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Chapter 65: Mutant (Part ½)

The floor sunk down then came up again at the spot illuminated by the spotlight; there was now an enormous metal crate atop of it. The sound of chafing friction could be heard from within the crate before it had entered the range of the spotlight. The sound was extremely uncanny.

The metal crate was the size of a standard small shipping container. It was nearly six meters in length and over two meters in height and width. It was extremely close in length to the standard-sized fighting stage.

The fighting arena went silent when this metal crate first appeared before everyone’s eyes. Then the shouts and whistles from the spectator stands grew in boos and laughter:

“God, what a large fellow!”

“This size. Is it a Brown Bear? Amur Tiger? Black Caiman?”

“This is shameless enough. This is cruel enough.”

“Can we keep betting? Can we change our bets?”

Clearly, there was some controversy in the fighting arena, though the majority of people were glad to see what was happening.

They didn’t care if they win their bets or not; they just wanted to see the spilling of blood, though there should be a bit of suspense of course. A one-sided battle would make people feel like something was a bit missing.

The metal crate opened from the front at this moment, but nothing came out. Instead, a “Ang ang” sound rang out along with the exciting sound of ramming. The beast had ample vigor, but this sound…...

The metal crate opened from all sides while everyone was looking at each other in display and the inner content was revealed.

The whole venue was stunned.

There were actually two cages placed within the crate. They were about equal sizes.

One was a pitch-black semi-translucent glass box. Its inner content could not be seen.

The other was a typical metal cage. The fellow inside was turning around and around in circles. It had long fangs. Its build was thick and bulky. It had a thick hide and tough bones. It could be considered a colossal animal with considerable strength. It rammed against the metal cage, causing banging sounds.

This was a…… wild boar.

Fine then. In reality, if 99% of the people in the fighting arena were tossed down there to face this heavy wild beast, which weighed over several hundred kilograms, they would be condemned to death.

But, but, there was something wrong with this scene!

They wanted to see the devilish scene of the laceration of flesh and the splattering of blood. Not a chase and run, ram and dodge, comedy show!

And furthermore, they waited over ten minutes for this? A wild boar?

The boos exploded with a rumble.

All of the audience in the spectator stands, be it bosses of some company or officials of some department, completely discarded all of their reservations. They vented to the fullest…… They cursed “F*ck you!” and hissed “F*ck you!” to whomever they found displeasing to the eye.

The pressure from the heaven shaking boos made it so that the DJ did not dare to speak a word.

Rui Wen still stood quietly on the fighting stage with her eyes closed.

Then, off the stage, the black glass box next to the metal cage opened from the front without a sound.

The opening to the pitch-black box did not reveal anything, but the constantly agitated wild boar in the metal cage moaned with a sharp cry. It was as if a pig-slaughtering blade had been stabbed into its stomach.

The boos of the fighting arena were forcefully interrupted by this ear-piercing cry. Then the audience saw the wild boar try to ram its way out of its cage as if its life depended on it. The ramming attack was quite the desperate attempt, causing the entire cage to shift. The two containers were forcefully pulled three meters part. The boar kept ramming until it reached the fighting stage and it kept on trying, causing rumbles to ring out from the collision with the stage.

What the hell is going on!? Luo Nan was a bit annoyed and anxious.

The sacrificial ritual had reached its key point. Countless lines emerged within the burning cloud sea to establish an even more exquisite structure, a structure that was created by the valiant instinct of the Human-Faced Arachnid. A profound and unpredictable order was contained inside.

Luo Nan did not try to analyze this. The Human-Faced Arachnid was already on a level that exceeded Luo Nan. There was no point in forcefully trying to decipher its mysteries. All Luo Nan could do right now was to preserve the finalized structure of the altar and let the arachnid maintain its stability.

Right now Luo Nan was doing fine and the two people atop the altar were doing excellent as well.

