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 Chapter 67: Priority Levels (Part ½)

The area beneath the fighting stage was a closed off lifting platform and further below was the freight transport passageway. The Greatmaw Basilisk was transported over using this passageway and was lifted up into the fighting arena.

And right now the lifting platform was already moving. It went downwards at a fast speed.

Rui Wen had stably landed. She exerted force with her thin yet sturdy body, launching an attack at Jack who had yet to establish solid footing.

She was more confident than ever before, so she was able to launch a frontal attack against this callous adjudicator.

Then a short beep came out of nowhere and Rui Wen bulged her eyes in shock. A powerful electric current exploded forth from some location within her chest, attacking her inner organs in an instant, spreading to her limbs and head.

The electric current stimulated Rui Wen’s muscles via her nervous system, causing her to instantly enter a rigid-straight state. She lost her balance in a flash and fell towards Jack.

“Come home darling.” Jack was not surprised at what happened. He reached out his hand and raised her by the arms. But soon he furrowed his brows as a sharp chill penetrated his skin, his organs even feeling cold.

Even if Rui Wen had sustained heavy unexpected damages, her awakened ability still existed. The skin and flesh beneath Jack’s ribs withered up in the blink of an eye to come off and expose a hinged alloy plate construction of a rib bone structure.

Jack merely creased his brows in reaction to this.

A rippling pulse exploded within the depths of Rui Wen’s brain in the next moment. This time all her attacking capabilities were truly erased, and her consciousness was erased as well.

“My God!”

Crag Burst was only late by a second, but he could only watch helplessly as Rui Wen fell into the enemy’s hands. He struck out with a fist under his enormous rage. The sealed lifting platform rumbled with a boom, causing the surface of the platform to shake wildly.

He didn’t expect the expressionless Jack to grab the unconscious Rui Wen by her legs and use her as a shield. Crag Burst rushed to restrain himself amidst his shock. All the while, one side of the lifting platform had already revealed the upper section of the freight transport passageway. Jack didn’t wait for the platform to land, he just grabbed Rui Wen and jumped off.

Crag Burst didn’t even need to think; he chased after them. But when he just entered the passageway, he was met with the sight of Jack raising up a handgun.

Jack pulled the trigger and a rumbling crack exploded within the half sealed passageway. This was a sonic bomb. Crag Burst made a muffled snort as the intense sound waves vibrated his brain. His legs were a mess; signs of cerebral concussion had already emerged.

Jack wasn’t affected by these troubles. The special structure of his brain made it so that he could make rapid adjustments on the fly. But he didn’t continue fighting. He just grabbed Rui Wen under his arms and made a mad dash through the passageway.

Luo Nan transmitted a question: “You alright?”

Crag Burst uttered not a word as he crawled up and resumed his chase. He was a bit shaky at first, but then he recovered back as ever before.

Shipping containers were able to be transported using the freight transport passageway, so this place was extremely spacious. Some goods that shouldn’t be exposed to people were commonly stowed here.

To the two sides at the end of the passageway were garages and gangster members. They were stupidly ignorant of the circumstances that occurred in the fighting arena. They just so happened to be playing an MMO AR life simulation game together with laughs and giggles.

The female host within the game made them quite spoiled from playing. Oo’s and ah’s rang through the passageway. 

Someone felt that this wasn’t pleasurable enough. He started to make a phone call to contact real people.

The problem was that the freight transport passageway was far too remote. He would need to take out a car and go pick them up. The caller could only curse as he got up and prepared to select a car from the garage for a speedy pickup.

But before he could even stand up, the metal doors of the six large garages from the two sides of the passageway started to open at the same time.

The identity check, password entry, and other security measures were completely skipped. The four wheel-style trucks had their lights turned on within the garage. Their harsh krypton bulbs illuminated the space within the passageway, dazzling the group of gangsters; they turned blind for a time.

The ignition of the vehicles rumbled out in the next moment. The half blind gangsters were all qualified to be drivers, so they were spooked out of their minds when they heard the vehicles start up.

“The AI went haywire! Run!”

No one knew who was it that shouted, but the facts of the matter were to turn around and run. It would be bad if they didn’t run. If the four trucks set out, they wouldn’t have space within the passageway and would be steamrolled to death.

