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Chapter 66: Desolate Sword (Part ½)

No one discovered this anomaly. Everyone’s gazes were all amassed towards the fighting stage to go enjoy the scene of the battle that was destined to come to a rapid end.

“That was the first.”

Right now, Luo Nan’s energy was divided until the point of indivisibility. He didn’t have the strength nor the need to lament over the loss of life. He just sensed that some marvelous element had begun to flourish upon the altar when that life was burned away.

The element content was too minute. Luo Nan was unable to see any distinct changes. But then there was another one, causing yet another two, then three……. And now there were many.

The relevant numeral digits continued to rise without end within the scope of his mental senses. The accumulated marvelous elements didn’t increase in quantity. Instead, they were like a ratio of paints, turning from shallow colors to denser colors.

This was the color of death.

The flow of blood would ultimately run dry. The sacrifices had been stabbed by a blade to release blood and the time had more or less come for their organs to fail.

They were just the first batch to fall.

The thought of killing never crossed Luo Nan’s mind, but he also didn’t have any thoughts to go save people. He had to focus on the framework of the altar. He had to concentrate on the new elements that were permeating in and the subtle changes that came with them.

Every single individual that died was a challenge for the supply of the burning cloud of fire. But looking at the overall structure as a whole, the addition of a pigment of death caused a complementary situation where one falls and the other rises.

The pigment of death couldn’t provide energy, but it built a brand new structure in the infrastructure. It was like a bridge. It led the ritualists toward a plane once untouchable.

From the hysteria of life to touch the desolation of death.

The Human-Faced Arachnid and Rui Wen were fine, and this included Luo Nan as well. They all touched this open yet deep realm.

Luo Nan was a bit spellbound. The pressure of information, which had nearly clogged him up, suddenly was erased a little within this desolation of death.

A lot of information had value on the plane of life, but they no longer had any meaning once they entered the realm of death. Life and death blended together. And many things were strained through like a filter.

This was a sort of awareness, but Luo Nan’s awareness was at a very shallow level.

Especially when compared with Rui Wen's…...

When the realm of death opened towards them, Luo Nan discovered that Rui Wen had an acuity inconceivable in regards to this realm. Her acuity far exceeded that of Luo Nan, of the Human-Faced Arachnid. She was able to reap new gains every time a speck of life faded away to silence.

Luo Nan had the vague sensation that Rui Wen had come to his side and that they were looking abreast at each flame of life that was extinguishing within the spectator stands. The flames extinguished, collapsed, and evolved. And information still incomprehensible to him was obtained from within.

But from another perspective, Luo Nan wouldn’t have been able to discover this information were it not for Rui Wen. It was because of her existence that he was able to access it.

He didn’t know what use this was, but there was one point he was absolutely clear on: Rui Wen had discovered this information. She could exploit the forces of death, something the Human-Faced Arachnid was incapable of.

And so the equilibrium of the altar was suddenly smashed apart because of this.

Rui Wen and the Human-Faced Arachnid’s levels continued to mutually rise, but the current circumstance was the following: For every level the Human-Faced Arachnid rose by, Rui Wen would rise by double. So in just a few breaths of time, the mutual sharpening, the mutual advancement in power, grew closer to the edge of collapse!

The rules of the altar were as follows: Who will be reduced to the weak. Who will become the sacrificial offering!

The Human-Faced Arachnid shrieked with an ear-piercing cry. This was a situation that it had single-handedly created, yet it had placed itself on the altar to ultimately become a sacrificial offering.

But it's instinct to live caused it to struggle. Even if it was destined to perish, it would not be the first!

Luo Nan watched this scene. He watched the burning clouds of flame grow in greater turmoil. He watched the shouts of the spectators within the fighting arena, which was like the roaring of the mountains and seas. He watched the star and its piercing aura suspended and shining in the remote darkness. He watched the final struggles of the spider demon.

For some inexplicable reason, he didn’t feel the rippling of any emotion whatsoever. It was as if he was watching a mime show that had nothing to do with him at all. Or maybe he was looking at an array of calculations in a formula.

It wasn’t that he lost the ability to feel; he just didn’t have the leeway to display his emotions. Maintaining the framework of the altar had already over drafted all his energy.

Then Crag Burst contacted him right at this moment: “Scout, I’ve arrived at the VIP box…... Oh crap! The giant lizard!”

