know that you came from the Deep Blue World. It’s true that actions there are very straightforward. The Apocalypse Laboratory is the core institution there, everything revolves around the laboratory. But I’ll repeat myself. This is Xia City. Here the government and the military are the ones who formulate the rules. We are a company. We use money and contacts to resolve issues. This is how we should do things……”

“It doesn’t matter who writes up the rules. The Assessment Department and their methods are what determine everything.”

Yan Yongbo leaned against his chair with clasped hands: “You are in charge of the company’s board of directors. The objective is revenue. I am in charge of the laboratories. The objective is to complete missions by the deadline. If you can’t fulfill your objective, you resign with a bow. And if I can’t fulfill my mission? I won’t even have a place to stand. This is the difference between you and I.”

Hu Yuli took a deep breath: “My boy. Everyone knows of each other’s troubles. But weren’t things just fine before? The pace, the personnel, and the facilities, everything was all prepared. We’re just waiting on the matter with Gear……”

“This is just an “excavation” mission. It’s still lower priority than the research mission. Chief Hu, your full coordination over the past few days has not gone unnoticed by me.”

“Excavation, research?”

In the end, Hu Yuli was on the upper levels of Quantum Corporation. He was just befuddled by the way-too-common title of the “Research Mission”. This time when Yan Yongbo emphasized once again, Hu Yuli suddenly understood a bit:

“Your so-called “research”. Is it the Deep Blue Project? Or the Bloodline Project?”

Yan Yongbo raised his eyes and looked at him: “What do you think?”

Hu Yuli knew that it would be better for him not to delve in too deep since he was just about to resign from an executive position. He just took in a breath: “Alright then. Alright. This time I was the one who was rude and impetuous. But my boy, no matter what mission it is, no matter how high its priority level, take special notice of what methods to use in order to not be wrong. The company is being extremely passive in Xia City due to the current situation in the R&D District. I have a lot of pressure. This sort of force is irreversible. Many missions will be disturbed, be it excavating or research…… Don’t you agree?”

Yan Yongbo wasn’t a blind and arrogant individual. He saw that Hu Yuli had completely acknowledged his mistake and he stood up with a laugh. He called for his secretary to deliver two cups of coffee inside.

Chief Hu, the accident was very unfortunate. No one ever thought that the Human-Faced Arachnid would revolt, just like no one will ever think that the its being eyed upon. The Human-Faced Arachnid is an A-Project excavated from the Stellar Gate and the project was destroyed right when we were so close to success. But this isn’t the end. Gear is a B-Project. We’ve been doing quite well up until now.”

“But the problem is that the road to success is strewn with setbacks. An even higher priority matter has appeared, so we need to make it clear what is more important. Fortunately, this should only be a temporary mission. We’ll just need a tense two days at most if everything goes smoothly. It won’t affect the execution of the B-Project.”

“I hope so.”

Hu Yuli didn’t wait for the cup of coffee. He didn’t need to drink coffee for his heart was already filled with bitterness. He said his goodbyes at once.

Yan Yongbo accompanied him to the entrance. Hu Yuli hesitated for a moment when he faced the door. In the end, he couldn’t help turning his head and asking:

“Can you answer one question?”

“Please speak.”

“I know the major significance of tapping into the Stellar Gate quite clearly. If we can grasp another Deep Blue World, we will completely change the course of human history. But, but that ‘research’. For what reason is it on a higher priority than the Stellar Gate? Is it because it's taboo?”

“This question…… My teacher back in the laboratory, Mr. Li Wei, had said this before: ‘Everything can be considered mortal. Gods just need to master life.’”

Yan Yongbo unfolded his hand: “He probably thought that researching life is the domain of gods,  that the standpoints of humans and gods are different.”

A madman.

Hu Yuli shot a cold glance at Yan Yongbo. He didn’t speak further as he left with large strides


In the lower levels of the DeShang Building, Crag Burst had slowly calmed down with the passing of time. After a muttering to himself for a moment, Crag Burst suddenly notified:

“I’m contacting the Society.”


“Jack didn’t bring the dozens of people in the fighting arena with him, but when Rui Wen awakened, he had his eyes on her. It's highly likely that he’s an ability user trafficker. There are many underground powers who have similar raising mechanisms as far as I know…… They exhaust all methods to stimulate the target’s potential, cause them to awaken, and then sell them for money. Large companies and Secret Orders are all excellent buyers.”

Crag Burst spoke chillingly coldly: “These sort of situations can only be destroyed when one sees them. Right now this isn’t a matter just for a scout like you. It’s something that the Society needs to handle…… Even if its Quantum Corporation, if they don’t pay up, I’ll knock them to kingdom come!”

After releasing his ferocity, Crag Burst smashed his fist into his palm: “The most important thing is to chase after him……”

Luo Nan was also helpless. Actually, if he were to set his heart on chasing Jack with his soul body, he would have been able to lock onto the target with his speed. But since Crag Burst had been attacked, impeding him, they had been delayed for quite a long time. Luo Nan should still be able to catch up to Jack, but Jack knew of the existence of Luo Nan’s soul body. He wouldn’t be stupid enough to stay idle in the truck and just drive out of the city right?

And don’t even mention the fact that Quantum Corporation had personally made its move. After providing firepower, they will probably provide distractions.

It was far too easy to hide two people in the City of Xia with its population of 200 million.

“Things would be fine if Cat Eyes were here. With her psychic perception, as long as she has touched Rui Wen before, she’ll be able to lock onto Rui Wen if she’s within 350 kilometers of distance. It’ll be a cinch……. Scout, your all-encompassing perception is this awesome, but you don’t know anything about psychic perception? Oh right. Aren’t you a psychic? Why don’t you give drawing a shot?”

Luo Nan didn’t reply.

Crag Burst knew that he was just indulging in a fantasy. He grit his teeth and spoke: “I’m going to first contact the Society. We can’t catch Jack so we’ll hand this task over…… In short, we can’t let this son of a b***h run. I’ll personally pinch his skull till it explodes.”

Crag Burst raged as he got in contact with the Society.

Luo Nan thought for a bit and his soul body jumped to return back to the fighting arena.

This place was just a sheet of chaos. The spectators were all withdrawing outwards and there were twentyish people who were unconscious or unfortunate enough to never wake up. They would need to be taken care of.

Jack just washed his hands of these people, leaving a lot of pressure to those remaining in charge.

Soon the fighting arena became completely empty, with not a few figures to be seen. And so the altar, which was established by the Human-Faced Arachnid using the negative emotions of the spectators, also became broken and disorderly.

But from another perspective, Luo Nan was there, so the framework supporting the altar was there as well. The rules of the sacrificial ritual still persisted.

The sacrificial ritual hadn’t truly ended. Under the iron rule where the winner takes all, the ultimate victor Rui Wen had yet to clearly accept or relinquish the complete power that she deserved.

The Human-Faced Arachnid had borrowed the disturbance of the Greatmaw Basilisk as a substitute. The death of the basilisk counted as a conclusion.

But all the spectators present were sacrificial offerings. They were targets to be reaped. There still existed a connection between Rui Wen and the sacrifices, between Rui Wen and the altar’s framework.

Luo Nan could sense this point clearly.

As for the place, the place…...

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