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Chapter 65: Mutant (Part 2/2)

“Ohoho, who’s the damned person who thought of this idea? I love him to death!”

“Hurry up and start already, start! Or do I have to wait for it to finish eating that boar in the takeout cage?”

“Look at those four rows of sharp teeth. I wonder what it feels like when those fine limbs are rolling around in its mouth… Ah ah ah, won’t someone shoot a close up shot?......”

“Hey, you on stage. Did you open your eyes yet? Look! Look how cute this baby is!”

The so-called Beast King Battle had yet to begin, but each spectator within the fighting arena was overflowing with excitement.

When this mutant was brought out as the main opponent in the fighting arena, everyone knew that the battle was going to be completely lopsided. Only the prelude and the ending could be truly enjoyed to their heart's content.

Rui Wen continued to stand in silence with her eyes closed at this moment. This was the best posture she could assume to maintain the suspense. Some people were truly worried that this battle scene would be soon reduced to a hunting show when this flat-chested witch sees the terror of this Greatmaw Basilisk with her own eyes.

“I’LL F**K YOUR B***H *** ****, I’LL F**K YOUR B***H *** ****!”

As Crag Burst spat curses, he probed out with his hand to touch the transparent defensive wall in front of him. He had to break open this barrier right now in order to save Rui Wen from the jaws of the mutant.

Obviously, this wouldn’t be a problem if he had time for ten, eight fists. This ultimately required a process. What if he excited the Greatmaw Basilisk’s fierce nature? Then Rui Wen would really be dead a thousand times over.

Crag Burst was full of regrets right now. Why didn’t he put a stop to this damned Road of Verdicts earlier? Why didn’t he stop this crisis from happening?

Crag Burst did a few rounds of fast calculations and confirmed that he would need at least 5~7 fists for a guarantee to burst open the defensive wall. This was under the premise that there was no additional interference from the defensive forces of the fighting arena.

He had to get some support due to the uncertainty of the situation: “Scout, I need a bit of time……”

A map, which was clearly drawn at the last minute, was transmitted over the Psychic Wave Network, interrupting Crag Burst midway. A route was clearly marked on the drawing that started from Crag Burst’s current position to some area in the upper levels.

Luo Nan’s voice transmitted over: “Don’t cause a storm. Enter the VIP box. Jack just came from there. It contains the only high-speed communications channel. You still have time. The damned lizard still needs time to digest!”

“The Greatmaw Basilisk needs only two minutes to digest that amount of food.”

“Then you have two minutes! I’ll buy some time if that’s not enough!”

“......Alright!” Crag Burst did not speak any further. He turned around and left. Right now trusting his comrade was his only option for Luo Nan’s previous performance was worthy of his trust.

Right when Crag Burst walked back into the waiting area, Jack shot a glance at him from the skies above the fighting arena. This minute action was completely exposed under Luo Nan’s mental senses.

A thought suddenly emerged in Luo Nan’s mind. He recalled the most important piece of information and he rushed to warn Crag Burst: “Careful. Jack has discovered you…… He’s a Burner! He possesses some sort of EM field of the controlling nature. His strength is no small matter.”


Crag Burst was quite shocked, but he didn’t say anything else. Instead, he increased his speed and rushed like mad in the corridor. The gangsters standing guard had already discovered him, but none were able to stop his sudden assault.

Jack definitely received this information, but his face still remained a sheet of cold desolation atop the maglev platform. Not a change could be seen.

This fellow…...

Luo Nan had heard Jack mention “Mr. Ma’s precious little baby” with the contact, but he had assumed it was just a wild animal. He never expected that Jack would actually take things this far without shame.

A mutant!

The current situation was much more dangerous than that observed by Crag Burst. The sacrificial ritual was ongoing. The Human-Faced Arachnid and Rui Wen maintained their equilibrium between cruelness and frailty. While the two sides were being pushed higher and higher in level, Luo Nan didn’t know when this whole thing would end.

Rui Wen wouldn’t be able to take on the enemy as long as the sacrificial ritual hadn’t ended…… The equilibrium would collapse in an instant, causing her to meet death a step earlier!

Right now the person who bore the most arduous task in the fighting arena was Luo Nan.