The unmanned heavy trucks moved practically simultaneously, but some were faster than others. They utilized the space to its limits and used the most effective means to set out from the garage in the shorted amount of time. They lined up in two rows and increased their speed as they went out on their routes.

And throughout this entire process, any hindrances were of no concern.

The group of people all ran deeper inside the passageway and, aside from two unfortunate people who were scrapped by the trucks, they suffered more from fear than from being hurt.

But then the sound of heavy footsteps rang over right at this moment and their dusky and starry vision gradually grew clear. They saw an important someone who couldn’t possibly appear in a place like this:

“Jack…… Mr. Jack.”

Jack ignored their existences and walked using large strides with someone clasped under his arms. His pace was quite fast for he caught up to the four accelerating trucks in the blink of an eye. He chose the truck at the very front and jumped onto the roof with that someone clasped under his arms.

His inhuman jumping ability made the group of people gape in awe.

“Get lost.”

Crag Burst swept over like a storm. He saw Jack’s actions from far far away and he wanted to increase his speed to catch up. But when he tried to pass through the back two trucks, two of the unmanned trucks walled him in at the same time; they were actually going to squeeze him to death.

Crag Burst cursed loudly and displayed the same inhuman jumping ability as Jack, jumping on top of the four-meter high truck in an instant. But before he could get a steady footing, the truck beneath him suddenly slammed on its brakes. The enormous inertia flung him to the front of the vehicle.

Another vehicle, which had been moving in parallel with the other cars, suddenly broke perpendicular. It illuminated Crag Burst with its light, ramming him across.

In the end, Crag Burst’s forte did not lie in his agility. A bang rang forth and he was rammed head-on in mid-air, scrapping hard against the side walls of the passageway. The heavy truck chased after him and went for another ram and an explosion rang out as the head of the truck smashed into the wall of the passageway.

“Damn it!”

Crag Burst rolled out of the way in time, dodging the wheels of the truck.

The two trucks had actually been controlled by Jack to become two heavy weapons. Even if they didn’t cause any damage to the thick-skinned Crag Burst, they had heavily stalled Crag Burst’s pursuit.

By the time Crag Burst got up to pick up the pace and chase once again, all he could see were the tail lights of the two trucks in front.

Crag Burst’s face was ashen. He gritted his teeth as he continued his mad dash. But then the two trucks in front had already left the passageway at this time. He looked at the lights of the vehicles and one went right while the other went left. They had split routes.

Crag Burst’s scalp exploded. He didn’t have time just then to look at Jack’s movements. Who knows which vehicle he took Rui Wen to flee in?


The shout on the Psychic Wave Network had just been transmitted when the flapping of wings could be heard over his head. The mysteriously missing Ink had streaked over his head to lead him the way.

Luo Nan used the HexaEar to transmit: “It’s the right truck. They’re heading directly outside of the city. You will need a means of transportation. Jack has the ability to control all information devices. You can only choose a non-AI model……”

“Crap. Where can I get a non-AI type nowadays? How about a motorcycle?”

“The motorcycle you used to drive over here is quite decent. There’s one here too. Make a turn to the freight area. Its 70 meters to your right.”

Crag Burst did not hesitate at all. He made a wild dash to the location described by Luo Nan. He knocked two gangsters over there flying and snatched a motorcycle. He then shot out like an arrow to pursue with all his might.

Taking the motorcycle was like sharpening an ax to go cut firewood; this preparation would quicken the job. This was a high-powered motorcycle that a gangster loved to modify. Even though it was electric, it could easily reach stormy speeds of over 200 kilometers per hour on a decent surface.

Crag Burst even remembered the limitations of Luo Nan’s crow possession. He growled deeply: “Leave the rest to me…… Ahahahaha! I’ll screw Jack all the way back to eight generations!”

The motorcycle charged out of the passageway with a boom, entering the shabby public road. Crag Burst could still see the tail lights of the heavy truck at this time.

He met the strong rumbling winds head on, used his powerful arms to keep the head of the motorcycle steady, and floored the accelerator.

But then a dangerous omen suddenly sprouted in his mind as Luo Nan warned him at the same time: “Above you…… Oh crap!”

While Luo Nan could be heard with his rarely seen cursing, a dark red tail of flame cut over Crag Burst’s head and hit the pavement. Before Crag Burst’s eyes emerged a ball of fire that was violently expanding. A powerful shockwave and terrifying raging flames engulfed Crag Burst in a flash.

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