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Chapter 49: Internal Logic (Part ½)

Luo Nan’s absent-minded state lasted until Octopus opened the health pod.

“Oh man. They’re hard to fool. They’re quite well versed in this subject.”

Octopus took off his fashion glasses and fanned himself with his flexible screen to give off the impression that he had it tough: “I’ve handled things for the time being. I just said that the symptoms weren’t obvious at the present, so I didn’t dare to make a conclusion. If I didn’t say this, they would have certainly brought you to a different hospital for examinations. Fine. I admit it. Things aren’t guaranteed right now. You should best prepare yourself.”

…...Indeed, this was the situation.

Luo Nan was at a loss. How could he possible prepare for this? For the days to come, would he be regarded as a schizophrenic by his aunt and uncle?

Octopus saw Luo Nan’s gloomy expression and laughed: “Don’t be so distraught. They're right in a certain sense. Don't you know? In a certain sense, all ability users are schizophrenic.”

Luo Nan raised his head stunned.

“I didn't say this. It was President Ouyang’s brilliant remarks. Ouyang Chen. President Ouyang. You know of him right?”

“Mm. He invented the HexaEar.”

“Yep, that's him. He is the one and only registered and true Extraordinary in Xia City's Society. He holds absolute authority in the realm of the mentally enhanced. You're also a mental enhancement type. You can consult with him later.”

Octopus clearly admired President Ouyang. He reemphasized introducing the President before saying:

“President Ouyang has mentioned often that as an ability user one most possess the logic of the normal world as well as the logic of the inner world. Moreover, each Awakened should have their own set of logic.”

“Normal-World Logic helps with your basic living, like eating, drinking, shiting, pissing, and sleeping, and even helps you crack jokes. It gives you laws to follow and moral rules for your behavior. It teaches you how to socially interact and simple principles of work. It lets you become an ordinary person of humanity……”

Luo Nan went, “Oh,” having realized that this was very similar to the definition of the “Social Format”. Of course, there would be similar concepts that exist between any social theory.”

“Inner-World Logic refers to the logic of the small circle of an ability user. The model power, the focus on personal strength, and the classification of different levels of abilities. It goes without saying that this is very simple. Just fool around in one’s own circle. Just think of it like a competitive fighting society?”

“But there's a problem. The Inner-World possesses a tremendous influential power on the Normal-World. In other words, the logic of the inner world causes a warping in the logic of the normal world to take place…… Yep. Isn't this like schizophrenia? Hmm. Or in other words, it's like a model embodiment of a mental disorder?”

Luo Nan was forced to nod: “It's a little bit similar”

“It has to be similar! The only difference is that schizophrenics are incapable of using their logic to influence reality. Their logic is imaginary, weak, and ridiculous. But our logic can do it. Our logic can get most people to concede to its rules.

Octopus”s hand cut through the air as he gestured: “If you take this reasoning and apply it to Self-Logic…… Remember, President Ouyang proposed that every Awakened should have their own set of logic, called Self-Logic.

Luo Nan breathed in inexplicably. He felt a certain feeling of deja vu that was like a swelling tide of water that swept across his chest and head.

Octopus continued explaining: “This so-called Self-Logic is an extensive set of theories that explain the origin of an ability user’s ability…...No matter how ridiculous it is, all you need is to form a complete logical chain that can be verified in practice from beginning to end.”

“It's like those crazy people from those Secret Orders…… They engage in deviated paths of desolation without loss to their power because of the logic they possess within. By using this logic, they succeed in distorting the external world.”

“Let us use an example…… can I use your grandfather Mr. Luo Yuandao?”

Luo Nan was speechless.

Octopus continued explaining without pause: “I’ve seen the symptoms of your grandfather before. I will disregard the pathological changed to his nervous system. He is the model case of having his Self-Logic be incapable of prevailing over External Logic. If he really did possess the extremely powerful force to influence the entire cosmos, then he would be correct! His words of being the core of the universe and the truth of the world would be as he says.”

“But in reality, he can't possibly possess that level of power. Therefore, we as ability users must not get caught up in delusions. We must follow the rules of reality and use our own true strength to sculpt and refine our logic within, to allow our logic to manifest itself perfectly in the external world.”

Octopus had spoken this many words in a single breath, so he was a bit tired. He spread his hand to conclude:

“In this sense, every ability user is a psychotic that tries to use their Self-Logic to warp the objective reality. We are affected by the influence of both Normal-World Logic and Inner-World Logic, so we will inevitably grow weary. Therefore some people want to push boundaries and let ordinary people become used to the existence of ability users, let ability users lead this world. There are also people who completely disregard, don’t care, and don’t make contact. The more extreme ones won’t even recognize Normal-World Logic. They don’t take non-ability users to be people. Some even eliminate non-ability users through killing.”

“Yes. It’s quite unfortunate. You’re very young and you’ve already entered such an enormous mental sanatorium. You will have some hardships ahead of you. If you really need a suggestion, it would be better for you to rely mostly on Inner-World Logic. This is a sort of compromise. After all, you’re still not an awakened, but you’ve started to develop your Self-Logic long ago. There is the possibility that you may still become deranged. And if you follow according to Normal-World Logic, things will be quite awkward for you. You won’t be able to proceed further on your path.”

“Therefore, participate in more of the Society’s activities. Get acquainted with more people and make friends. Form your own circle. And slowly you will adapt. Mm. I suppose this would be some words of advice from a senior.”

A wad of “Logic” was stuffed into Luo Nan’s brain, so his brain was stupefied for some time. But he could tell that Bro Octopus was a warmhearted person. Although Octopus’s words were a bit mysterious, they were very helpful for Luo Nan. Octopus had really wanted to enlighten Luo Nan, so Luo Nan expressed his thanks solemnly.

Octopus laughed and waved his hand: “No need to be polite. It’s also a rare situation to be able to get the chance to fish up a psychic. Just don’t let me rush too far ahead in future operations….. I’m just a drug expert. I’m not the material used to charge and break through enemy lines.”

This was obviously just spoken in jest. But when Octopus had said, “Drug Expert,” Luo Nan suddenly recalled that matter which had hung long in his heart. Luo Nan muttered to himself slightly before speaking:

“Bro Octopus has plenty of research towards the composition of mental drugs right? Then do you accept custom orders?”

“Of course I do. Just explain what you’re using it for and its fine.”

Octopus had responded without thinking, but then he immediately froze. His gaze changed as he sized Luo Nan up and down. He even rubbed his chin and muttered to himself. It took quite a while before he opened his mouth again:

“Mmm. I need to say this clearly, especially since you are a minor…… You don’t have any bad habits right?”

Luo Nan didn’t respond directly. He congealed his thoughts telepathically a bit and used the HexaEar to transmit a molecular formula to Octopus: “I want this type of drug to be synthesized, is that okay?”

“You still want me to prepare drugs for you? My asking price is very….. Holy sh*t!”

TL Note: To be honest, this chapter is really confusing even for me. Well, I did my best translating this, but basically, I think the key concept is that ability users try to warp the logic of reality with their own logic and that failure to be able to do so is to go mentally deranged. Now the differences between Inner-World Logic and Self-Logic, well that's not too clear to me, but I'm assuming it's like training in someone else's dao vs your own dao if I were to explain it in xianxia terms.

TLDR: Normal-World Logic = Logic of the normal world/normal people/ordinary people; Inner-World Logic = Logic of the circle of ability users; Self-Logic = Logic of the self

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