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Chapter 42: Mystic Society (Part 2/2)

When faced with everyone’s gazes, Cat Eyes suddenly had a funny feeling of ridiculousness.

You are all here looking for the Human-Faced Arachnid. Don’t you know that there’s a fellow here who could snatch away food from the jaws of the Human-Faced Arachnid? And that he’s sitting right next to you all?

But in the end, she could only respond stupefied: “I’ve been to the 18th floor, and I’ve passed through the karaoke place. But I didn’t detect no six glowing stars.”

Cat Eyes didn’t use the Psychic Wave Network; she had directly used her mouth. This allowed her to feel a bit closer to reality. No one was able to comprehend her current mood, and everyone thought back to the matter of when Luo Nan had requested Cat Eyes’s help.

Immediately there was someone who couldn’t refrain from shouting: “Holy sh*t! This is memory reading plus digging of the unconscious mind…… Is it Old Bai’s dream entering method?”

“The results that Old Bai gets are completely chaotic! How is it this clear? Mmm. It’s completely abstract and not easy to decipher.”

“Hey Kitty, does it feel good to be deeply dug into?”

Finally, there was someone who was concerned about Cat Eyes’s state. But when this comedy sketch opened up, Cat Eyes used her 12 centimeter high heels to respond.

A cry of pain. The one who had spoken crudely knelt to the ground hugging his foot.

He Yueyin clapped her hands to gather everyone’s attention over: “Whatever the case may be, we will need to perform a survey of the area to strive for a better understanding of the mystery behind the increased strength of the Human-Faced Arachnid. At the same time, we can perform some drill practices.”

At least this meeting produced some results.

In the situation where the Human-Faced Arachnid was undetectable, He Yueyin convinced this group of ability users the need to formulate tactics revolving around Luo Nan. Only then would they guarantee results and safety.

They could only make tentative plans due to the short amount of time they had. Much of the details weren’t perfected, but this was the opportune chance to try it live.

“Push forward 63 floors from the 81st to the 18th. Shouldn’t be a problem right?”

No one replied and no one coward. In these circumstances, there had to be no problems!

Luo Nan surveyed his surroundings. It seemed that he didn’t understand what was going on. Well, that’s logical. He was in a trance while they were all arguing and debating.

There were 12 Society members currently present at the Limestone Water Village Pub. Among them include the heavily injured and unconscious Black Wolf and the Black Beetle who long since left the team. Only 10 people remained.

Then there were the four professional bodyguards that He Yueyin brought with her. One was looking over the injured people, the Black Wolf and Xue Lei. That brought up the total people to be dispatched to 13. And they were to be dispatched in the “Centralized Formation” that He Yueyin had been mentioning all this time.

Of course, this type of formation would require everyone to squeeze into one elevator.

The thirteen people were divided into two batches. Luo Nan, He Yueyin, Zhang Yingying, three bodyguards, and the Society’s “Crag Burst” entered an elevator for a total of seven people. This was the greatest force they could muster to protect Luo Nan.

The remaining six people maintained a certain distance. They went through the fire escape passageways to rappel rapidly down the outside of the building and conforming with the movements of Luo Nan’s group

The HexaEar was used to maintain communications throughout. As soon as someone were to receive an attack from the Human-Faced Arachnid, or as soon as Luo Nan formed a clear-cut reaction, they would rapidly assist and enclose around the enemy.

Their tactics were simple and crude, but they were extremely in line with these circumstances that formed in the last moment. And only Awakened were able to realize a direct and advancing method such as this.

Among the team was Cat Eyes, who possessed nimble and lithe agility as well as the ability of super-far perception. She naturally became the scout of the team, heading foremost and in front. She was also one of the members who was rappelling down the outside of the building. 

Shadows and glows interweaved with darkness and light on the floor and the freezing autumn wind assaulted their faces. Things were quite relaxing before, but now mental frustrations were unable to be vented from the mind.

Cat Eyes really did hope that her trapped, bounded, and suppressed state would turn for the better once she was far away from Luo Nan. But when she deliberately broke off ahead to pull a distance away that was over a hundred meters, the incorporeal chains still remained in existence. The chain links even continued to lock into place. They produced a ka-chunk sound that only she could here in a slow yet not hurried pace.