The trick that was played out on the fighting stage had caused the supply of the turbid flow of emotions to become somewhat chaotic. But this didn’t really matter. The smell of a blazing flame didn’t mean that a cooked dish would be made. The more adjustments that were made with this tiny heat for slow cooking, the more the dish would simmer dry and be burned through.

This herd of hog and lamb were simply putting the final nail in their own coffin.

But then the wild boar rammed against the fighting stage in a crazed fashion at this time, causing the outside disturbance to suddenly increase. The Human-Faced Arachnid was fine, but Luo Nan was really worried about Rui Wen becoming distracted.

Although Luo Nan was worried, the audience was quite excited.

“Hoho. What a cheap trick!”

Regardless of how many times they had seen it before, the audience loved watching arranged suspense where build up occurs after being bottled up. Their interest was firmly hooked and all the boos and curses disappeared completely. The fighting arena actually turned much quieter.

Then something could be seen from the black glass box at last. A long forked tongue stuck to the ground. It extended and retracted, revealing a coarse surface. A trillion cells for perception replaced the eyes and the nose, sensing the external environment.

“Is it a snake? Or a lizard?”

“Hurry and start already! Show the head!”

The being seemed to have felt the stirring emotions in the outside environment for it stretched out its long and narrow head out from the glass box. It looked to be a type of lizard.

The audience in the spectator stands felt that something was off when the lizard had only stretched out half way…… Wasn’t its skull around two meters long? The long and deep split of its mouth took up most of its head. It nearly reached the metal cage beneath the fighting stage and that pitiful wild boar was trying to escape with all its might, practically bringing its cage up to the stage.

Based on the length of its skull, how long would its body be? How was it able to fit in the glass box?

Then reality showed it stretch out four meters in length with its tough and flexible body like it was swimming in the air. Only its tail had yet to emerge.

From the body that was shown so far, the mouth took up approximately half its length. It was similar to an alligator at first glance with its external appearance, but it was much larger. Its limbs were extremely thick and bulky, propping up its stomach far away from the ground. Its forked tongue dangled down, sticking to the ground, contracting and extending. It looked very bizarre and cautious.

What was this thing?

Crag Burst already growled in a low voice while Luo Nan was puzzled:

“I’ll F**k your b***h *** ****!”

Before Crag Burst could finish cursing, the two-meter monstrosity opened its large mouth without any warning. Thousands of thick sharp teeth were densely packed together in four columns. The camera recorded it faithfully and the video was broadcasted in a close-up view to appear distinctively in everyone’s eyes.

The entire venue went cold in an instant.

A sudden dash, a bite, a gnash, a swallow.

The monster had performed a series of concise movements in this manner and the glaring glow of blood spurted out right in front of it. The several hundred kilogram heavy wild boar and the cage of solid metal that surrounded it suddenly disappeared by half…… They had been swallowed by the monster with a single bite.

Shrieking came from all around. This situation where half the fighting arena was quiet and half was in hysteria was rarely seen.

And the giant broadcast display atop the fighting arena was withdrawn upwards and put away, opening up the space above the fighting arena.

Then a maglev type floating platform came dropping down from an entrance that had split open on the upper level of the fighting arena.

There were no handrails or fencings whatsoever, but Jack stood steadily atop the platform wearing a white dress shirt, black slacks, and a black bow tie, the official uniform of a referee. Although he looked down from high above, his face was expressionless. He turned a blind eye to the bizarre situation in the fighting arena.

He lifted both his hands up slightly and separated them to two sides. One side represented Rui Wen, who was standing silently. The other side represented the monster, which had brutally swallowed its food. Jack spoke in a calm and unshaken voice:

“The Predator, Rui Wen.”

“The Mutant, Greatmaw Basilisk.”

“Let the Beast King Battle begin!”

…...Mutant? It really was a mutant?

Trembling and excitement dominated over everything. In silence had passed in the blink of an eye. The gamblers and the spectators all went crazy with shrieking, shaking fists and stamping feet. The entire fighting arena simply exploded!

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