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Chapter 41: Dark Ritual (Part 2/2)

It was just like what happened in the underground laboratory. An additional icon had appeared on the flexible e-ink screen’s main interface. It wasn’t the formerly existing “Gear”, but an extremely familiar shape:

The tetrahedron with its inscribed sphere and outer scribed sphere. Luo Nan’s visualization diagram!

Only, the icon had its entire body darkened as of the present, as if it was some application that was being downloaded. It had yet to finish downloading and installing, so most of it was hidden amongst the shadows. Only an extremely small portion was lit up.

Progress displayed….. 1%?

Indeed, it was unexpectedly slow.

Luo Nan swept his thoughts over and he was able to clarify some fundamental information, but along with it came puzzlement:

In the end, what kind of unit was the piece he scooped from the Human-Faced Arachnid? In accordance with the subject, shouldn’t it be the same type of unit as the Wraith Sign? What relationship did it have with the visualization diagram?

These questions would have to wait until the download. Hic. The analysis was complete before he would get his answer.

Luo Nan paid attention to another matter as well: The result of Cat Eyes’s analysis wasn’t displayed on the main interface. He felt that there was a layer separating him if he wished to access it.

There seemed to be some gateways inside.

“Hello. Hello. You’re fine right.”

Zhang Yingying saw that Luo Nan had inexplicably re-entered a spellbound state after a short two sentence response. Uncertainty grew in the hearts of Zhang Yingying and all the others in the conference room.

The profession that was the psychic involved, for the most part, things on the mental plane that were the mysterious of the mysterious. It was really hard to grasp. Of the few psychics in the society other than the old and virtuous You, whose training went deep making it hard to tell his peculiarities, the other psychics were somewhat neurotic. It’s said that this wasn’t related to the feedback received from using their abilities at an early age.

Zhang Yingying couldn’t hold back from glaring at Cat Eyes with anger.

No one imagined that Luo Nan would awaken his gaze at this very moment. He followed in synchronous with Zhang Yingying to look straight at Cat Eyes.

Cat Eyes was already a bit immune to Zhang Yingying’s furious glare. But she was unable to see what meaning was hidden in Luo Nan’s gaze. Her heart changed all of a sudden and she felt a bit inexplicably nervous.

Hey hey hey. Why was she getting nervous for!?

Her emotions were far too abnormal, and even Cat Eyes couldn’t stand for this to go on. She was a troublemaker at heart who didn’t care about causing big problems. She was carefree and whimsical, her guts exceeding the norm. She had always boasted herself in this way.

But why did she feel her heart be shaky and waning ever since she stirred up trouble just a moment ago? She really did turn into a good little kitty. Now when she directly faced Luo Nan, she continued to emit the feeling of a weak aura. In the end, her self-awareness caused her to strike back:

She had friendly relations with Zhang Yingying, so she could let Zhang Yingying’s roar slide. But you’re a cub!

Cat Eyes bulged her eyes wide open on the spot, returning a glare to Luo Nan. Her mouth was even less restrained: “What’s wrong? You want some compensation? Fine. I’ll sleep with you okay?”

She had observed Luo Nan. This introverted kid whelp would most likely be unable to ward her off. In the end he would need Zhang Yingying to get him out of this predicament. Then she’ll just pester endlessly for a round, give a similar argument, and things will be okay.

But the problem was that the gaze from Luo Nan that fell over her contained no emotions whatsoever that was decipherable. The gaze was also unaffected by any external emotions, and that included the deliberate provocation from Cat Eyes.

Luo Nan glanced to the side and saw that Zhang Yingying was about the slam the table again, so he just nodded towards Cat Eyes: “Come over and help me out, alright?”


The people in the conference room looked at each other in dismay. Cat Eyes pointed a finger at herself: “Me?”

Wait up! This sort of position really sucks!

Cat Eyes wanted to flip out, but Luo Nan already had his head lowered with the digital pen falling on the flexible e-ink screen once again.

“Such a young age! What are you playing at!?”

Cat Eyes went “Hah!” with a laugh, but an omen suddenly leapt over to Luo Nan from the surface of the table. Twelve centimeters hairs raised to the skies in hatred and the ground below was absolutely quiet. Her skill was in agility and she was just like a giant cat. The odor of her perfume, which was dense to the point of dizziness, covered the entire area. 

She braced against the table with one hand and half her body transformed into a shadow that fell onto the flexible e-ink screen held in Luo Nan’s hand: “Hey, kid! You faker! You want me to help you? Could it be that you can’t draw your picture and you want to find someone to blame when all is said and done?”

