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Chapter 52: Yan Yongbo (Part 2/2)

Most of the key members of the Construction Society have been at Acumen College for over 10 years. Yan Hong’s academic scandal happened six years ago, sending waves of shock in the entire world. These key members certainly hadn’t forgotten the causes behind this.

And most of all, wasn’t Gear none other than the topic they’re focused on right now? The scene of the academic scandal, which made the world go in an uproar, centered on the “accident” that happened in the underground laboratory of Gear.

Yan Hong deliberately manufactured an accident while faced with the accusations of the entire world. He destroyed the evidence in the crudest way, covering up his crimes and painting Acumen College, which had the administrative duty, in a dark light.

Yan Hong disappeared without a trace with the fingers of countless people pointing at him. And Yan Yongbo, who served as a professor at Acumen College, also disappeared.

The absolute majority of people felt that these two would never be seen again.

But now they were here like a fierce slap to the face.

“It really is Yan Yongbo. He taught a class I took before.”

Liu Tao recognized Yan Yongbo and could not hold back from poking one of his companions in the side: “Hey. Is he the one in charge of the Rainbow Fund? They have a credit limit of over ten billion…… It seems he’s being backed by Quantum Corporation. Is Yan Hong going to make a killer comeback?”

The fellow shook his head. He had nothing. He was unable to answer this question.

Yan Yongbo’s devilish crimson pupils swept across Lang Ding’s and the others’ faces. He gave a slight nod; this was his greeting. Then he turned his gaze to the furious Luo Shuqing, giving a slight bow:

“Apologies Mrs. Luo. My words have been inappropriate. Actually, I’ve quite admired, respected Senior Qingwen. So the first thing I’ve decided to do upon returning is to purchase Gear, the immortal work designed by Senior Qingwen back in those days. Those days… I also hope to restore glory to my dear father’s laboratory……”

Luo Shiqing did not hide her emotions at all: “What wishful thinking!”

Yan Yongbo was not rash nor impatient. He raised his hand and tapped his temples: “Right now, I have the ability to turn this dream into reality…… Oh, how embarrassing. I forgot that you all haven’t eaten yet. I won’t disturb you for now. We can talk about the matter of the transfer in the future.”

He walked directly out of the booth and Lawyer Zhu rushed to follow behind.

Luo Nan stared cold fixed at this strange man from outside the booth. At first, he didn’t know who Yan Yongbo was, but now it was clear:

He was that person…… Yan Hong’s son. The word “Feud” would not be enough to describe it. And it didn’t matter which side it was, none had any intentions of dissolving their hatred.

Yan Yongbo walked to the side of Luo Nan, seeming to just brush past him. Yet he suddenly twisted his head and faced Luo Nan’s cold and clear eyes with that warped smile.

“Oh, yea. My father and Mr. Luo Yuandao have worked together for several years, and I have worked with Mr. Luo for a period of time as a student and a research assistant. We were all schoolmates of Acumen College, Senior Zhongheng, Senior Qingwen, and I…… If there’s the chance for us to coexist. I hope that we will be able to continue the fate between our two families in Gear.”

Luo Nan was disinclined to respond to these meaningless words.

But Yan Yongbo suddenly turned around without any warning in the next moment. He raised his hand and pressed onto Luo Nan’s shoulder. He looked to be acting intimate, but then he bent slightly and pulled with force, forcing Luo Nan down to him.

His mouth stuck to Luo Nan’s ear and he whispered with laughter:

“I exaggerated a bit just now. You weren’t that small when you were contained in the womb. At worst you were the size of a chihuahua. You were quite cute floating around in the solution.”

Feeling Luo Nan’s body instantly turn rigid, Yan Yongbo patted his shoulder: “What a pity about Senior Qingwen. Ever since middle school, I had her as my dream girlfriend…… But ever since that happened, this became an impossibility. Do you know why?”

Luo Nan turned his face slightly with a penetrating gaze that was cold to the point of congealing. But this had no effect whatsoever towards the warped smile on Yan Yongbo’s face: “It’s too easy for me to make mental associations. As soon as her face flashes in my mind, I remember her pile rotted flesh and bones!”

