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 Chapter 53: Hunter (Part 1/2)

Since Lawyer Zhu and Yan Yongbo stayed behind, Lang Ding and the others were able to catch up. Yan Yongbo did not acknowledge them. Instead, he used glared Lawyer Zhu fixed in place with his serious eyes, hoping to receive an answer.

Lawyer Zhu’s knees were really growing weak now. His heart was already captured by the exploding emotions of regret and fear. He was able to confirm now more than any other time that this fellow Yan Yongbo was not a normal person down to the bone!

Yan Yongbo was abnormal. Lawyer Zhu was willing to admit that he himself was extremely ordinary. How could Yan Yongbo say something like “kill kill kill” in front of others?

He wanted to block up Yan Yongbo’s mouth right now, to prevent him from spitting out those murderous words. He did his utmost to suppress his mind for the sake of this, striving to cook up words:

“Mr. Yan. Maybe we can change one of our methods…… If we want to prevent him from using his authority of reconsideration, it would be best to terminate his identity as a member of the club. Yes. I know this is not possible, but there are a substitute means. Yes. There are other means!”

A person’s potential was unlimited under pressure. A whole new idea really did pop up in Lawyer Zhu’s mind: “Yes. We can let him step back. We just need to prove that Luo Nan has some kind of direct relational interests to gain with the auction. Then we just need a single hearing in order to shut him up forever!”

Lang Ding and the others had already surrounded them at this time, taking up the majority of the corridor. They wanted to call out, but Yan Yongbo wouldn’t even look them in the eyes. Instead, he had quite a bit of interest in Lawyer Zhu’s words. He asked:

“Relational interests? For example…..”

“For example. We can question if Luo Nan has some secret agreement with the Mystic Arts Research Society. After all, the timing of him entering the club was too much of a coincidence. We can certainly make an issue about this.”

Yan Yongbo nodded slightly: “Excellent. But where’s the evidence?”

“No no, Mr. Yan. This was just an example.”

Lawyer Zhu was within his field of expertise allowing him to finally regain his confidence. His voice grew a bit louder: “We can take a more proactive approach. Your intent to transfer you just mentioned, now that’s an excellent entrance point…… I don’t quite understand the circumstances behind it. It seems like it’s related to some patents?”

Yan Yongbo’s expression didn’t change. He gave a slight nod: “More or less.”

“Luo Nan’s a direct blood-related party? He’s the inheritor by law?”

“Correct. It stems from his grandfather.”

“Then, if you sir don’t mind, we can use your personal identity to file a lawsuit against them. As long as the court accepts it, then there will be a relational interest between Luo Nan and you sir. And since you’re the person in charge of the Rainbow Fund, you’re a crucial person in the auction.”

“Then following, Luo Nan’s every action would be called into question in regards to the auction; they can be considered personal motivations. I believe that based on these grounds, the school will produce a very sensible decision. It doesn’t matter what Luo Nan does; it’ll all be useless!”

Yan Yongbo rubbed his chin upon hearing Lawyer Zhu: “That’s true. His heart will be filled with anger, yet he’ll be powerless….. This would be quite excellent.”

Did he make it through? Lawyer Zhu let out a breath of relief secretly.

Lang Ding and the others finally got the chance to greet themselves, but they found themselves to be in awkward positions. They heard these two discussing a plan to target Luo Nan, finding that nothing was taboo for them.

It must be known that they were in a public context. There were many people in the restaurant sticking their heads out and looking around because of the unexpected event of before. There were also people coming and going from the private rooms down this corridor who cast curious gazes over.

For example, there was a two meter tall giant with a red face from being drunk. He leaned against the wall and rashly turned his head over to look. His large size would make it hard not to be noticed.

Yan Yongbo didn’t care about this. He was extremely calm right now: “I am very sorry for just now. Some private grudges of mine were touched upon, and I somewhat lost myself. I’ve made everyone humiliated.”

Not a trace of madness could be seen from Yan Yongbo right now. But the more he was like this, the more people felt how bizarre and unpredictable he was.

In the end, it was Lang Ding who mentioned: “Let’s talk after we enter the room. Let’s have a good few drinks as a welcome back for Professor Yan.”

No matter the thoughts of everyone present, everyone nodded their heads in approval. The group of people immediately gathered around Yan Yongbo and entered into the private room. The atmosphere looked to be extremely warm.

In comparison, Luo Nan’s family was in a more difficult situation in the large hall. Many people were casting sidelong glances due to the matter that just happened and due to Luo Shuqing’s near loss of emotional control later on.

The lobby manager even came by to ask if they needed assistance. He probably felt that Luo Nan’s family was in a weak place due to the conflict just now.

Luo Shuqing was about to call the police, but then her husband restrained her.

She just barely suppressed her mood, so Luo Shuqing didn’t feel like talking at all. She just wanted to go home immediately…… No, go to the hospital!

Luo Nan’s current state made one far too worried. His head was lowered from beginning to end, and he had yet to speak a word.

From Luo Shuqing’s understanding of children, she felt that Luo Nan’s entire self was situated in an extremely gloomy state. But his emotions were repressed. It seemed that he could explode out at any time.

What she was most worried about was this: Would Yan Yongbo’s provocation influence Luo Nan’s mental condition?

Right when Luo Shuqing was restless, Luo Nan opened his mouth and said, “I’m hungry.” Then he picked up his chopsticks to dig into the meal placed on the table.

This wasn’t an especially polite action, but at least he displayed a rational behavior.

Luo Shuqing and Mo Haihang looked at each other. They had no intentions of defying Luo Nan, so they ate their meal in silence.

No one was able to feel the taste of this meal. Even the most confused Mo Peng of them all didn’t have the mood to play his mobile games. He looked at one, then he looked at another, his face creasing into a frown.

The evening meal ended early and the family took the car home.

Upon entering the car, upon entering their own private space, Luo Shuqing’s repressed emotions back in the public venue exploded out completely:

“That despicable and shameless mad dog. That father and son just bite people as soon as they see them, having been held back by Quantum Corporation for five years!”

This was the first time in Mo Peng’s life time that he encounters his mother speak profanities. He watched with gaping eyes.

Luo Shuqing wanted to continue speaking, but then Mo Haihang spoke in a whisper from the front:

“He fell asleep……”

Luo Shuqing was a bit startled. She leaned forward slightly and saw Luo Nan leaning against the shotgun seat looking like he was sleeping. The words she had in her stomach were stuffed back inside.

This response from Luo Nan was abnormal no matter how one looked at it.

The married couple looked at each other face to face once again. They could see the worries in each other’s eyes.

Luo Nan could only apologize for his uncle and aunt’s concern. Actually, he wasn’t sleeping; he just wanted things to be quiet for a moment so that he could comb through his thoughts. But now his emotions were boiling from the bottom of his heart. How could he calm down?

After being disturbed over and over, he could only turn his thoughts to a different direction.

He activated the external neuron and the second layer interface of the drawing software opened on his retina.

This interface clearly had a subtle corresponding relationship with his mental plane.

The muddy river waters surged with waves to form into a vortex, seeming to display his undulating and surging emotions. A thousand “playing cards” also floated in a chaotic mess.

And only the three “believers” were relatively stable within the pyramid structure.

Luo Nan’s gaze cut across Xie Junping and Cat Eyes without pausing. In the end, his gaze fell upon the Wraith Sign on the Technician Level.

And now, above the Wraith Sign, there sparkled a dazzling red light.

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