Luo Nan gave her glance and only felt that this woman was unreasonable. But the sudden burst of insight was extremely valuable; he wouldn’t let this opportunity slip away. He simply lowered his head to look directly at the flexible e-ink screen. He had something to say though:

“Don’t talk. Also, try your best to not let your imagination run wild in your mind. Look at my drawing. What are your thoughts?”

“...... You still want to hurt me?” Cat Eyes thought back to her miserable bloody-eye seeping state and her mind went a bit weak. The imposing aura that she had just barely unleashed suddenly declined.

Zhang Yingying gave her another stubborn push from behind: “I’ve been watching this exchange go on for nearly a dozen rounds. You got jack sh*t. Are you seeking your own death?”

“Who knows, maybe you two are getting it on.” Cat Eyes blurted a response in mockery. Her eyes were squinted; it appeared she wanted to look but also didn’t dare to.

“Shut up.”

Luo Nan’s commanding words entered Cat Eyes’s ears. Something sprouted in her mind, and she spoke no longer. Her eyes opened a bit wider as they looked at the surface of Luo Nan’s flexible e-ink screen.

She had only used her super-far perception to scan this drawing and she didn’t discover anything strange about it. But this time when she complied with Luo Nan’s order, her vision dropped onto it and she felt that the drawing was entirely different this time.

The various forms of shapes on the sketch was plentiful in number. For example, there was the small boat with chains going off the side, there was the reef that faced the wind and welcomed the waves. Both were extremely eye catching. But for some inexplicable reason, the focal point of her gaze rested fixed within the turbid river, onto a fish that seemed to be swimming in spirals.

“It’s very similar to me……”

Absurd thoughts attacked her mind and she saw Luo Nan’s digital pen drop down onto the surroundings of the fish she was concentrated on. He had pulled out several more lines on the fish’s body.

It was strange just talking about it. Her consciousness went somewhat dazzled when these lines appeared. It was as if these lines weren’t resting on the flexible e-ink screen, but rather pulled out from her actual body.

There was an incorporeal apparition that was at work, probing out. It caressed gently and softly, cutting into her inner organs and her skull, dissecting her completely.

Right when Luo Nan’s intentions became clear, Cat Eyes body went stiff on the spot.

Seeing Luo Nan draw on the spot, seeing the high pressure he exerted, the group of ability users became curious. They congregated all around him, surrounding him in a circle.

From their perspective, the drawing Luo Nan drew was very chaotic at first glance, but it was also very visually stimulating. What had been a composition of a river with chaotic weaving lines then turned inexcusably into clearer tracks under the pulling of the pen’s blade. Clearly these lines represented the route the fishings took to their current position. 

Some people’s minds operated faster than others. They were able to dimly understand that Luo Nan was tracing back to what had happened before.

Psychics could trace things back, they could find out what happened in the past!

The conference room was just silent for a time. No one dared to disturb the work of a genuine psychic.

“Sister He.”

Luo Nan had suddenly opened his mouth again as an action of habit. But soon he came to and he transferred to the Psychic Wave Network, entering Channel 001 to converse with He Yueyin.

This time an inexplicable figure emerged in the design map of Limestone Water Village pub. He tried to find the matching region in the pub, but the problem was he wasn’t too familiar with operating the template. He could only ask for He Yueyin’s help.

The tiny actions between He Yueyin and Luo Nan could not be concealed from the others. The group of ability users could see what was up even if they didn’t use their heads. They spilled into the encrypted comms in a flurry, entering Channel 001.

The only person who didn’t do so was Cat Eyes.

She was completely unable to spare the energy at this time. Her black fishnet stockings were unable to stop her legs from trembling. If she hadn’t used her hand to support herself against the table, she would have long fallen to her knees on the ground.

That apparition, that incorporeal apparition. It had dissected her completely, yet that still wasn’t enough for it. It began to consume in greed.

Cat Eyes could only feel her energy rapidly draining away; her consciousness grew increasingly more dizzy. And the source of all this was…… She could see it. The tip of the pen never stopped while it moved on the flexible e-ink screen. It seemed to flow on the surface. Any minute strokes were heavy bombardments against her consciousness.

Luo Nan! It could only be Luo Nan! This devil!

She thought about the whole course of events from beginning to end and things suddenly became clear to her. This was clearly a plot, a trap, in full view of a crowd. A demonic ritual that was being launched undisguised!

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