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 Chapter 62: Superiority (Part 2/2)

Luo Nan could practically hear his main body’s heart beat when he saw Jack’s expression.

“The company that’s at the world’s leading and cutting edge of technology” was an embellishment that Luo Nan had intentionally added in order to probe out the relationship between Jack and Quantum Corporation. He had predicted several responses from Jack, but the sole response he didn’t think of was the smile that floated on Jack’s face. His lips had split into a perfect curve.

Luo Nan was forced to admit that he had to reevaluate the relationship between Jack and Quantum Corporation. But he had to make one thing clear before doing this:

For what reason?

For what reason would a gang leader, stowed away in the recycling stratum, have this sort of attitude towards a major power rated to be top three in market value in the entire world?

Luo Nan thought things over using the simplest train of logic. Could it be that behind Jack was this colossus? At least to his knowledge? Jack even had eyes of contempt towards Quantum Corporation, the company that’s at the world’s leading edge of technology.

Luo Nan though once more of the bait buried within Jack’s words. Something about Soul Configuration, Deep Blue World…… He had never heard of these words before. Now that he thought about it, it's extremely possible that these were deep hidden secrets that could shock the entire world.

Was that coward related to these things? How deeply was he related?

Thoughts spun in his mind, but time did not permit Luo Nan for further consideration. He could only continue his previous train of thought. He made a minor amendment and went to probe Jack’s background:

“You both work at Quantum Corporation, yet Yan Yongbo can wield the power of the Rainbow Fund. You, however, can only mix with a bunch of gangsters. Yan Yongbo just casually tossed out a Dynamo Core, and this was enough to cause you to struggle with all your might. It hasn’t been long since Yan Yongbo joined Quantum Corporation, as far as I know. His rapid rise to a high position… Is it due to his own strength, or to his father’s?”

“Or perhaps, being an Altered Human, an Altered Human that needs to draw on the Dynamo Core to possess the power of Burners, makes you bound to be a defective product off of the assembly line.”

“The hell are you being extra clever for!?”

The low and hoarse roar was accompanied by a buzzing. The Deep Sea EM Field’s pressure and temperature rapidly increased. Luo Nan’s soul body was forcefully compressed by a factor under the sudden increase in pressure.

Clearly, Luo Nan’s words had struck a sore spot of Jack’s.

Jack’s smile completely faded away from his face. He reached out his hand and pressed down lightly on his forehead, seemingly to conceal his momentary loss of control. But his robotic eye, which was about to ignite, still exposed his current mood.

His anger….. Was at the highest level!

Right now Luo Nan found it hard to even transmit psychic waves, but he knew that if he were to give up now, Jack would probably eliminate him on the spot. Luo Nan understood this matter very clearly.

Time. He still needed a bit more time…...

“It was just a slip of the tongue? I’m really sorry. I just spoke what I had guessed. Some of my words might have been very stupid, but I think our current situation is far more stupid.”

“True. The speaker is quite stupid and the listener also isn’t intelligent.” Jack took two deep breaths. Last time he reacted like this was when the power outage happened. But this time his actions were effective. His mood had recovered to normal and he even mocked himself.

This sort of control ability, which was like switching modes, seemed to be only possessed by Altered Humans.

Luo Nan noticed Jack’s self control. According to reason, this callous Altered Human had many opportunities to unleash the explosive power of the Format of Fire and annihilate Luo Nan’s soul body into ashes. But aside from the very first attack, Jack did not truly make another move.

When faced with the hot-headed and straightforward opponent in front of him, the current Jack was rather overly cautious.

This had no relation with being “intelligent” or “stupid”. Luo Nan could only think things over on the more realistic side of things: Was it the fear of Darksider life forms? Or was there a more direct, more fatal reason?

Obviously Jack wouldn’t reveal the answer. Then Jack made a substantial action. He walked forward, drawing closer the distance between him and Luo Nan’s soul body. The pressure of the EM field was increased by ten fold when the distance was reduced.

Luo Nan tried to retreat backward, but this yielded minimal results.

Jack revealed a smile anew:  “When I was in the Deep Blue World, I heard that one can use the powerful EM Field formed by the Dynamo Core to confine and capture souls and even Darksider life forms. Now I can test it out.”

Deep Blue World? Luo Nan’s first thought was this information that came from far far away.

He only really came to in the next moment. So Jack actually wanted to capture him alive?

Yes. From the increasing pressure of the EM field, Luo Nan could see that this was truly Jack’s plan. Luo Nan’s soul body had already shrunk two times from its initial size. If this were to continue, he would become like the legendary Issun-boshi, the One-Inch Samurai, and be pinched within Jack’s fingers.

Luo Nan couldn’t spare further thoughts on other matters. He amassed his concentration with full force, wishing to make his soul body move again. But at this time, the only part of his entire body that could move were the dark chains that had been moving without end all this time.

The chains?

Before Luo Nan’s thought became clear, the dark chains suddenly increased in vibration. But this wasn’t a force that was born from the inside, it was an attack that came from the outside!

The sharp hiss rang out and a shadow leaped out from several floors below, colliding with force into the Deep Sea EM Field. The sudden impact on the mental plane actually caused the EM field’s operation to suddenly lag.

The shadow collided with Luo Nan’s soul body in the next instant. Like riding a flying nimbus, Luo Nan flew backward and broke free from the controlling range of the Deep Sea EM Field.

The Human-Faced Arachnid!

This malevolent demon came slaughtering out right when Luo Nan needed it the most. The turbid flowing emotions still rose from its body as vapor. The heavy damage inflicted by the Format of Fire could not be seen right now, at least from the exterior.


Luo Nan mind relaxed and he flipped over to stand on the back of the Human-Faced Arachnid. He controlled this demon, which had just refilled its essence, to fly towards the nearest wall and out of the building. Luo Nan didn’t look back at all.

Jack’s heavy and swift footsteps rang out from behind. Jack was still chasing Luo Nan and his speed was rapidly increasing. This large office area gave him ample space to accelerate.

The Deep Sea EM Field came with Jack’s pursuit, appearing as a shadow behind Luo Nan and the Human-Faced Arachnid. It was like a silent evil beast that had locked onto its prey with the desire to consume right now.

But in the end, it was useless!

Several tens of meters was a far too short of a distance for a soul body. With just a moment’s breath, Luo Nan and the Human-Faced Arachnid had already left the outer wall of the building to enter the interweaving neon lights of the night sky. Then after another flash, they were already flying a kilometer high in the air.

Jack rushed to the end of the floor and heavy smashed against the window, his strength not fading away at all. The powerful and tough reinforced glass exploded with web-like cracks in an instant, but it didn’t break in the end. 

However the metal frame supporting all sides of the window couldn’t hold on. The entire window ripped off from the wall from Jack’s collision and it fell towards the ground.

Jack borrowed the loss of his momentum to stand at the brink of the empty floor. He took a thick-barreled gun from his back, the same gun he used to fire the special military ammunition before.

The muzzle aimed at the night sky, but in the end, Jack didn’t pull the trigger in futility. He just coldly stared at the shadow of the night sky’s void. A long time passed before he turned around and left.

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