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Chapter 60: Altered Human (Part 1/2)

Luo Nan’s soul body just towered within the reckless and bursting flood of emotions.

He ought to have been angry, but he had a special viewing angle. He looked at Rui Wen stand atop the fighting stage in silence after speaking her words and he saw her spiritual seed remain untainted from beginning to end within the flood of turbid emotions.

A marvelous tranquility had arrived.

And so Luo Nan was like this. He overlooked the stage from above, looking down coldly at the several hundred warped faces. His mental senses were a relaxed giant net that allowed nothing to escape. They covered every nook and cranny within a range of a 500 meter radius……. And his senses captured each person’s mood and inclination.

The vast majority of people were feverish, but there would always be some people who were more special.

For instance, there was someone who was a bit fretful.

Luo Nan’s shifted the focus of his attention. A male dressed in a western suit was in one of the VIP boxes of the fighting arena. He was pacing back and forth, shouting:

“Jack! Jack! Hell, I know you can hear me!”

The static was extremely distinct and noisy within the high-priority call. Then two seconds later, a voice came through: “What’s going on?”

Found him!

Luo Nan focused his attention instantly, increasing his precision in all aspects. But he still felt that this wasn’t enough. He simply had his soul body move over there as well. And so he was in the VIP room, sticking to the nape of this contactor and receiving the information coming from the communications device.

The contact was excited to finally get in touch with this damned Jack. In anycase, this contact would have never thought that there would be a spirit haunting his back and receiving the same information in synchrony.

In fact, the information Luo Nan received exceeded the information the contact received. After heightening his senses, Luo Nan could “see” things besides material objects. He could capture the closely woven radio waves interweaving through the air.

Since Luo Nan lacked the ability to convert and decode electromagnetic waves, it was impossible for Luo Nan to know what information was transmitted through the air. But he could refer to the crisscross spread of oscillations internal and external to the communications device to form approximate judgements.

The first time he did this was when he wanted to trace information about the Society from the countless crisscrossing alternating currents of the HexaEar. But this time it wasn’t as easy.

Fortunately, the communications between the contact and Jack were still going.

The contact did his best in explaining the details of the current events to Jack. The static noise of interference continued to ring all this time; the call quality was extremely bad. In the end, even the contact didn’t know what they were talking about.

“Damn it! Jack, where the hell are you?”

“I’m on the stairway to heaven.” It was as if Jack was work out; he was panting a bit.

“Now’s not the time for jokes. You need to come back, asap.”

“I’m just about to reach heaven……”

“What heaven? Rui Wen barged onto the Road of Verdicts. Its Rui Wen, Rui Wen! Didn’t you say that any information regarding this woman must be reported to you immediately?”

The Jack went silent for a full five seconds on the other side before responding: “Who are the first two barriers?”

The contact was happy to see that Jack had understood the severity of the situation. He rushed to continue providing the latest state of the situation: “The first barrier is Derong, our head fight instructor…...”

“She’ll pass this one. There’s no point to it. What’s the next barrier.”

“But…… Oh. Oh my god!”

The rich folk in the fighting arena were all shouting like lunatics. A second earlier, Rui Wen had sacrificed her wrist in order to dreadfully draw closer and fiercely knee Derong in the groin. Derong was a buff man with a build not inferior to Crag Burst at all, but the pain made him bend over. During this time, Rui Wen smashed an elbow to his throat, pulverizing it completely and breaking bone, piercing through his artery.

Derong was suffocating and blood was spurting from his artery, causing this buff man to fall to the ground twitching. Soon he would die.

Rui Wen gazed at the dying man on the ground and spoke lightly: “70% chance of bleeding out.”

The contact was already stupefied just watching the scene. He couldn’t take this loss: “Derong was the first champion of the underground fighting union. Rui Wen must be hiding her strength. What the hell is going on? Who taught her how to fight? Damn it, damn it, damn it…….”

Jack understood the entirety of the situation from the contact’s reaction. He bossed around with his hoarse voice: “Raise all the defensive walls right now. Isolate the fighting stage. Tell that trash we need some time to prepare for the Beast King Battle.”

“......Prepare what?”

“You go contact Mr. Ma. Tell him that the high quality life-or-death battle he always dreamed of has finally arrived. We’ll send the hundred-victory witch Rui Wen. All he needs to do is to bring his house’s darling baby over. I’ll give him ten minutes.”

“Oh! Mr. Ma’s collection! Jack! You’re really too evil.”

The contact suddenly understood and he admiration for Jack’s quick wits increased. He hung up the phone at once and rushed to find some people.

“Rui Wen, Rui Wen…… Forget it. Just let her go be together with her brother!” Jack took off his wristband and tossed it aside side. “Nobody better bother me now.”

He was suddenly startled before his voice could fade away. He slowly raised his head and his perfectly good right eye focused together with his robotic left eye. He gazed at the empty space devoid of all material objects in front of him.

Finally found him.

Luo Nan’s soul body appeared in this room. He noticed Jack’s reaction, but he was more surprised at Jack’s current location. Jack was still inside the DeShang Building, but he was on the top floor, the 141st floor.

This iconic building located in the River Wu District had a height of approximately six hundred meters. The 141st floor was at a height of over 550 meters. It just so happened to exceed the range of Luo Nan’s field of senses.

Luo Nan never believed that Jack would leave his old nest and enter into the society of access privileges, a place that was extremely unfriendly to gangsters like him.

But the facts had proven his judgement to be false.

Not only did Jack enter society, he entered the top floor area of DeShang Building, which requires the highest level of credit and access privileges. He even had his own training room here.

Right now Jack was sitting inside a pitch-black device whom’s function could not be seen by Luo Nan. Several electrical leads were stuck into his body. A strong electrical current would pierce inside his body every so often. Some even tore azure lightning through the air.

“Is it charging time for this Altered Human?”

Jack’s pair of eyes were constantly refocusing. At the end of the space ahead of him was the wall, but ahead of a wall was something that made him be on guard. It continued to emerge.

He had a special scanner installed within his body that allowed his naked and robotic eyes to receive the entire spectrum of radio waves within his surroundings. The data was calculated and processed to form an image.

In the end, a blurry shadow-like figure emerged on his optic nerves.

He hesitated before hoarsely speaking:

“An ability user? In soul form?”


Indeed, Luo Nan was shocked. The attack with the EM rifle back in the recycling stratum was really not a coincidence. This Jack seemed to have some kind of method to be able to detect the existence of soul bodies.

The soul body hovered a bit within the room. Luo Nan discovered that although Jack’s gaze was a bit sluggish, Jack total energy had rapidly changed and Jack had locked onto Luo Nan’s position.

This was a situation that Luo Nan had never encountered!

For a time, the two sides didn’t do anything for fear of what may happen. Under the unspoken silence, only the crackling of electricity remained ringing through the air.

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