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Chapter 53: Hunter (Part 2/2)

The red indicated that the Wraith Sign was consuming. It was consuming none other than Luo Nan’s rebellious rage!

The Wraith Sign consumed the negative emotions of humans to grow. It lay within Luo Nan and was restricted by the heavily chained crow. It was impossible to harm Luo Nan’s strength. But the intrusion of these intense emotions was tantamount to releasing the restrictions of the Wraith Sign by one level.

The red light gradually faded away and over a hundred thousand lines sprayed out from the body of the Wraith Sign. These lines were similar to the lines from Luo Nan’s quick sketches, but they shot out at ten times the speed to form a complicated and malevolent structure in an instant.

Six eyes were laid in columns, each with different colors. Eight claws extended from the side, fusing with a human body. This ugly and demonic form was none other than...

The Human-Faced Arachnid!

When the image finished forming, Luo Nan’s agitation was already on the verge of exploding on the mental plane.

The Human-Faced Arachnid unleashed its greed and Luo Nan’s mind indulged with it.

Heaven and earth overturned in an instant. Luo Nan’s consciousness was suddenly separated from the car. The shackles on his mental senses were cast off, and they expanded in all directions to the limits.

Luo Nan’s soul had come out of his body in this moment. And his main body, which was still carried by car, went rushing far away. Only his soul remained behind in this spot to monopolize this empty level of space.

Luo Nan felt no sense of desolation. This was because the range of his mental senses had expanded a hundred, a thousand fold in an instant.

The convergence of the brilliant lights.

The intertwining and rushing flow of cars.

The numerous lives all tangled together restlessly.

An incomprehensible and wonderful scene was formed in this moment, bombarding against Luo Nan’s heart.


Luo Nan cast off all his misgivings, restrictions, and troubles. He ignored the bustling convergence of the logic that was native to every living being. He just followed the most direct and most violent emotions in his heart to face the sky with a long howl.

On his soul body, the heavily chained crow unleashed its crackling cry and was moving around endlessly. And in front of the chains was the malevolent and ugly Human-Faced Arachnid. It felt Luo Nan’s violent emotions and it also faced the sky with a howl, echoing with Luo Nan.

The forces of the two entwined together to form a rushing surge of psychic waves. The waves spread rapidly out in all directions.

This magnificent city seemed to slightly freeze in this instant, then it’s normal operations were restored; it did not appear to have been influenced.

But over a hundred crows, who had already returned to their nests, flew out in surprise. This caught the attention of the pedestrians coming and going and the residents nearby, bringing them feelings of restlessness. 

These intelligent birds seemed to have psychic senses that exceeded that of ordinary people. They had felt the restless assault from the air, and it made it hard for them to calm down and return to their nests.

His soul finished venting with its howl, allowing Luo Nan to calm down. At least the logic of his thought process could return to a normal operation.

Gone was the stimulation from hormones since he was in his soul form. The effects on his mood were brought down.

He was able to ignore the deep malice of Yan Yongbo. He was able to grit his teeth for now and forget the mockery and humiliation that Yan Yongbo pierced him with. It was only through this turbid flow of emotions, which had obstructed his rationality, that he was able to grasp that small piece of information.

“He saw me when I was a fetus.”

“He was there when the wilderness laboratory went into turmoil. He was right at the scene.”

“But this was separated by only two years of time from Yan Hong’s report to the authorities and shameless plagiarizing.”

The underlying context that was revealed layer by layer allowed Luo Nan to get closer to the facts of what happened back then.

Luo Yuandao’s research in the wilderness could be approximately divided into three stages. First, Luo Yuandao traveled all across the world from after the third war until the middle 60’s, living without a fixed residence.

Then was the most stable research period. This lasted all the way until the end of the 70’s. He had accomplished the most within these near fifteen years.

And starting from the year 79, problems occurred with his grandfather’s mind. Then there was also the turmoil that happened in his grandfather’s laboratory base. Bu Qingwen had died, and all work on research had fallen to a halt. The entire family returned to the city.

From Yan Yongbo’s age, it was very likely that Yan Yongbo joined during the end of the research stage or perhaps right before the upheaval. This was a very subtle point in time.

“He should have already been prepared back then.”

And so, Yan Yongbo had to be the insider, and perhaps, he was also a participant!

It has to be…… There were no tracks to Yan Hong, but his son had appeared. So was the father still far away?

Luo Nan’s soul was submerged in the city lights when a feeling inexplicably leaped out from his heart. This feeling gradually grew clear:

So, I actually still have the chance for revenge?

A vain and empty struggle for honor was bound to be a dry and tedious path. But before tonight, Luo Nan had no other option.

But now, the situation had changed!

Luo Nan suddenly broke into laughter, a laughter of pure emotional joy; this was yet another subtle connection to his main body.

His main body was far away in the SUV, separated from his soul by over ten kilometers. But there had always been the psychic aura of senses that remained from beginning to end. As long as these senses were not severed, as long as he hadn’t reached past his limits, he would still be able to achieve a few minute interactions.

This information wasn’t baseless.

Luo Nan looked at the Human-Faced Arachnid controlled by the chains. This vicious and ugly Darksider life form kept its obedience constantly. Yet there was an unending flow of energy that contained some information and came transmitting over. This information combined with the implementation and practice that Luo Nan had personally performed to give Luo Nan a new conclusion.

Luo Nan’s central thoughts gradually grew clear. It would have been impossible to achieve his current level of an out-of-body state. The method of expelling his soul out by force was the same as scattering the soul to be condemned to death.

He was able to maintain this state due to the Human-Faced Arachnid’s rashness in pulling him out and the support from the energy transfer.

But ultimately, it was still the heavily chained crow of the Self Format that had terrified and subdued this Darksider life form, allowing for this wonderful setup to materialize.

This sort of situation was just like from folklore. He was like a demon tamer or summoner using evil forces to call and enslave a demon.

This allowed Luo Nan’s thoughts to come to an understanding. The Self Format represented “Control”. To use one own’s strength for life and death fighting would be quite stupid.

The most proper choice would be to tap more into the capabilities and powers of the summoned creature that was the Human Faced Arachnid.

What a pity. Right now he barely had a summoned creature. This was just the Wraith Sign transformed into a clone of the Human-Faced Arachnid. It would be hard to display its powerful strength.

But he could only make do for now.

Luo Nan’s mind arrived at a decision. His soul body floated onto the back of Human-Faced Arachnid. The demon slave beneath him rose up without a sound and locked onto a direction. Then it leaped through the empty air.

A distance of over a hundred meters was covered in a flash. This was far faster than when he was on the warship.

Luo Nan’s mind became free. He was just about to diligently experience this sensation, but then his heart stirred and he was immediately met with a sheet of darkness. The flapping of wings came from low in the sky, crying with caw caws.

It was a very large crow…… It came from behind but didn’t approach closer once it had reached a certain spot. It just flew spiraling around. It gave off the feeling of being bewildered.


Luo Nan’s mental senses enveloped across and in the end, he was able to confirm that this was none other than the crow pet he used to practice hypnotism on.

Luo Nan observed the surrounding area in greater detail. And sure enough, it was quite familiar. His family had been going back to the city, so they just past the River Wu district. It wasn’t that far to the Blue Bay Community.

The howl of his soul just now had actually startled Ink into action. It had heard the call of its master, so it had flown here in a hurry.

Ink. Ink was first seen in Chapter 1 delivering a test tube to Luo Nan.

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