Some string snapped within Luo Nan’s mind in this instant. The heavily chained crow wished to pierce out of his body amidst a crackling vibration to pierce through the skull of the man in front.

But a scorching force of fire came first out of Yan Yongbo’s body. It penetrated into Luo Nan’s reigned neck like a red-hot blade cutting everything in its path.

Luo Nan’s thoughts froze in this moment’s brush with death. The heavily chained crow didn’t come out, and the words of Yan Yongbo pounded into his ear drum one by one:

“Look. This is none other than the Archetype Format. This is what it means to be a Burner. These are true results. And what you all have is worthless……. These are the words that I wasn’t able to tell your damned father back in the day. I now give them to you.”

Yan Yongbo released Luo Nan’s shoulder and laughed just like that at the top of his lungs. He just left. The dark-skinned bodyguard followed closely behind and Lawyer Zhu rushed to catch up.

Land Ding and the other key members of the Construction Society looked at each other in dismay. They hesitated for quite a while before chasing behind Yan Yongbo.

Yan Yongbo was like a crazed demon. He kept on laughing with a laughter that was hoarse and piercing. It resounded within the large hall.

“Nan Nan!”

Luo Shuqing, who had been terrified by an inexplicable force, finally struggled to. She climbed over the chair and tossed herself over. She hugged at the kneeling Luo Nan and spoke incoherently: “Are you okay? What did he say? That bastard…… What’s the matter? What did he say?”

Luo Nan spoke not a word.

Yan Yongbo walked ahead with a brisk pace, pulling some distance between him and the members of the Construction Society. Eventually, he ended his laughter, and his face soon returned to its normally cold and solemn state.

“Lawyer Zhu.”

Lawyer Zhu had to jog in order to catch up to him. His elitist easy-going air had unavoidably become a bit broken. But it would be bad if he didn’t run; he was quite scared from Yan Yongbo’s previous display.

He never thought this large financial backer, who always had a calm appearance, would actually be a madman at his core.

He asked with small pants: “Mr. Yan. Do you, sir, have any instructions for me?”

“How’s the situation with the school?”

This sudden change in the topic made Lawyer Zhu stupefied. Luckily this field was his specialty, so he was able to answer Yan Yonbo quickly: “Basically they agree to speed up the process. If the bidding goes smoothly……”

“Why wouldn’t it go smoothly?”


“You have the complete support of the Rainbow Fund. Come on Lawyer Zhu. Tell me, where’s the hitch?”


Lawyer Zhu felt his knees grow a bit weak. He subconsciously choked on saliva as he rushed to patch things: “All relevant procedures will be completed within half a month of a successful win in the auction.”

“Are there hindrances?”

“It mainly has to do with those still in the club. The one just now…… I’m talking about Luo Nan.”

Lawyer Zhu shot a glance at Yan Yongbo’s face as he spoke. He only continued after seeing that there wasn’t any particular reaction: “Luo Nan is now a member of the club. He doesn’t have the authority to make decisions, but he has the authority to apply for reconsiderations. In other words, he can use some doubtful procedural grounds to drag the time out. Of course, this won’t hinder present conditions. We can handle things simultaneously…..Ah!”

Yan Yongbo had suddenly turned around and grabbed Lawyer Zhu by the collar, glaring at him: “Lawyer Zhu, Do you know what the present conditions are?”

Lawyer Zhu was scared stupid. He shook his head intensely.

“Do you know how many earthquakes have happened in the past ten days in Xia City?”

He continued shaking his head.

“15 times. You don’t even know this, and yet you dare to talk about the present conditions?”

Lawyer Zhu was already made completely stupid by Yan Yongbo’s logic. Fortunately, Yan Yongbo released his hands at this time, letting out a sigh:

“Apologies. My brain was a bit excited. Help me think of how to handle things right now? Right now my mind is full of “kill kill kill”. This isn’t too good right?”


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