She could not help shivering every time a ka-chunk sounded out. Her physical distance from Luo Nan was now great, but she was clearly pressing closer and closer with the controller of the chains on the mental plane.

This distance was absolutely not an intimate one, but rather a certain terror becoming magnified and warped.

Luo Nan’s current state of mind was peaceful and a bit repressed. From Cat Eyes’s perspective, it was like there were gray clouds in the desert skies pressuring down over her head. She was unconsciously stifled.

She could still hold on at the present, but she didn’t dare to imagine what would happen if Luo Nan’s mood were to turn irritable and furious. In what manner would she depart from this life!?

“Kitty, you’re too far ahead.” Zhang Yingying reminded her through the HexaEar.

Cat Eyes gave a snort under her breath and her high heels dug into the glass wall, leaving behind a long gash and letting her come to a stop against her downwards momentum. She had some malevolent thoughts of conjecture in her mind:

Is Zhang Yingying a puppet? Was she tied and controlled by Luo Nan? Constantly wagging her tail and begging for mercy? Does his majesty Wu Huang know about this?

But soon reason and intuition soon told her: This was clearly not the case. There was only one poor and unfortunate devil nearby, and it was solely her.

This answer made Cat Eyes even more irritated.

Currently, Cat Eyes was in front and had already reached the 20th floor. With an area of a diameter of fifty meters wide, the upper and lower five floors were all within the range of her senses.

She followed the plan and threw her body into a corridor of the building. She walked down the fire escape and informed the others of the situation at the same time: “Indeed, it’s karaoke, a club that’s distasteful looking at that. Snort. People here are seriously young. Ah, kids these days……”

She entered the club, which was decorated in a blurry and strange style and was the same in the majority of similar venues. It was as if she was in a maze. Cat Eyes actually matched the venue quite well with her scorching hot dress. The whelps that she passed by would cast blank glances at her. The occasional server she came across would become mystified by heavy makeup and outfit. She slipped passed by with her hypnotizing skills.

Cat Eyes swayed her long legs. She looked to be moving leisurely, but actually, she moved nimbly and had already passed through all the relevant rooms within three stories. At last, she arrived at the 16th floor.

According to the indicator of the map, this was the center of the composition of the six glowing stars, the largest room of the bunch. And right now there was a fervent party going on right now. She didn’t have to enter the room. From the sight, hearing, and smell senses of her super-far perception ability, she had the situation in the room form clearly in her mind.

Cat Eyes lazily transmitted a question: “No ability users have been discovered…… Do you want an on-site reconnaissance?”

This time it was He Yueyin’s turn to speak: “Don’t damage the scene. Wait for Mr. Luo to arrive before handling things.”

The communications had just ended when someone walked over rocking from behind. It was a young lad. His age couldn’t have been more than twenty. But clearly, he was extremely experienced. He pretended he was dizzy and distracted, and he reached out a probing hand to grope Cat Eyes’s butt, which was sticking quite far out.

But when the distance was two centimeters away, the young drunkard felt pain in his hand. Then for some unfathomable reason, his body fell and collided with the wall.

The young drunkard’s emotions went dark. But he suddenly went stupefied before his anger could rise.

Cat Eyes spoke not a word as she leaned against the wall. Her skin tight and flashy dress revealed her sexy protruding contours. The black fishnet stocking wrapped around her legs. And her high heels stretched around her foot. All this together with the floor and the wall naturally formed the earth-shattering sight of a model.

Her free flowing curly hair covered up half her cheeks. Her red lips like fire slightly opened and closed to form a smile that was not like a smile:

“Little boy...Got a smoke?”

The young drunkard immediately forgot the bitter experience that happened previously. He chuckled and giggled: “I don’t have any on me. But there’s some inside! We of the Mystic Arts Research Society deal with the stuff. How about we…..”

He reached out with his hand to touch Cat Eyes’s towering bosom, but he was met with another sight of the world spinning. This time he immediately fainted when colliding with the wall.

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