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Chapter 59: Road of Verdicts (Part ½)

Luo Nan’s senses were in synch with the Human-Faced Arachnid. The reasoning behind the Human-Faced Arachnid’s intense interest was not left out. And so the intense stimulation had caused part of the turbid information to become clear and understandable:

After the leap in evolution from a plankton to a fish, the Human-Faced Arachnid naturally wouldn’t take the turbid flow of emotions as food. Today what it was most interested in was the “spiritual seed” that was undulating up and down within the muddy waters. It was a life that was floating in the turbid flow of emotions and it was vastly different than the dirty emotions that surrounded it. It was something that possessed life force.

It was absolutely difficult to form this spiritual seed. One must be able to overcome the dirty emotions of desire through training of the mind. And one must possess the basic bearing of a positive outlook in order to ultimately form such a seed.

For instance, Rui Wen was long since at a fledgling stage all the way until he communicated with “Mr. Crow”. He cast off the deathly-still coldness from his mind and sublimation of the spiritual seed finally occurred, ascending to a new level.

Crag Burst had a similar spiritual seed, but it was hidden deep within the raging magma flames of his powerful life force. It wasn’t like Rui Wen’s, all pristine and open.

The spiritual seed was an incomparable delicacy for the Human-Faced Arachnid. To consume the spiritual seed would allow it to eat and evolve…… Its methods of evolving are very life-threatening. On a fundamental level, it used other people’s spiritual life force as nourishment to advance in its evolution. It was built on the foundation of destroying the hopes of others.

Certainly, the Human-Faced Arachnid was an existence of ultimate evil. Even though Luo Nan depended on its strength to an extremely large degree, Luo Nan wouldn’t disagree with this point.

To not deny this fact to be false did not mean that Luo Nan would allow the Human-Faced Arachnid to do what it wanted. Otherwise, what would make him different from the Human-Faced Arachnid?

Luo Nan was in complete control of the Human-Faced Arachnid and right now this was reflected in great detail. No matter how strong the Human-Faced Arachnid’s desire was to eat, a single shake of the dark chains would make it well-behaved.

Then a person walked in from the passageway that lead to the fighting arena. The noisy clamor from the arena came in the instant the door open, seemingly bursting through the small waiting room. Fortunately, the noise soon cut off.

The person spoke loudly: “Rui Wen. Prepare to get on stage. The 100th fight is a challenge incomparable…… Huh? Who are you?”

“Your grandpa.”

Crag Burst revealed a nasty smile to this man. A fist smacked this man to lose consciousness and fall to the ground while he was dumbstruck and before he could to shout.

Rui Wen turned a blind eye to this. He was already completely immersed in his own world. He stood up and lightly swayed his arm up and down: “Okay then Mr. Crow. It is time for my final fight. You won’t be stingy with your blessings right?”


Maybe Ink was quite satisfied from being swayed. It had already opened its mouth before Luo Nan could give an order. Its caw was unpleasant to the ears, but it made Rui Wen smile once more.

He held his arm out just like that and walked next to Crag Burst, returning Ink to him: “Thank you mister. You and Mr. Crow’s arrival is my lucky fate.”

“Cough. It’s nothing.”

Crag Burst’s direct nature was not really suitable in dealing with the introverted and shut-off Rui Wen. The trains of logic for both sides were on completely different lines.

Luckily Luo Nan gave a helping hand at this time. He suggested to Crag Burst to ask for some information, even if it was in an awkward manner: “You said something about a 100th fight. Is there any special meaning to it?”

“After the 100th fight, I can choose to walk on the Road of Verdicts and leave the fighting arena.”

“......Hehe. It’s all standard, and it’s been turned crap by some people.”

Crag Burst had seen far too many similar instances in other underground fighting arenas: “Will there be challenges on the Road of Verdicts?”

“Of course.”

“Who has broken through in the past?”

Since the fighting arena was established, I and my older brother were the closest people in getting a hundred victories…… Oh right. Let me thank you on behalf of my brother for your praise just then.”


Luo Nan and Crag Burst both thought of the tall skinny teenager who had died in Jack’s metal arms.

Crag Burst collided his fist with his palm: “Isn’t it super clear? There’s no bullshit Road of Verdicts. This fighting arena absolutely won’t let you all come out of here alive.”

This fact was really transparent. This fighting arena was a joint business started by the gangsters of the recycling stratum and the rich. Competitors like Rui Wen were the destitute orphans from the recycling stratum. Gangsters captured them, forced them through bitter training, and made them fight to the death with each other, all for the amusement of the rich.

Crag Burst hoped that Rui Wen would understand the truth: “Leave. That’s just a joke. Nothing more than a joke!”

Of course, Rui Wen didn’t respond. He just ripped off the towel from his head to expose cool crow-black hair. His facial features were actually extremely effeminate and were inharmonious with the cruel beat downs of the fighting arena.

Crag Burst continued to try to persuade him: “Hey, join us. I’ll kill a path out and bring you along……”

Rui Wen maintained his silence.

Crag Burst reached out a hand to hold onto him, but Rui Wen didn’t even look at him. He just coldly spoke: “I’ll kill my way out, though the methods of me and my brother.”

Crag Burst’s hand stopped in shock and Rui Wen pushed aside the sound-proof door. He walked out with big strides.

The DJ’s resounding voice spread through the air: “This is the hundred victory campaign that’s unprecedented in history! Look at our Deathwing! The predator who has not suffered defeat, Rui Wen!”

Cheers rang through the air of the fighting arena. Strange words were mixed in the chaotic and warped rumbling:

“Androgynous devil!”

“Flat-chested witch!”

“Strip completely! Show your identity!”

Crag Burst didn’t breathe in properly and he choked, nearly causing Ink to go askew. Luo Nan’s soul body nearly lost his grip on the chains, nearly letting the Human-Faced Arachnid charge out.

“A female? I couldn’t even tell…..” Crag Burst was stupefied on the spot.

Who would have ever expected this? Rui Wen’s bare upper body and her nature didn’t display a second sexual characteristic. Even if there was, it was drowned under the contours of her thin hard muscles.

Luo Nan was a bit embarrassed. But these thoughts of embarrassment were forcefully severed when Rui Wen climbed onto the fighting platform to have her thin body exposed to the gazes of over a thousand people.

Crag Burst stopped the sound-proofed door from closing completely and the clamoring noise of the fighting arena echoed endlessly inside:

“Hey hey hey. I’ll bestow you the road out!”

“Buy buy buy! Let’s hold an auction today then.”

“I want to sample what the flat-chested witch tastes like!”

The shouts, the clamor, and the whistles were endless. Several hundred rich folks, who were likely the head of various fields, used methods such as these to obtain stimulation, which they wouldn’t receive from regular society, from the body and life of this young lady.

What about Rui Wen?

The filthy muddy flow came rolling across in all directions. But that pure spiritual seed remained untainted by even a speck of dust. This androgynous girl had already blocked off the influence of the external world of filth completely.

But in any case, why must such a girl be placed in such a dirty place?

Crag Burst didn’t make a sound as he walked forward with large strides.

Luo Nan also couldn’t hold himself back. He didn’t stop Crag Burst from advancing forward.

As Crag Burst walked out of the passageway, his large body and head ought to have attracted the eyes of many. But this time, the absolute majority of people had their attention focused on the fighting stage. They did not notice Crag Burst at all.

Rui Wen on the fighting stage turned her head over without warning. Her cold and crystal clear gaze caused Crag Burst to stop advancing. He couldn’t move forward even if he wanted to.

Rui Wen’s aura was truly beyond compare. From her perspective, this hundred victory campaign was clearly divine like a holy ritual.

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