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Chapter 59: Road of Verdicts (Part 2/2)

Rui Wen soon returned to her normal persona. She stood quietly in the middle of the fighting stage. Her head drooped down slightly. The rich folks on all four sides wantonly sized her up and assessed her body. They kept raising their bets at the betting house and the atmosphere grew all the fiercer.

Crag Burst had been cursing without end while she was walking on stage. He swept his head to look at the spectator stands on all sides, just wanting to smash those who he found objectionable to pieces. The problem was that there was no one he didn’t want to smash in the entire fighting arena.

“You still haven’t found Jack?”

Crag Burst noticed that the referee wasn’t Jack; it was quite the pity. This made Crag Burst even more annoyed.

Luo Nan didn’t respond. Right now his mental senses already covered the entire fighting arena. With him at the core, his senses covered a wide area with a radius exceeding five hundred meters. It even included more than half of the DeShang Building.

The range of his senses was a bit reduced due to the various building material and electrical interference differences. His precision hovered around millimeter resolution, but these weren’t grounds for his incapability of capturing the whereabouts of Jack.

It was as if this Altered Human had evaporated completely.

Rui Wen’s opponent already made their way on stage at this moment, ignoring the meaningless string of titles. This stout and strong teen looked to be two~three times the size of Rui Wen. He didn’t look like a fifteen~sixteen-year-old kid at all.

Anyway, the spectators on all sides weren’t surprised at seeing this teenager. They gave the same ardent cheers and incitement to this competitor as well:

“Doped up boy!”

“Come on Powder Keg! Explode!”

“What a good match-up this is going to be!……”

Luo Nan’s attention was completely attracted back. He was a complete layman in regards to the world of fighting. He only had a vague idea about heavyweight boxing and so on. Naturally, he was worried for Rui Wen when he saw the eye-pricking build of the teenager on stage.

Crag Burst felt great disdain for the stout boy: “A fellow uses the stimulation from drugs to forcefully mature……. There’s no need for him to fight if he continues this. His own body weight would crush his bones to pieces.”

But it must be noted that such instances of drug stimulation were quite common in underground fights. This included Rui Wen. It was very likely that she took some drugs, causing her sexual characteristics to be suppressed. Otherwise, her natural constitution wouldn’t have been enough as a girl. It would have been very hard to achieve one hundred victories.

When all was said and done, Crag Burst and Luo Nan were clueless on what to do.

In the end, Crag Burst could only speak in comfort: “I am here. If anything happens, I’ll be able to save her…..”

Ink spread its wings, slapping Crag Burst in the face. This fellow really didn’t know how to talk. Are you needed to save someone?

The key issued lied in the fact that Rui Wen’s current mood and state were inconceivably clear and pure. But an external force of destruction towards the spirit and the mind would cause her a terrifying amount of harm. It would be much more troublesome than a simple flesh wound.

Luo Nan had analyzed this piece of information from the Human-Faced Arachnid. He couldn’t explain this to Crag Burst, so he felt stifled.

The conversation between the two was meaningless, but the development that happened on the fighting stage caught everyone by surprise.

The opening ceremony lasted a full twenty minutes. The atmosphere was rendered and the bets went high. Then the fight began.

Rui Wen did not retreat when faced with this opponent that was at least twice her weight. She approached closer, rushing in from the front. She closed in around Powder Keg’s thick arm and broke his tibia with a single strike.

Powder Keg’s finger just brushed Rui Wen on the shoulder, causing her to fall from the loss of balance and pain. Rui Wen effortlessly broke away from his grasp then took the chance to kick him in the forehead, causing Powder Keg to fall unconscious. The fight just ended like that.

The venue that was high on emotions suddenly turned cold. The vast majority of people, including the betting rich guests, couldn’t accept such a simple and laughable ending. The arena then sunk into an awkward silence.

The fight was originally just for entertainment. What they really wanted to see was fist hitting flesh, a savage and bloody scene!

Crag Burst howled with wild laughter under this bizarre atmosphere and he waved his fist in the air very exaggeratedly. His actions were so conspicuous that all the cameras in the arena shot him in a close-up view.

Luo Nan wanted to have Ink slap Crag Burst in the face…... If this wasn’t Crag Burst exposing himself, what would be?

The judge was stupefied for a few seconds on stage before he stepped forward to check the damage…… This was just a formality. His true purpose was to try finding an opportunity to get in contact with someone in order to figure out what to do next!

But he was unable to communicate with the fighting arena’s big shot, aka Jack, from beginning to end. In the end, he could only talk to a first-rank manager and have this manager decide how the spectacle should go on.

The referee got up helpless and held Rui Wen by the hand to prepare to announce the victor. But then Rui Wen knocked his hand away and spoke a few simple words with the help of the microphone of the referee’s body:

“I choose the Road of Verdicts!”

The fighting arena’s heavy atmosphere was like a stuffed up explosion going off when theses words were spoken. First several hundred people murmured in low voices, then there were cheers, laughs, curses, and whistles that filled the entire arena. The atmosphere was ignited in an instant, overturning the entirety of the DeShang Building.

“Oh! Ha! There’s a challenger! A traitor!”

“It’s the flat-chested witch’s counterattack!”

“Stupid woman. Have your brains turned to muscle?”

“Go die then! Rip her to threads!”

“No. Break her limbs. Knockout her teeth. I demand it! I demand it!”

The several hundred powerful rich had personally drawn up the rules. They had set up what looked to be an imposing way out. But when this rule received the ultimate challenger, there was no one who was able to maintain their calm.

The imposing way out was just a symbolic footnote drafted from their high and lofty positions.

To touch it was an offense!

And so every emotion converged together in the end to form uniform calls:

“Verdict! Verdict! Verdict!”

The referee came to his senses from the unexpected outcome. He felt that he had been saved. The laughable battle, which was like having cold water poured over one’s head, had suddenly turned into a fuse to the explosion of human emotions.

Alright, alright!

A projector covered the entirety of the fighting arena at this time. It had taken the opportunity to broadcast information about the Road of Verdicts. Various scenes flashed in succession, listing the three deathly flight of steps, Boxing King Battle, Beast King Battle, and Verdict Battle.

The first two barriers were as their names implied. The Boxing King Battle was a fight against a real adult fighter. The Beast King Battle was a fight against a wild and untamed beast. Then there was the third barrier.

The projector timely showed someone wearing a referee uniform. It was the image of a calm and callous Caucasian man:

“The Adjudicator! Jack!”

This was the boss of the gangsters here, the ace-host, the referee, the man who had murdered Rui Wen’s older brother. This was the final boss!

The projector then broadcasted the scenes where numerous combatants, including Rui Wen’s older brother, had died by the hands of this cold and callous man.

Sharp whistles rang through the air every time someone’s life faded away. The sound lasted until the frame froze on Jack’s crossed arms. The previous spectacle was negated. The entire fighting arena was about to erupt.

“Verdict! Verdict! Verdict!”

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