He had to keep the entire altar framework from collapsing and he had to pay attention to changes in the situation. He had to guide a route for Crag Burst without delay and he had to focus his attention on Jack. He had to watch the Greatmaw Basilisk closely and avoid new shifts in circumstances from occurring.

One mind was doing two things. One mind was doing many things…… The all-encompassing view of his mental senses took in information from all sides in parallel and he was forced to process it. One inattentive misstep would cause everything to collapse.

He wasn’t an omniscient god, but he was doing the work of a god.

The Greatmaw Basilisk’s meal was coming to an end. It had eaten the second half of the wild boar with its metal cage in a short dozen of seconds. It swallowed the food down quite smoothly.

At first, its enormous stomach could be seen touching the ground, but then it rapidly turned back to normal.

The highly corrosive stomach acid in its belly possessed a terrifying digestive ability. The several hundred kilogram wild boar and at least half of the heavy metal cage had already been mostly digested in a short minute or so. The related energy entered the mutant’s body, increasing the temperature of its blood by several degrees.

Its thick double layered eyelids opened at this time. Dark yellow cold cracks could be seen on its enormous eyeballs. It gave people the feeling of callousness.

It assessed the surrounding environment.

From the Greatmaw Basilisk’s perspective, the noisemakers all around it were what it detested the most. But it had already tried to cross the defensive wall with its tail after it had finished eating. It wouldn't be able to break through that easily.

And so, it decided to give up its difficulties and go for what was easy. It would choose its only option, which was to eat the simplest target.

The Greatmaw Basilisk stared fixed at the target on top the fighting stage. Its long tongue stuck towards the ground, tasting around in probing. It uncovered even deeper information…… This slender animal was actually a certain threat.

The mutant was the first-rate hunter. This was not a situation it would allow.

The Greatmaw Basilisk did not have any vocal cords. It didn’t have the ability to roar loudly. Instead, it growled deep and low. This was enough though. The deep and low sound waves went through the amplifier and were spread to the entire venue. Its ice cold pupils stared fixed into the camera and were broadcasted to every display. The people in the audience had their hearts palpitated in an instant before they stood up one by one in excitement. They raised their arms and shouted loudly:

“Judgement! Judgement! Judgement!”

The atmosphere in the arena was really about to explode.

This was solely due to the word “Mutant”.

Mutants had stood at the apex of the world’s food chain for thirty years after the Third War. They were the former overlords who forcefully trod humanity beneath their feet. The wilderness, the oceans, and part of the skies all became part of their domain. The world’s population exceeding 10 billion people was squeezed and confined into 88 giant metropolises. Humanity was in imminent danger for a time.

Humanity’s development of the Deep Blue Walkers had changed the means of war. Victory was obtained one battle after another, but no one would dare say that humanity had truly entered a full counteroffensive stage. To reclaim lost territory and the like was something that was only known to be a goal of the far future.

This was the mental recollection that the word “Mutant” gave to people of the present era, especially to the post-war generation.

The bloody events in the fighting arena had given the spectators some fear, but the layout and the strong defenses of the fighting arena gave them a positive indication:

They were the true dictators of the fighting arena. They were the strong who could enjoy everything that was happening. The exciting feeling that came with being in a special dominating position could not be brought by any other fierce animal.

This illusionary yet powerful and dominating status caused the flames in the spectator’s hearts to burst with even more intense blazes.

The people in the back rows stood up. The spectators in the front rows gathered forward, squeezing against the transparent defensive walls. They made every effort to close the distance and get a view of the savage appearance of the Greatmaw Basilisk.

Luo Nan swept a cold gaze over the chaotic situation. Though these spectators were the largest source of the commotion, it was of no consequence to the structure of the altar.

Who would pay heed to the hogs and lamb that were about to have their blood spilled on the altar?

But then a subtle changed occurred at this very moment:

While people stood up one after another, while crazed shouts rang loudly in the atmosphere, there was someone who genuinely wasn’t able to stand up.

Some middle-aged man in the crowd had been laughing to his heart’s content. He stood up and shouted loudly, but then his complexion suddenly went stiff. He pressed against his chest and the red glow that spread across his face turned into a deathly ash. In the end, he collapsed into his seat in paralysis. Then he struggled twice before becoming motionless.

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