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Chapter 46: Honor Points (Part ½)

Luo Nan used the Psychic Wave Network to look up the relevant information on the cultivation system assessment.

He saw that the Society had a complete definition on the “Cultivation System”.  It was a system that one trains in, cultivating from beginning levels to high levels. A certain quantity of ordinary people are guaranteed to become Awakened, or even higher level ability users, by going through this cultivation sequence. 

Luo Nan focused his attention on the word “Awakened”. It appeared that for a system to be recognized as a Cultivation System, the most fundamental prerequisite was to be able have someone become an Awakened by going through this system.

That means he was still a bit far away…… Honestly speaking, he didn’t have a single clear-cut idea of how to become an Awakened from here.

From this point of view, it was no wonder that Zhang Yingying was disdainful towards his persistence on being a Systematic Class.

Of course Luo Nan didn’t believe that this was a defect in his grandfather’s theory. All the theory and relevant methods he grasped came from solely a single notebook.

His grandfather had created over a thousand similar notebooks throughout his lifetime. The ones that contained more important research results existed within the wilderness laboratory.

While his grandfather was plagued by the lawsuit, the wilderness laboratory changed owners and most of the relevant notebooks were lost. The book the Luo Nan held was not worth mentioning at all in face of the large quantity of lost research data.

There was a reason why Yan Hong, that plagiarizer, was able to rapidly understand the theory and produce results; he had obtained a great deal of important data.

As for how Yan Hong was able to obtain this data…...

Luo Nan knew that this was because of his own father, because of that coward!

When his grandfather’s lawsuit was at the most critical stage, that coward took out grandfather’s research results without permission and arranged some kind of settlement with Yan Hong and his team. The coward succeeded in getting rid of his own lawsuit at the same time when the light judgement on grandfather was determined.

But in reality, his grandfather’s mental breakdown had already progressed to an extremely serious condition at the time. The court was unable to pass a particularly harsh judgement.

When all was said and done, that coward was only watching his own hide and was acquitted!

Luo Nan believed without any doubt that this was a betrayal!

He didn’t only betray grandfather, he also betrayed the person who had always supported their research. He betrayed mother who had already passed away!

Luo Nan’s heart would smolder every time he thought about this. He had such a great grandfather, such a great mother, but he also had a coward. He was the son of a traitor.

Luo Nan drew in a deep breath. His previous good mood had been completely destroyed by the sudden recollection of memories. He tried to look at some of the material provided by the Society, but he was unable to settle his mind down.

He looked at the light of day, saw that it was still early morning, and decided to go work out. After all, he hadn’t gone for a complete marathon-style long distance run for two days already. He also needed to test and verify ultimately how big the effects on his body were from the drug withdrawal response.

Luo Nan stood up and was prepared to change clothes when new information suddenly arrived on the Psychic Wave Network. It was a direct call:

“Mr. Luo?”

“Hic. Sister He?” Luo Nan looked at the time. Just past the wee hours of 3 AM. It looked like He Yueyin was also someone who didn’t sleep that much.

“You, sir, haven’t gone online since two days ago. It seems like you entered into a deep sleep state?”

“...... I slept for 30 hours.” Luo Nan was a bit embarrassed.

He Yueyin spoke: “Psychics expend an extremely large amount of energy. A long period of sleep is the most commonly seen method of recovery. Time isn’t a problem. The most important thing is to recover your energy.”

“Mm. mm. My mental state right now is quite decent.”

Aside from his drug withdrawal response…...

“Do you wake up this early every day Sister He? Or did you stay up?”

“Burners only need about two hours of peaceful rest a day. I typically choose midnight for my rest.”

The two people chatted a few sentences before He Yueyin took the initiative to cut to the chase: “I noticed that you just received some information. Did you look at the briefing yet?”

“Hic. I saw it.” Luo Nan was too embarrassed to say that he didn’t. He opened the briefing in a rush, multitasking.

Luckily enough, the details weren’t too complicated. He could tell He Yueyin’s serious and blunt style from the writing. She didn’t mince words, mentioning that the operation had ended in failure. She gave criticism to the intelligence gathered by the Society, by the coordination of battle tactics with participating members. She didn’t cover or hold things back even though this document was submitted to the Society.

There were many details that were already mentioned by He Yueyin on the night of the operation, the 28th. Luo Nan selected the more unfamiliar details to look into. He skimmed down and more or less understood the relevant content.

He Yueyin’s voice continued to transmit: “The Society has already approved of this brief and has performed an assessment towards participating members of the operation. Mr. Luo, you sir are solely in first place with a ranking of B-. According to the relevant clauses of the Society, you will receive a fixed amount of Honor Points……”

Luo Nan rushed to the end of the brief where the Society’s evaluation was located and looked at the details that pertained to him:

This new member of the Society used acuity and a calm attitude to complete his first showing. He made it impossible for a Human-Faced Arachnid to hide and displayed his purpose as the cornerstone of the operation. If he was able to become a commander rather than bait, his performance would have been more perfect.

Under assessment and evaluation, his award is a “+4”. His Honor Points will increase by 4 points.

As for the others, He Yueyin will receive the second highest, 3 points, having received an evaluation of C+. She counts as passible. The merits offset the faults.

The remaining people received 1’s and even 0’s. The unfortunate Black Wolf is one of these zeros. The only other is Black Beetle for abandoning the team midway.

Things looked to be quite decent…...

He Yueyin reminded him at this moment: “Honor Points are very useful in the Society. I hope you will consult with sources of information from every angle and use these points cautiously.”

“Sister He, do you have any suggestions?” Luo Nan had extreme trust in He Yueyin’s abilities right now, so he directly asked her for guidance.

He Yueyin replied: “I also just entered the Society. And the way of the Burner is ultimately different from you all. I still recommend you to gain a greater understanding of the Society before selecting your choice. A “B-” assessment, 4 points accumulated, is already quite impressive for a new member. You must bring out its greatest value.”

Luo Nan naturally understood. This “B-” assessment allowed Luo Nan to recall the evaluation He Yueyin made on that night. She gave Luo Nan’s abilities on the mental aspect to be a “B-” as well. But for his physical aspect, she only gave an “F”.

This seemed to be an important barrier blocking him from becoming an Awakened.

Luo Nan asked inevitably: “If I want to temper my body to bring my mental mind and physical body to equilibrium, what should I do? When the corporeal body reaches equilibrium with the mind, would I become an Awakened?”

“I still can’t give you really good recommendations for this point. After all, the military’s Burner’s started with ‘Alteration’. In any case, I’ve heard the the Society offers training methods for members who are mentally enhanced.”

He Yueyin was extremely patient. She answered any question: “Mr. Luo needs to get this one concept clear: The said Awakening. Its key certainly lies in some cognitive change. It’s good to train the corporeal body. It’s good to cultivate the mind. But these are only methods to assist. Methods to assist the corporeal body and mind to really experience and sense the world. Methods to better interpret one’s own strength. The society has an ‘Awakening Ceremony’ that has a similar function.”

“In your current period, I believe that Mr. Luo doesn’t need to consider the matter of Awakening. You just need to focus on bringing your mind and body to equilibrium. Earnestly experience the course of events until you reach this certain stage. When you accumulate enough experience, everything will naturally follow like a canal that is formed when water flows.”

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