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 Chapter 66: Desolate Sword (Part 2/2)

The spectators were faced with this sudden stimulation that exceeded the limits they could bear. They cried and screamed in alarm with perhaps the breath that they had stifled from just a moment ago.

The shrieks and shouts of fear formed the scene of a chaotic hurricane. The hurricane swept through the entire venue to those on the opposite side of the Greatmaw Basilisk on the spectator stands. Over five of the spectators couldn’t handle this attack; their eyes rolled over and they collapsed to the ground.

More and more cases of collapse occurred in succession, making these cases no longer special. More and more people became aware of this and more and more people were infected.

There were medical personnel allocated to the fighting arena, but undulating waves of cries for help made it so that the limited number of medical personnel were at a loss for what to do.

And when this piece of information converged together to emerge on a clear and definite scale, it was as if this fighting arena had fallen into a bone-piercing cold stream.

A trembling sensation assaulted everyone at the scene.

Luo Nan looked down at everything from above in silence. He could see death covering life as more and more information lost their meaning. The framework structure of the altar became more clear and explicit as a result.

Frankly speaking, it didn’t matter whether things were internal or external to the framework, the entire situation had become immediately open and clear once the Greatmaw Basilisk had been pulled into the framework of the altar.

Under the framework of the altar, the killing intent of the Greatmaw Basilisk had formed a direct challenge to Rui Wen.

The Greatmaw Basilisk’s fleshly body was quite powerful on the material plane; it was completely on the level of a heavy truck. And it possessed innate toughness and destructive power.

Yet this fellow was only at the level of an intelligent beast on the mental plane. Its level was at an unsurpassable distance away to those currently sustaining the altar, Rui Wen and the Human-Faced Arachnid.

Things were as they should be. The Greatmaw Basilisk was reduced to a target to be slaughtered, and it also became an exquisite scapegoat.

The struggles of the Human-Faced Arachnid had yielded some results. It had nearly been slaughtered together with the Greatmaw Basilisk by Rui Wen’s Star Blade Aura during the juncture between life and death.

The mutant’s abundant life force energy became the best shield and substitute for the Human-Faced Arachnid.

The constantly accumulated pressure made it so that a sacrificial offering must die. It penetrated through and the Greatmaw Basilisk took it all. The Greatmaw Basilisk became the convergence point of all the recoiling force. How could it not die?

The Human-Faced Arachnid had saved its own tiny life, but in the end, it had suffered a miserable defeat. It got severed down by a level, but it had made large improvements through the overall growth and reductions. The only thing worrisome was its extremely weak state. It could not maintain its demonic body and it transformed back into the Wraith Sign in order to recover.

The rule of the altar was that the winner takes all.

It was without a doubt that Rui Wen was the one to receive the most gains from the entire process of the sacrificial ritual.

The instant the Greatmaw Basilisk had set foot on the altar, Rui Wen’s “Star” had emitted a most brilliant radiance.

Annihilating the soul and annihilating the body were two different aspects that couldn’t be said to be better than one another. But when the soul and the fleshly body were annihilated at the same time, simultaneously only disturbing the two realms of the material and the mental, the incorporeal barrier between the two realms exploded apart.

Rui Wen had done this and now she slowly opened her eyes, her pupils still a string of seclusion. She just stood there, her gentle breathing bringing the resonance of chimes.

On the mental plane, the turmoil of the burning clouds of flame formed sheets and sheets of nothingness. But from another perspective, the outlines of those sheets of nothingness were like a god of death that had stepped over from the void, raising its long scythe high in the air.

Rui Wen was the sole victor atop the altar. Her “Star” dominated everything and all those who were illuminated by the star’s aura, all the sacrificial hogs and lamb in the entire framework, would be squeezed dry of their last remaining value with just a mere thought. They would fall to the silence of death.

Probably the only thing impeding Rui Wen was the speed of her comprehension over the information within.

Luo Nan was probably the only person who could stop Rui Wen…… All it would need was his determination to dismantle this framework. But he had no thoughts at all of doing so due to the price that would have to be paid and its corresponding recoil. 

Right now he was observing the developing changes that were to follow.

Unfortunately, the sealed off ceiling above the fighting arena exploded open with a rumble in the next few seconds. Pieces of wood, shattered glass, and even steel fragments filled the sky. The spectators were already in weak states of mind and several of them were pelted by this rain.

Crag Burst had made it over.

But then his chin smashed to the ground, causing a sound that was far more distinct than the mayhem he just caused: “Crazy! She’s awakened to her ability and she’s at least B-Rank1 or higher!”

Crag Burst was clearly distracted by Rui Wen’s awakening. He even forgot the extremely dangerous character right beneath him.

But Luo Nan didn’t cease monitoring Jack all this time. He gave a warning at once:

“Stop him!”

Standing on top of the maglev referee platform, Jack just shot a glance to the space above. Then his figure tilted and he suddenly dropped soaring through the air. His target was none other than Rui Wen on the fighting stage.

And Rui Wen aimed her gaze at Jack from atop the stage.

Was this the third battle for the Road of Verdicts?

Nope. These senseless antics were already over. There was no one in the entire fighting arena who was able to take in that atmosphere.

Jack understood this point quite well, so he didn’t put on any sort of fancy show. He just activated the Deep Sea EM Field, which had caused Luo Nan many headaches.

In fact, the Deep Sea EM Field had considerable effects on the material plane. Before Jack could land, the fighting stage, which had been trodden upon by the heavy Greatmaw Basilisk, couldn’t bear the pressure any longer. The central area warped and collapsed, leaving the entire ground caved in.

Rui Wen’s balance was more or less affected by the collapse of the fighting stage and the effect of the Deep Sea EM Field. She used a series of small quick steps to adjust herself and casually avoided Jack’s frontal assault.

She stepped barefoot on the ruins of the fighting stage, barely being affected at all.

But then a muffled explosion rang out immediately after. The flooring beneath the fighting stage had exploded open causing fragments to splatter in the air.

This was outside everyone’s expectations, save for Jack’s. Even Luo Nan, who possess all-encompassing senses, didn’t notice it; there had been explosives buried beneath the flooring of the fighting arena.

For what d*mned reason would these be prepared for? 

Rui Wen’s figure couldn’t avoid falling downwards.

She would only have been able to make an adjustment after landing if it was her from before the Beast King Battle. But the current Rui Wen was already completely different.

She lifted her hand while she was dropping in a way that indicated practically no exertion of force. All the chaotic fragments of broken stone and wood within the empty air were sliced in half as an extremely sharp stream of air directly assaulted Jack with a hiss.

Jack’s reaction was quick. He lifted his right arm and then heard a muffled ringing. The sleeves of his shirt became lacerated and his skin split and burst, but no sight of blood could be seen. Beneath the layer of skin flashed the luster of metal.

Jack’s right arm was a part of his body that had been altered. His arm had been wrapped with a layer of artificial skin and beneath it was super hard alloy.

And at this moment, the layer of artificial skin could be seen rapidly rotting, withering away and the alloy beneath it darkened a bit in color.

“High corrosion? No, it’s a force much purer than that!”

The glow in Jack’s robotic eye grew in intensity, locking dead-fix on Rui Wen’s face. Jack recorded the key information down into a recording device deeply buried somewhere in his body:

“Type C Experimental Body, Number 2834. Gifted power has awakened. Recording nature…… Beginning the retrieval process.”

Rui Wen being at B-Rank. This is really high for someone who just awakened. Vice President He Yueyin is ranked C+. Zhang Yingying and Susan are ranked C.
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