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Chapter 43: Secret Order (Part ½)

The skill that Cat Eyes displayed was ingenious. She had the young drunkard use his foot and shoulder for support against the wall. He was half leaning, half lying to maintain an unfallen body. Cat Eyes, this beautiful and bewitching woman, was also leaning against the wall. Together they formed the model case of a lecher meeting a succubus. They looked like they were about to fool around together immediately.

The occasional server that passed by gave at most a glance of curiosity; they didn’t have any other reactions.

Cat Eyes waited by the entrance just like this. She even took out a cigarette in leisure and lit it while blurting out a sentence in the communications channel:

“What the f*ck is the Mystic Arts Research Society?”

“There are four societies with the same name in the surrounding six schools. The Mystic Arts have been quite popular in recent years. The picture that Luo Nan drew was a variation of the Star of David. It seems that this wasn’t a coincidence.”

Bamboo Pole was in charge of intelligence work. He indicated to Cat Eyes to lift up the drunkard’s face to discern his identity and soon he had the answer: “Huang Bingzhen. Administrative Secretary of Acumen College’s Mystic Arts Research Society. One of the second generation of money.”

“Oh Acumen College~” Zhang Yingying let out a laugh containing a hidden meaning. Unfortunately no one was able to understand this asides from Luo Nan.

Bamboo Pole continued speaking: “In addition, I’ve discovered some really awesome things within the club’s database. Look at this: Contact Name List, it’s all female students, their profiles are all available and the list is abundant in every type. All that you could ever need is here! Wow!”


A strange silence emerged in the channel. It lasted until Crag Burst, who was next to Luo Nan, cursed out revealing the secret: “Why the hell are you charging people for this? Why don’t you go die Bamboo Pole?”

Crag Burst was a large and buff man who was nearly two meters tall. He had a near 10 year career experience with a military. Although his temperament was a bit rough, he was an extremely good choice for being a bodyguard and a shield.

He revered and fitted with He Yueyin the most because of his military background. He realized he made a mistake when he had spoken and instinctively glanced over to He Yueyin. But He Yueyin’s expression didn’t change, as if she didn’t hear anything.

Bamboo Pole had sent out some business propositions in private channels. But in the end, he didn’t forget to do what’s expected of him: “The database contains the signed agreement between the club and Acumen College’s Mystic Arts Research Society. You can see that they remodeled four years ago, completely following and executing the designs requested by the society. And this society is also a large financial backer of this club. There are over 7 line items each year on their public budget report. As for private transactions, well that’s very unclear.”

The elevator arrived at the 16th floor, the same floor as Cat Eyes. The party of people was too big a target; servers had long since came over to question them. He Yueyin ignored the servers and directly asked Luo Nan:

“Mr. Luo?”

Luo Nan raised his head and saw the blurry and bizarre space of the club. The wall had an external coating with a special characteristic. Strange tree vines and flowery patterns twinned around each and every round and mystical structures of magical symbols.

The pale dark-red glow was just like solvents in a laboratory entering through tubes. The glow flowed through the vines and flowery patterns to travel back and forth through the seemingly independent “Magical Symbols”.

After looking for quite a while, Luo Nan spoke in a low voice: The lighting effect here is very interesting.”

The server could clearly see who was it that stood centermost within this party of people and immediately revealed a standard smile: “The style of our club follows the planning and designs of a specialized mystic arts team. This serves as bringing an entirely new and special experience for our customers…..”

Luo Nan interrupted the server’s cliche speech: “Prepare a private room for us. Also, are the people of the Mystic Society still in room 1613?”

Room 1613 was none other than the room that Cat Eyes was keeping watch over.

Before the server could nod, Luo Nan started heading over in that direction. There were two destinations. He Yueyin instructed three bodyguards to wait in the private room. Then Zhang Yingying let the server prepare a fruit platter and red wine. She had the look of receiving a guest before playing around.

