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Chapter 60: Altered Human (Part 2/2)

In the end, it was Jack who broke the silence. He stared fixed at the empty area of space and spoke in a low voice: “I don’t know who you are and I don’t know which power you’re affiliated with, but I am positive that there has been no animosity between us before today.”

“I admire your ability and I’m not willing to be your enemy. I’m willing to perform compensation if you're resentful of our conflict today. I will do my best to satisfy you with whatever you desire, within the scope of my abilities.”

And only the crackling of electricity remained to be the response to his words.

Jack paused a bit before continuing: “Your soul form has yet to reach the complete level of interfering with reality. My nervous system has been altered. Your influence over me is next to nothing.”

“Yes. There’s also that large man. He’s quite the headache of an opponent. Maybe he’s rushing over here right now. But within DeShang Building, I’ll slow him down so that he’s as fast as a turtle. If we can’t come to an agreement, we can only keep wasting time…...maybe all the way until tomorrow morning?”

Luo Nan still didn’t respond. He couldn’t respond even if he wanted to. Jack was right on one point. He currently had two ways to communicate with people. The first was using the Psychic Wave Network. The second was using the local area network of the pyramid structure. Both were useless when faced with Jack.

It was as if Jack’s consciousness was hidden deep under a thick layer of icy water. Luo Nan could touch it, but ultimately too much of his strength would be wasted just reaching half way through the waters. It was the same as being untouchable.

Luo Nan didn’t know how Jack was able to achieve this, so he simply blocked off Jack’s voice and scanned the entire room to try to find out more information.

What was most eye-catching in the training room was obviously the pitch-black device surrounding Jack’s body. Luo Nan, with his lack of machinery knowledge, found it very hard to understand the ultimate use of this device just by looking at it. From looking at the exterior, this device just looked to be feeding large quantities of electricity into Jack’s body in a steady and endless flow.

Luo Nan noticed the voltage indicator. An ordinary person would have probably been turned into charcoal by now. But Jack looked to be taking it in with pleasure.

He could see that the electrical currents provided by the jet-black machine were vividly entering into various positions of Jack’s body. Jack’s muscles were twitching and trembling every second, but a steady rhythm clearly existed within this twitching and trembling.

This demonstrated that Jack maintained a certain amount of control over his body.

What did he say before? He was on the stairway to heaven…… Clearly, this infusion of electricity was harmless and useful for Jack.

Oh, if this was the case…...

Jack continued to jabber on while Luo Nan was collecting information: “Oh I know, you’re unable to talk right? The world’s research on soul forms is extremely lacking. Or perhaps you’re a gifted ability user who struck it big? Then that’s excellent. I can probably guess what things will interest you the most: Intelligence, information, and all sorts of knowledge that can open up new horizons for you.”

For instance, I can tell you now that you can use the special frequency band of your soul form to communicate with me. This is I already have the relevant transmit and receive device implanted in my body. Even if I haven’t used it for twenty~thirty years, it should still work.”

“We can try it now. You just need to concentrate your thoughts. Since you’re gifted enough to achieve soul form, this should be easy for you.”

The silence of the void lasted for about five seconds before Jack smiled. External psychic waves had gone through Jack’s transmit and receive device and had converted into discernable information that sounded in his ear:

“I am now confident that you’re not from the military.”

“If the military possessed an altered project, they wouldn’t be stuck in such a sorry situation when faced with a Darksider life form.”

Jack maintained his smile, making the scars on his face appear not as sinister: “Of course, there is a certain difference between soul form and Darksider life forms. We can talk about this detail in the future.”

“Indeed, you know quite a bit.” Luo Nan expressed his admiration towards Jack’s ability to constantly provide new information.

“And so I am an excellent information dealer.”

Jack continued to speak openly and with assurance: “What shall we talk about? Oh, that’s right. Let’s talk about why would we become enemies? I think you will certainly be interested in that pretty boy Yan Yonbo…… Now that you mention it, I think I know too much information.”

Luo Nan sneered. Yes. This fellow’s words were buried with countless bait. He mentioned things about the world, soul form, psychic wave receive and transmit device…… But in reality, the amount of practical information he divulged was practically nil.

And so Luo Nan just spoke directly a second later: “Let’s just talk about that metal beetle then.”

Jack’s lips split his smile even wider: “Friend. You certainly must be very young. You should know that one shouldn’t get rash during conversations and try to put the other party in a predicament. Instead, we should each take what we need. I know that you’re certainly much more interested in Yan Yongbo. Otherwise, you wouldn’t have tailed him.”

“Let me think what explosive points I have on him. For instance: Quantum Corporation? Archetype Format? The number one Burner in the world? Or perhaps….. The Deep Blue World?”

“You’re certainly a master storyteller.” Luo Nan used psychic waves to transmit his sarcasm, but he was forced to admit that all the topics mentioned by Jack had caused his interest to explode.

It seemed that Luo Nan had encountered a mobile information warehouse.

Jack, this fellow, was absolutely not just a simple gang leader. His experience, knowledge, and every aspect that Luo Nan was able to touch upon right now, far exceeded Luo Nan’s previous estimation.

Anyway, just let things be this way then…...

Jack continued to maintain his smile, but then shock and explosive fury ripped apart this mask a short second later. The room was enveloped in darkness.

Power outage!

The low hum of the pitch-black machine gradually came to a halt. Its power protection mechanism was quite decent. Jack’s muscles soon returned to normal after a large convulsion.

But his mood didn’t go back to normal: “Damn you! What the hell are you up to!?”

Jack roared in the darkness. He strived to shake his arm, but this wouldn’t give him a single spark of electricity. 

“As you can see, the power went out.” Luo Nan used the method taught by Jack to maintain the conversation.

It was really quite clever for Jack to choose the top floor of the DeShang Building as his hiding place for it was beyond most people’s imaginations. But since this was the business district with people coming and going, there would be some uncontrollable factors…… Frankly speaking, there were too many human factors.

Just as before, the combination of hypnotism and the Human-Faced Arachnid’s fishing skill was far too useful.

While Jack was jabbering on, Luo Nan had spent a bit of time in selecting a property manager to cut off the power to this floor. During that time he even discovered that Jack’s training room used a special dedicated power circuit. But this was still nothing to the manager of the DeShang Building.

The facts were proven. No matter what the functionality of this device used by Jack was, once the power was out, Jack could only become a pile of scrap.

“I want information. You want time. This is where the significance of our conversation lies…… But what will happen if neither of us can get what we want?”

Before Luo Nan’s eyes, Luo Nan could still see the clips of the last moments on earth for the teenagers on the fighting stage. He didn’t care if Jack couldn’t see his actions. His soul body performed the same gesture of rejection as Jack with crossed arms:

“If I’m rash, then so be it. I don’t have an ounce of desire to talk with someone like you.”

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