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Chapter 49: Internal Logic (Part 2/2)

Octopus was stunned for a moment and his gaze focused onto Luo Nan: “You know. If you really wanted to kill someone, you wouldn’t need to use such a complicated composition. Just take any chunk of this formula, have enough dosage, and the results will be absolutely phenomenal!”


Luckily Luo Nan didn’t need to explain. Octopus’s gaze grew glazed as he sunk back to the world he specialized in.

Luo Nan gripped his fist tightly as he watched Octopus’s reaction.

He had a means now!

In this very moment, the drug composition, the theories behind it, and its usage had its value proven by having this professional study the formula in earnest.

This was undoubtedly the best piece of news from Luo Nan’s perspective.

He had directly given Octopus this molecular formula. Wasn’t this none other than the result he wanted?

The health pod beeped out at this time, indicating that the sleep period was over. Luo Nan didn’t want to disturb Octopus’s thoughts, but when he thought of his uncle and aunt coming over soon, Luo Nan could not help but urge:

“Bro Octopus, can you tell me clearly whether or not you can make it? If you can, I will give sample doses and everything else for you.”

“Give me the initial ones……” Octopus’s words were erratic.


Octopus watched Luo Nan closely once again with eyes unblinking. A flush of red painted his cheeks: “This definitely isn’t the first version, am I correct? Any ordinary person would have died long ago if they were to have their neurons targeted so many times simultaneously. But the purpose of this drug is not for recreation, am I right?”

Amazing! Luo Nan could not help admiring Octopus. Octopus actually was able to tell this much data from just the molecular formula.

But thinking about it from a different point of view, perhaps these thoughts did not stem from his judgments and his level of expertise…… After all, Octopus was an Awakened in addition to being a drug expert.

Luo Nan watched Octopus’s reaction and really didn’t know whether he should be anxious and angry or be conceited and proud.

But he knew that if Octopus continued to stay behind in the room and was caught by his uncle and aunt, all their matters would be exposed. Actually, the two adults who had left had already appeared within his range of senses.

It was too late to leave the room now!

“Go disappear immediately right now, then I will give you the first version. Okay?”

Octopus’s eyes shined and he didn’t object. He pulled open the room’s window and jumped down. A height of three stories was nothing more than a single step of stairs from his perspective.

Luo Nan took a long breath and tidied up his clothes. He confirmed that there was nothing wrong and went out the door.

The door opened, giving Mrs. Luo Shuqing, who was just about to knock on the door, a scare. She sized up Luo Nan’s face carefully a few times before laughing:

“How was it? Was it effective?”

“It’s alright. But there’s no need to buy it.”

Luo Nan started his play with his aunt. Honestly speaking, his acting skills were quite appalling. Fortunately, his aunt had a load on her mind and the conversation between the two went a bit absentmindedly.

Octopus started to harass Luo Nan intensely through the HexaEar at this time, pressuring Luo Nan to send him more information.

The more anxious Octopus became, the more cool-headed Luo Nan became.

Right now he needed to determine a new conclusion towards his grandfather’s results….. Then he would need to make a decision!

A tumultuous weekend afternoon was about to begin.

The afternoon passed quite quickly actually. Luo Nan and Mo Peng played a few rounds of Ten Days in the Wilderness after their midday nap. They played until it was time for Luo Yuandao’s daily walks outside.

Two young boys accompanied an old man carefully and cautiously, listening to this old man speak those crazy words. Luo Nan’s aunt and uncle kept a bit of distance, quietly discussing among themselves. Everything looked to be quite peaceful, everything was going as routine.

The problem laid with Luo Nan’s ear; it was incessantly noisy. Even though his aunt and uncle were far enough away, there were bound to be some words that fell into the range of Luo Nan’s senses. Not surprisingly, the topic revolved around his mental condition.

There was something else that came in a different direction, Octopus’s endless pestering.

Ever since Luo Nan gave the corresponding molecular formula to him, it was as if raw salt had been poured onto this Octopus. He was going crazy. Amazement, puzzlement, doubt…… Everything was being completely smashed to pieces when faced with the living case that was Luo Nan.

It was just as Octopus said. No matter how ridiculous the logic, one must acknowledge its existence when one’s able to verify it in the world of reality.

Right now Octopus was sitting in a laboratory testing out the drug composition while moaning and groaning to Luo Nan:

“When I look at the first step, I feel like this is foolish. When I look at the last step, I feel like this is crazy. When the first step and the last step are combined together, I can specifically say……. That we’re all complete trash!”

“Give me another one. Another one of those initial drug compositions you spoke of. All I need is just one more. I need to test some ideas!”

“Wait. Don’t give it to me yet. My logic is exploding! My god, how is it possible to come up with all these steps? The neuron is transformed, its growth is increased, its degeneration is inhibited, and even the drug withdrawal response.... Everything is taken care of! Even if there’s a brain hologram placed in front of me, I absolutely wouldn’t be able to tell the entire course of events……”

“These results simply can’t come from humanity! Whether it be its creation or its consumption!”

Luo Nan was nearly unable to stifle his excitement and pride when he had first heard these words. But slowly his passionate emotions gradually dissolved away one by one amidst the movements of his grandfather’s weak and weird body.

These words of praise… What use were they in regards to his grandfather?

Even if this honor and prestige were given to his grandfather, would this old man, who lived sealed within his Self-Logic, be able to feel delighted?

Even in the most realistic case, this old man’s condition would continue to worsen in the sanitarian. He had been open all day for visiting, so Luo Nan knew that this piece of news wouldn’t do any good from before.

It would be no different than giving up treatment.

Luo Nan studied the old man’s withered face. Every single word and action of this old man flowed and permeated into the bottom of his heart. A thought grew clearer and clearer, stemming from within.

The color of the day gradually grew dark. The patient visit had reached its end and the family prepared to return to the city. Luo Nan used the HexaEar to ask Octopus a few matters about the drug and Octopus took complete charge:

“The Society has specialized fast delivery channels. It’s absolutely safe, convenient, and fast. I can start supplying a fixed quantity starting tomorrow.”

“Then I give Bro Octopus my thanks.”

“Oh, it’s nothing. This little thing, compared to the value of these two molecular formulas, is just a drop in the ocean.”

Octopus was eager to get started: “Oh right. I want to write a paper based on these formulas and submit it to the internal journal of the Society. Can you represent your grandfather and give me permission to do this?”

Luo Nan was palpitating with excitement when these words were spoken.

He understood quite well that he didn’t have the ability to proceed further in researching and interpreting his grandfather’s theory. And so, if there was someone able to replace him in conducting this and give his grandfather the proper reputation, then this would be the best choice he could make.

Octopus’s level in drug composition was outstanding and he didn’t have any hidden agendas; the conversations had gone very pleasantly. He was an extremely decent candidate.

Was he suddenly about to set the plan of seizing back his grandfather’s honor in motion with the Society?

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