The Greatmaw Basilisk had started its move. It slowly changed its angle to fix the most optimal line of path towards its prey. It was going to launch an attack immediately, based on its nature.

Crag Burst had just broken into the VIP box, knocking out the contact whom had been overwhelmed with shock and was about to shout. Crag Burst was able to see everything that was happening in the arena from that viewpoint. He had notified Luo Nan in a loud voice.

“Go faster! Don’t get distracted!”

The information that Luo Nan transmitted over was calm and level to the max.

Crag Burst clearly hesitated for a moment, but when he heard Luo Nan’s words, he charged his way into the secret passageway of the VIP box and made a mad dash towards Jack’s location.

Luo Nan didn’t pay special attention to the actions of the Greatmaw Basilisk for right now he couldn’t handle the heavy load on his mind. He had automatically made an adjustment and divided his attention into two parts:

The situation inside and outside the framework.

He put main priority on the former and secondary priority on the later.

It was without a doubt that resolving the situation within the framework took precedence. As for what was outside the framework…… It would be brought within the framework to be settled as well!

This was truly a wonderful example of dichotomy.

The thought had barely stirred and the dark chains trembled with its vibrating cry. It strode through space and came forth, directly targeting the Greatmaw Basilisk.

Luo Nan didn’t know if he could control this mutant; his goal wasn’t that lofty. He was just using methods unique to himself to pull what was outside the framework inside the framework.

When the mutant enters the framework, who knows if it’ll become a priest or a sacrificial offering.

The Greatmaw Basilisk made its move. Its thick and solid limbs swayed at fast speed amidst the screams that were shouting themselves hoarse from the spectator stands. The mutant stepped onto the meter high fighting stage with ease, its enormous body soaring through the air. Its enormous mouth, which could bite through steel, split open and faced Rui Wen with an attack.

Luo Nan watched all of this with a cold gaze. The dark chains had already penetrated the Greatmaw Basilisk’s head and a marvelous connection finished establishing. From Luo Nan’s perspective, the Greatmaw Basilisk wasn’t throwing itself at Rui Wen, but onto the framework of his altar.

It wasn’t a collision…… It was just a leap onto the stage!

Everything interweaved within the washes of colors from the plane of reality, the mental plane, and emotions. The framework of his altar had truly linked each plane together to tower majestically.

Rui Wen still had yet to open her eyes, but she clearly felt what was happening. She made a crossing step with her feet at the key moment. She barely dodged by a hair’s breadth, letting the frontal attack by the Greatmaw Basilisk sweep by her.

Anyone would have to dodge when faced with an attack that was like a high-speed truck.

The audience wasn’t disappointed. It's good that you dodged. It's more exciting if things were back and forth.

The shouts from the spectator stands were like the landslides of the mountains or the tsunamis of the oceans. But then a faint long hiss inexplicably penetrated everyone’s ears amidst these screams.

The Greatmaw Basilisk staggered from Rui Wen’s body. Its enormous body was practically the length of the fighting stage and it was probably too hasty in its attack for it lost a bit of control. It wasn’t able to stop its momentum after it had touched the ground and it directly leaped past the fighting stage. It staggered, stumbling over directly to the spectator stands facing the back.

The spectators saw the terrifying beast charge over. They clearly knew that it wouldn’t be able to break through the defensive wall, but the spectators close to the fighting stage, especially the beautiful women who were in charge of painting the atmosphere, still shrieked in a half faking half real manner. 

Halfway through, however, the shrieks turned into hysteria.

This was a monstrosity with a length exceeding five meters and a weight exceeding 800 kilograms. Its pitch-black steel-like body suddenly withered in speed and it suddenly shrunk by a factor.

The bones that propped up its body lost their hardness and its limbs fractured and snapped. It just slid on the ground, colliding into the defensive wall with a rumble. 

It didn’t struggle. The callous pupils of its enormous eyes had already been eroded into two enormous black holes.

The Greatmaw Basilisk laid paralyzed on the ground. It breathed a mere two~three times and its back, neck, head, chest…… large pieces of flesh were shed from its body and, in the blink of an eye, all that was left was its dense skeleton along with its veins and connective tissue. It died in a miserable defeat. It died in the most bizarre and cruel manner. And this scene was displayed before everyone’s eyes.

Luo Nan could confirm at last: Oh, so it became a sacrifice.

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