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Chapter 58: The True Seed (Part 2/2)

The focus of the Human-Faced Arachnid’s attention was on the peacefully still combatant. His age was probably around Luo Nan’s age. His introverted and even gloomy nature was more or less the same too, but the Human-Faced Arachnid’s interest was certainly not due to this.

The feedback that Luo Nan received was actually filled with expectation and hunger…… It was like a glutton staring at the slowly stewing dish on a stovetop. It would be a pity to eat it now, but not eating was making it impatient.

So this was the new food that you chose?

Luo Nan had been pondering the change in diet of the Human-Faced Arachnid and now there was a new reference. He took out a bit more energy to increase his attention on this matter, but how could he come to a realization within a short time period?

The scene changed on the video at this moment. The strange edit of the match had ended and an after-fight segment followed. Jack stood in between the two combatants, looking to be announcing the winners.

The beginning of the footage did not have many scenes with the skinny and tall teenager, but his dominance was clearly displayed. The footage presented an astonishing level of control.

However, Jack didn’t rush in announcing the victor. He lowered his head to look at the time.

The accompanying music to the video strangely stopped at this time and sharp whistling and shouting came from the spectator stands on all four sides. The sound grew more resounding, noisy, and ear-splitting.

Then Jack moved at last. He opened his arms and held onto the competitors’ hands in a manner unlike a typical referee. Then he embraced these two teenagers by their shoulders, looking very intimate.

But the teenagers’ bodies went stiff on the spot.

Jack leisurely announced the victor in a manner that was like reciting a poem. His voice spread to the entire venue through a microphone: “As referee I must fairly judge this fight. This was a conservative fight……”

The shouting increased a level in volume from the spectator stands.

“This was a fight that was ended by time……”

The screaming cheers grew more resounding. Some people even stood up and waved with fists, which sparked off even more people. Soon there was no one who remained sitting in the arena.

Jack’s expression didn’t change as he spat out his final judgement:

“This was a fake fight!”

The people in the spectator stands were completely berserk now and chaotic clamor rang forth. The noise had converged to a simple yet blood-chilling syllable:

“Kill! Kill! Kill!”

The two teenagers on stage had faces devoid of color. They wanted to struggle free, but they were firmly suppressed by Jack’s metal arm. Then Jack spoke with a smile:

“There isn’t a winner, nor is there a loser!”

Before his voice could fade away, Jack exerted strength with both his arms at once. The sound of fragile bone shattering rang through the microphone on his body, spreading to everyone present.

The shoulder bones of the two teenagers had instantly shattered into pieces. The powerful force drew them close, crushing their sternum and spine. They no longer appeared human. Jack continued to crush these two teenagers together, causing them to embrace each other in front of his chest.

The faces with blood flowing out of all orifices collided together. Then they turned into two piles of dead meat.

Jack loosened his arms and the two corpses slid to the ground. He didn’t even give them a glance and he crossed his arms together to signal:

“A solid match. A friendly match…… PASS!”

“Holy crap!”

The screen suddenly caved in and ruptured before the scene could switch. Crag Burst had punched up high, directly hitting it with an explosive punch. Such an intense reaction thoroughly revealed Crag Burst’s viewpoint. He didn’t care about the broken screen. He just spat:

“Bunch of trash.”

The calm combatant turned his face over and a bit of surprise could be seen in his pupils, yet this emotion didn’t transfer over to the rest of his face. It had already perished. In the end he simply spat a few words:

“Y’all are?”

Crag Burst watched him with bulging eyes: “Kid. You’re going to take part in this bullshit fight?”

“I’m part of the next fight.”

Crag Burst waved his hand roughly: “You’re up next on stage, but there won’t ever be a next fight now that I have arrived. That way leads to the fighting arena right……”

Crag burst was just about to move forward. Not only was he filled with a sense of justice to the point of bursting, the matter that happened in this fighting arena made him, a fighting lover, feel sick at the heart.

Luo Nan saw that Crag Burst had the intention to smash apart this fighting arena so he shouted helplessly for Crag Burst to stop. Didn’t this completely depart from their original goal?

“I’m willing to bet that Jack will immediately flee and disappear without a trace the moment you enter the arena. Even if you strike down every single person in the venue, is there any point if this murderer manages to get away?”

“That is your problem, scout! Why haven’t you found that black rat yet?” Crag Burst was highly emotional. He had committed the same offense as Luo Nan. He forgot to use the Psychic Wave Network to communicate and had directly opened his mouth.

The silent combatant watched Crag Burst speak to the air. His gaze swept around in the space and he didn’t see anything else. In the end, his gaze rested on the crow on top of Crag Burst’s shoulder.

He opened and closed his mouth with a bit of hesitation, but in the end he spoke: “Mister. Are you talking with the crow?”

Crag Burst was stunned for a moment. He turned his head over to look and spoke bizarrely: “Uh. Yes.”

The words just left his mouth and Crag Burst was filled with regret. Such an answer was really quite stupid.

This silent combatant had not displayed any emotion all this time, but now he clearly smiled: “So it was Mr. Crow all this time. Can I talk to him?”

His smile was a bit shaky and his words were unusually childish. Together these things burst open in the tiny waiting room.

And at this time, Crag Burst and Luo Nan were able to clearly recognize that this combatant was really just a half grown kid, a kid who was about to walk on stage to engage in a life-or-death fight.

And also at this time did a subtle flash appear in the calm and deathly-still pupils of this fifteen~sixteen year old teenager before their eyes. All the boy’s vitality and spirit came rippling forth from his pair of long and narrow eyes.

When faced with this expression, Crag Burst actually didn’t know what to do for a time. In the end he could only shrug:

“Sure. As long as he’s fine with it.”

Borrowing the force of Crag Burst’s shrugs, Ink half flew and half hopped directly onto the half extended arm of the combatant. Of course, Ink had done this under Luo Nan’s orders.


The calm combatant happily met Ink’s spirituality. Then he stood slightly up and bowed towards Ink in a very serious manner: “My name is Rui Wen. They call me the Predator, but I am nothing more than a crow. This will be my 100th fight, and my last fight. I hope Mr. Crow can give me his blessings.”

This time the boy had spoken more words than usual. Luo Nan discovered that this calm combatant, Rui Wen, had a very special voice. It seemed his voice hadn’t changed yet for his husky voice was a bit sharp. It also had a natural resonating charm to it. It was extremely unique. It made one feel that this boy ought to be an extremely decent singer.

“Uh. That……”

Crag Burst didn’t quite understand what the boy was talking about. He tried to interrupt them, but Luo Nan stopped him.

This kind of feeling was far too familiar. Rui Wen was currently like what Luo Nan often was. He was completely stuck in his own circle of self to form his own set of logic. There wasn’t a need to forcefully smash apart this logic.

Perhaps this was his greatest opportunity to relax, a most treasured moment.

The Human-Faced Arachnid began to stir at this time. There was none other than a glittering seed in the eyes of this newly promoted glutton. It ascended up from the dark and silent depths of the abyss. Not a single speck of dust dirtied this seed, even though it was bound and surrounded by a turbid and muddy flow. It was pure and pristine.

A delicacy! A delicacy beyond compare!

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