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 Chapter 55: Recycling Stratum (Part 2/2)

The light rail ahead is damaged. Automatically switching over to off-road mode!”

The Car’s AI had automatically issued this command and the giant Tiger Burst Jeep slid off the last connection of the light rail several seconds later. Its four wheels touched the ground, steamrolling over the shabby asphalt road and continuing to advance forward.

Twenty, thirty “professionals” were already amassed together. They were the nearby gangsters and biker members, and they shouted in a chorus. The hastened their boldness, advancing forward at higher speeds. They scraped their spiked clubs against the sides of the jeep and increased their speed, leaving behind warped and distinct scratches on the car’s body. And when they passed by the car’s windows, they produced provocative hand gestures at Crag Burst:

“Showoff swine! I’ll fuck your *ss until it explodes!”

Crag Burst’s lips split into a grin as he produced the same gestures back: “Come then! I’m just scared you won’t be hard enough!”

The cursing outside grew even more resounding, but Crag Burst didn’t pay this any mind. His eye’s swept all around, comparing the surrounding environment to the memories of his early years.

If his memory was correct, the road that the Jeep was traveling on had experienced nearly thirty years of history. This was one of the main roads planned by the city in the city’s very beginnings. It linked up with several transport roads of the wilderness. The two-way twelve lane road was quite the high standard no matter how one looked at it.

But then the city’s planning underwent a gigantic change within the following several dozen years. Countless skyscrapers rose sharply from the ground and the shadows from all sides covered the ground. Building material that fell from above scattered and smashed onto the roadways. And the buildings themselves blocked the skies above the roads.

When the city gave up managing the Recycling Stratum, this road was destined to drown within layers and layers of the shadows of skyscrapers. The area’s inhabitants violated zoning laws and recklessly packed the two sides of the road with buildings.

Currently, countless eyes looked out from those buildings of all sorts of shapes and sizes. They stared at Jeep whizzing along with unclear intentions.

“Man, this damned place is still a complete mess even after so many years. What the hell has the leader of this gang been doing?”

Crag Burst had his arm resting on the frame of the spacious window. He shouted outside: “Hey! Whose territory is this? You all don’t keep good hygiene do you?”

The gangsters outside the car were a bit sluggish, but then they immediately threatened with shouts and curses that were ten times louder than before. Some people lost control. They drove their motorcycles nearby and whipped whistling steel chains into the car window with enough force to smash a man’s skull apart.

Crag Burst just raised his arm, letting the chains smash atop of it. He coiled the chains for two revolutions and gave a slight pull. The man aboard the bike was like a kite with its strings cut. He flew away from his beloved large-cylinder motorcycle, his entire body smashed across behind him.

This moment was too sudden. The clustered motor gang behind him absolutely didn’t have the time to dodge. Half of the motor squad was turned into a chaotic mess of people flying and motorcycles flipping in an instant.

“An Altered!”

No one knew who shouted these words. The accompanying motorcycle squad dispersed in all directions. Some people had already hit the brakes and stopped, giving up the chase.

But at this time, one of the motorcycles that had been near the back increased in speed, soon reaching the jeep’s side. This rider exposed a sinister grin to Crag Burst, lifted up the thick barrel of his gun with one hand, and just pulled the trigger.

An explosion sounded and the typical shotgun unleashed twelve of its eight-millimeter tungsten pellets, which covered the entire front half of the car.

The rider didn’t even look at the results. He just swung his arm back and loaded the shotgun with another shell to shoot again. But this time when he raised the muzzle of his gun, he was met with the sinister smile of Crag Burst looking down the muzzle. Crag Burst’s face was not injured at all.

A muffled thud sounded out. The rider flew off the motorcycle to cross a distance of eight car lanes. He flew into the distant zone-violating buildings.

And Crag Burst leaped out of the car window to take the place of the rider. He sat steadily on the motorcycle and with his newly seized the shotgun. This clamoring howler used this gun as a metal bat. He rushed back and forth. Smashing every one of these reckless gang members off their bikes in an instant.

He had served as a prisoner within the sealed car for around ten minutes. Obviously, he didn’t have a good mood.

Though the motorcycle he was riding was a bit too small for his size, the motorcycle followed his will completely. This sort of feeling of free movement was truly excellent.

Crag Burst laughed heartily, traveling side by side with the Tiger Burst Jeep as his companion. He maintained the surging melody as before, growling and howling as much as he pleased.

He pushed forward along with his car. The gang members that had fallen to the ground soon dispersed into the shadows. For a time, all that remained on the road was him and the jeep advancing forward in a perfectly straight line.

Crag Burst suddenly felt an omen right when he was singing and enjoying himself to the fullest. He stooped lower to increase his speed and pulled a body’s distance apart from the car in an instant. He saw, from the corner of his eyes, a fiery line streak across 20 meters behind him. The pavement exploded with a crater the size of a bowl. Only after did the peculiar hissing sound enter his eardrums.

Crag Burst chuckled: It was a large caliber electromagnetic rifle, but the gunman’s accuracy was really terrible.

Hmm. That’s wrong. The shot had missed, but the enemy didn’t have any intentions to fire again.

He suddenly had a feeling that there was jet-black bird flapping away from the pitch-black location of the unseen sniper right after the bullet was shot.

Crag Burst grinned as he spoke though the HexaEar: “What about your task? Don’t you have faith in me? Anyway, you’re doing quite well playing as a scout. How about we give it a shot in the wilderness later on?”

“Then you best prepare to feel cheated.”

Luo Nan said a few words in passing. Then he used Ink to proclaim his existence to Crag Burst, but what had truly eliminated the sniper was the Human-Faced Arachnid’s Siege Hammer.

That poor fellow was currently unconscious in front of the window. He probably won’t ever know what had hit him.

Luo Nan’s soul body floated in the middle of this dangerous area. His range of senses, which had a diameter of nearly one kilometer, displayed to him an all-encompassing view that spread in all directions and contained multiple layers.

He suddenly discovered that he was the most genuine sniper as of this moment: His existence was like a specter and he had an all-encompassing perception with a diameter of one kilometer. Of course, he could telepathically launch the Siege Hammer attack that could ignore the vast majority of material defenses.

Several elements had converged together. He was like a fish back in water under this complicated circumstance. He could eliminate those “evil doers” in the most efficient and fast way.

With this kind of means available to him, Luo Nan was able to truly feel that he was an ability user.

Yes. This was the ability user that he imagined, a supernatural force that existed above the realm of the ordinary world….. Naturally, this was the best confirmation of the correct nature of Formatting Theory.

And also at this time, Luo Nan realized how his weak fleshly body was restricting his true abilities.

“Hey, scout. Give me some new intel up ahead man. This motorcycle’s quality is really bad…... Does your enemy often use this place to annoy people?”

Luo Nan responded: “I think you should cut off and stop your car and inspect it properly. Perhaps we can discover some clues.”

“A good plan, but we can do this while you scout on ahead. I just need some tools, some obstacle that can block my disobedient baby from moving.

“Wait for me to find…...Huh?”

Luo Nan suddenly choked on his words. This was because a colossal object had just entered the range of his senses past the dusky rays of the road ahead. This object approached closer slowly and steadily.

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