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Chapter 56: Black Jack (Part ½)

Crag Burst’s military-altered Tiger Burst Jeep had a size that was extremely shocking as a means of individual transportation. It could totally crush an ordinary car by running it over in off-road mode.

But the large fellow that had just entered Luo Nan’s range of mental senses could completely be described similarly. It could run over the Tiger Burst Jeep perfectly.

Five seconds after Luo Nan discovered this behemoth, the enormous shadow slowly pressed across. Finally Crag Burst’s attention was drawn to it. Its enormous and overpowered size made Crag Burst, who had been wild and fearless, to unconsciously gape wide open. He forgot how to speak for a time.

It was a super-heavy road roller with an enormous body. It had a height exceeding five meters and a width taking up two full car lanes. It was a complete industrial strength packer. The roller in front had a height surpassing the rooftop of the Tiger Burst Jeep.

Perhaps this large fellow was the giant tool used to construct this main strip of road back in the day. Its appearance was extremely old-fashioned. There wasn’t a roof anymore for the driver. And all sorts and shapes of graffiti filled the entire surface of the vehicle.

Anyway, this road roller had underwent some modifications. The two sides of the roller were outfitted with sharp blades such that over four full car lanes were directly covered. 

The weight of this vehicle had to be at least 50 tons. As it speedily drove across, the roller caused the already damaged asphalt road to become a sight too appalling to see.

Even though it had a terrifying appearance, this antique road roller’s speed was just ordinary; it absolutely didn’t exceed thirty kilometers per hour. If the jeep were to turn around and run, it would easily leave this outdated large fellow in the dust. Or if it were to make a small turn, it would have passed by with no problems.

But there was a problem. The AI, which ruled the jeep, had zero awareness that it was about to be crushed and rolled to pieces. It maintained its current speed, current direction, and current route to advance forward.

“Hey! HEY!”

Crag Burst did his best to try to wake up his baby, but his efforts were bound to be futile.

The distance between the jeep and the road roller soon turned from three hundred meters to two hundred meters. The Tiger Burst Jeep contributed the most to the closing of distance, and it continued to pull closer.

Luo Nan noticed that the road roller was carrying at least five gun wielding people besides the driver. They all raised their guns and aimed at Crag Burst. Two of them carried the shockingly destructive electromagnetic rifles.

Only god knew how these strictly controlled military-use firearms had fallen into these hands! Did the military handle their trash here too?

“Get out of the way!”

As Luo Nan warned Crag Burst, he unleashed two Siege Hammer attacks. The target was none other than the two gang members wielding the EM rifles.

One of them collapsed immediately, fainting. But an otherworldly red glow emerged in the eyes of the other shooter. He wasn’t affected at all by the Siege Hammer. This shooter quickly switched targets and an explosive flame flashed from the muzzle of the gun. The metal bullet traveled at a terrifying velocity, traveling a distance of several hundred meters in a flash to penetrate Luo Nan’s soul body.

This shot didn’t land on any material object, but it gave Luo Nan a big fright.

The shooter’s psychic perception was very sharp, so he was able to determine the location of Luo Nan extremely accurately. But his immunity towards the Siege Hammer was even more inconceivable. Luo Nan had penetrated all his material defenses with an attack that focused completely on the mental plane, but it was as if he just hit air.

Crag Burst was also startled by the gunshot and the other three gunmen also opened fire. These gangsters were using old-fashioned gunpowder type weapons, but their power was still quite shocking.

Crag Burst cursed loudly and he increased the speed of his motorcycle. He turned outwards to dodge the whistling hail of bullets and narrowly brush past the blades of the road roller…… But he remained behind.

The motorcycle ran far away in a zigzagging manner. Crag Burst had leaped off the bike and his buff figure flew effortlessly through the air to land over four meters away. He directly landed on the driver’s cockpit of the road roller and smashed with a single heavy fist. The driver flew out the other side.

The other people turned their guns towards him at this time, but no one was able to block Crag Burst’s fist. They fell out from the road roller in quick succession.

After clearing these hindrances in a flash, Crag Burst tried to control, tried to stop the large fellow beneath him. Crag Burst just had to stop the road roller from moving. Even if the Tiger Burst Jeep had to take a hit, the Tiger Burst Jeep didn’t deserve to be crushed and destroyed.

Right now there was only fifty meters of distance between the two vehicles. There was only two~three seconds left before the jeep would be crushed.

Crag Burst had experience with operating these large industrial machines before. He felt he could control it. But then Luo Nan warned sharply using psychic waves to penetrate into Crag Burst’s heart.


Luo Nan’s lack of experience was lay bare in this crucial moment. He had given a warning, but he didn’t indicate the direction of danger. Crag Burst would need to perform his own judgement.

Fortunately Crag Burst was a veteran. He was able to identify the degree of danger from Luo Nan’s hasty behavior. He leaped out from the cockpit without a moment’s hesitation. He didn’t stay on the road roller at all, he just flipped out.

Seemingly in synchronous with his actions, a round spinning metal pineapple was tossed into the air. It dropped down right in the cockpit.

“Oh cr*p!”

Crag Burst saw this seen from the corner of his eyes with shock.

Grenade! The defensive grenade with the most terrifying destructive radius!

This kind of crude and old-fashioned weapon had enormous destructive power. There was still a place for them in the military. They were effective in certain circumstances.

The grenade had been suppressed while in the hand. Upon release, the detonator began to countdown. It exploded with a rumble while in midair. Over a thousand metal shrapnel whistled in a storm to cover a space that was fifty meters wide.

The grenade demonstrated its shocking destructive power on the few gangsters that had been knocked out of the road roller. They were hit by the shrapnel and miserable shrieks rang in the air.

Even though speed wasn’t Crag Burst’s specialty, his mind operated at fast speeds. His body had just fallen to the ground. He borrowed the force from the impact to bounce up and, with a single step, overtook the road roller. He fit his body into a gap of the vehicle.

His series of decisions was correct, but here there were people waiting for him. A fist was sent directly at Crag Burst.

The speed of this fist had seized the perfect timing. But what was even more shocking was the fist’s inconceivable strength.


Then at this time, a loud boom vibrated forth right in front of the road roller.

The two vehicles were going at nearly 100 kilometers per hour in relativistic speeds. The five ton Tiger Burst Jeep met in a head on collision with the road roller. The kinetic energy of the keep reached zero as its body caved in and parts ruptured into the air. It was a tragic sight.

The road roller didn’t instantaneously crush the jeep. After a brief period of sluggishness, it maintained its speed from before, pushing the scrapped jeep as it continued to advance forward.

More and more pieces of the keep was dragged into the roller of the road roller. It was a most tragic and unavoidable fate.

Luo Nan saw everything the road roller had done from beginning to end. He was stunned for some time, but then he placed more attention on the certain someone who had orchestrated all of this.

Yes. The one who was able to ignore the Siege Hammer attack by the Human-Faced Arachnid. He had been playing dead ever since Crag Burst boarded the road roller, but he was the one who had tossed the defensive grenade and had seized the opportunity to punch Crag Burst in the face. He was the one who just jumped from the road roller to the Tiger Burst Jeep right now.

The red glow that flared in this man’s eyes gave Luo Nan the deepest impression. It was not a state that the eyes of ordinary life forms possessed and it seemed mechanical in nature.

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