And at the same time, He Yueyin sent out an order on the Psychic Wave Network: “Octopus. Release hallucinogens.”

A young person wearing a funny cartoon t-shirt and a jacket came out from the restrooms nearby. He called out to Cat Eyes waiting outside room 1613 and directly entered the room.

Cat Eyes followed close behind. She grabbed the young drunkard next to her and walked inside.

The structure of room 1613 was extremely standard, a circular shape. In the center was flashy and dazzling projector equipment. The setup of the lighting fixture was very peculiar and was lighting up with a dim pink glow, smearing the already dusky room to become more disorderly.

There were no sofas, chairs, or the like in the room. There were only a few mats. Everyone was casually sitting on the ground, playing and fooling around. There were twenty to thirty of them.

However, these people were already under the influence of their own drugs, now they were also influenced by Octopus's Hallucinogens. Their consciousnesses were chaotic. Whether these boys and girls were hugging each other, whether they were laughing or crying, they were completely ignorant of changes in the external world.

The result was far too extreme. Even Octopus didn’t expect this. He acted in a fluster to adjust his drug compositions to prevent derangement from arising in this group.

Cat Eyes uttered some words to him, tossing the drunkard to the ground in passing: “Hurry Up. They’re already outside the door.”

Someone knocked on the door while she was talking. Then the door opened and a server entered in with a nod. When he saw this scene, he actually had an appearance of zero surprise and stood straight very naturally. Octopus, possessing still a clear mind, spoke:

“Guests have arrived……”

Luo Nan’s party of people already walked inside before he could finish talking.

“Oh hey! Lil’ Nanster!”

Octopus ignored the matter with the drugs. He met Luo Nan with an appearance of being pleasantly surprised with seeing a close friend of many years. He welcomed Luo Nan with great laughter and gave Luo Nan an extremely strong hug.

This clumsy and lifeless acting made He Yueyin frown just looking at it.

Anyway, the server really didn’t discover anything wrong, leaving after Zhang Yingying accepted the fruit platter and red wine. The objective of taking over someone else’s room, like a dove occupying a magpie’s nest, was completed.

Luo Nan coughed and pushed away Octopus, ceasing the patting, which was overflowing with cordialness, as well. Luo Nan looked around inside the room and saw how messy the circumstances were. He didn’t know what he should say for quite some time.

Zhang Yingying casually pinched a piece of fruit and sent it down her mouth to taste. She spoke ambiguously: “Do you feel very disappointed? It seemed you nearly became one of them.”

Luo Nan responded without thinking: “It seems that there are many places that could use me. Looks likes there’s nothing to fear about a lack of positions.”


Luo Nan no longer paid attention to Zhang Yingying. He turned towards Octopus with a laugh: “Bro Octopus. This composition of drugs is quite splendid. Give me some pointers in the future, kay?”

Octopus was completely lost. He could only chuckle: “You’re flattering me. You’re flattering me.”

Cat Eyes shot them a cold glance and let out some shots: “Bunch of trash.”

Their group turned from being guests to hosts, chatting away in the room. But He Yueyin didn’t forget the most important matter from start to finish. As she surveyed the decorations in the room and the figures on the walls, her eyebrows furrowed tighter and tighter.

She stepped over a body lying horizontally on the ground and walked in front of the center projection equipment. She carefully examined the medieval style lighting fixture.

Luo Nan no longer squandered time with Zhang Yingying and the others at this time. He continued to observe his senses, paying attention to the patterned lines on the floor, which were rather gorgeous.

Under the cover of human bodies, the broken and continuous line patterns ran through the connections of several geometric figures, leading towards the concentration in the center.

Ultimately, Luo Nan’s gaze was cast towards the lighting fixture, and it just so happening to collide with He Yueyin’s gaze.

“Mr. Luo?”

Luo Nan gave her a nod: “The Human-Faced Arachnid should have appeared here……”

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