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Chapter 41: Dark Ritual (Part ½)

The chairs within the conference room were quite stable. Cat Eyes’s body collided with the back of her chair, causing it to rock slightly. Then the chair pushed her body forward. Her entire body was soft like noodles; clearly, she had lost consciousness. Cat Eyes rocked two more times before finally falling forward. Her forehead slammed onto the conference table with a muffled bang. Then there was no reaction from her whatsoever. 

The pen in Luo Nan’s hand suddenly stopped moving. There was another reason for this aside from Cat Eyes’s strange behavior. A flood of indistinct chaos suddenly exploded in front of his eyes at this very moment. Accompanied with it were the signals of far bizarre sounds, smells, and so on. They too rushed over him.

This wasn’t the stimulation of his senses by the outside environment, but rather a direct transfer of informational signals to his nervous system. There was no orderly logic, no separation between primary and secondary; it was just a horde that came swarming over.  

Luo Nan was already extremely familiar with how to face this enormous quantity of information. He didn’t try analyzing it at all, instead, he fed the information through the heavily chained crow and into the external neuron.

Luo Nan had undergone an extremely similar experience that he could compare to, so he understood generally how this sudden and unforeseen situation came about.

This rude and impetuous woman Cat Eyes had just used her ability to “Spy” on Luo Nan’s work just now in the conference room. She scarcely imagined that this piece of work was part of the manifestation of Luo Nan’s ability on the mental plane.

Frankly speaking, her act of “Spying” was extremely stupid. What Cat Eyes did was the same as swapping places with the Human-Faced Arachnid. She took the initiative to deliver herself over right when Luo Nan was the most active on the mental plane. She was then pierced through by the heavily chained crow.

The heavily chained crow and the Wraith Sign were unrestrained in tearing a piece off of her, and that piece even contained the memories Cat Eye’s super-far perception and related abilities. For the specific content, Luo Nan would need the analysis of the external neuron.


Some people had slammed the table when seeing Cat Eyes’s miserable appearance: “Mr. Luo, boy! What the hell are you up to!?”

“Bang!” People next to Luo Nan also slammed the table.

“You bunch of c*nts! What the hell are you messing around for when a psychic is doing work!?”

The one who stood and roared was Zhang Yingying. Perhaps she had some instinct of protection in her heart towards the talent she had uncovered with her own hands. She stood up and tore a new one without the slightest restraint against her own friends. Her imposing aura challenged the heavens, and she was peerless for a time:

“When Old You roasts his turtle shell, would you try pouring water on it?”

“When Old Gao is practicing, would you try smashing his altar?”

“When Old Bai enters his dream, would you try slapping his face?”

“If you don’t understand courtesies, you should at least understand what’s taboo. You think you can target a psychic at anytime and anywhere for bullying?”

The blame rotated over. It didn’t matter if they had accepted it or not, the group of ability users was dumbstruck and speechless. And at this moment, Cat Eyes’s shoulder moved, an indication that she was starting to recover consciousness.

The people beside her gathered around her to look. It took approximately 5~6 seconds before Cat Eyes finally came too. Under the support of people helping her up on the seat, Cat Eyes blinked her eyes with a blank face of loss: “What is going on?”


She couldn’t have lost her memories?

Someone extended their fingers towards her: “Kitty, how many do I have holding up?”

“Get lost!” The long manicured fingers swiped over; Cat Eyes’s strength was not lacking at all. She had soon returned to her normal state and began to feel annoyed at the excessive number of people surrounding her. She waved people away.

“What happened just now! Explain it clearly to me!”

“I... How should I know!?”

Cat Eyes spoke with a sharp and piercing tone, but when she faced to look at Luo Nan, she was clearly a bit meek: “I was just looking at the drawing! Then his body’s energy suddenly changed. Looks likes this toy of a drawing is really quite terrifying…..”


More than half the people rolled their eyes back. It's fine to just look at a drawing, but why did you touch his energy? When a psychic is doing work, his energy is coming and going, rising and lowering. It’s the same as a combatant in a life or death struggling state. One bad move would cause a surge of negative feedback. Who knows what the result would be?

Zhang Yingying slammed the table at once: “Kitty! Do you have a special wish for death!?”

Cat Eyes was clearly a bit embarrassed: “I was just testing it… I was just curious, kay. There’s only a few psychics in the society, and each of them hides tightly away. It’s quite rare to have such an interesting young lad……”

“Mr. Luo, Mr. Luo?” He Yueyin completely ignored the disturbance from this group of unreliable people. She had noticed that it had already been a long time since Luo Nan had opened his mouth to speak.

Zhang Yingying turned around upon hearing He Yueyin and saw Luo Nan with eyes half opened, his face an expression of stupefaction. It seemed like he too…… had lost consciousness?


She was no longer cordial, not calling her by “Kitty”, directly calling her by her nickname. This was proof that Zhang Yingying was furious now:

“Don’t you understand that Luo Nan’s just a newbie!? And he’s a gifted class! Not a systematic class! He doesn’t know of any taboos! Especially since he’s a psychic, it’s too late for protection! And you purposely jabbed him? Do you have the intelligence of a professional!?”

Regardless if it was Cat Eyes or her friends beside her, all knew that they had charged into calamity. Each one had their heads shrink back, and they uttered not a word.

He Yueyin pressed against her ear and she frowned towards Zhang Yingying at this moment: “I haven’t been able to contact Old You all this time. He’s probably in a psychic state. I don’t know the way to contact Gao and Bai. You get in contact with them. Ask them how to handle this sort of situation!”

“Oh. Okay……” Zhang Yingying knew that they had an emergency situation. She immediately abided with the request.

“Cough! I’m not a gifted class! I’m a systematic class!” The voice suddenly sounded forth and Luo Nan’s half drooping eyes opened completely. He corrected Zhang Yingying’s misunderstanding once more.


After an instant of shock, Zhang Yingying was delighted. She wanted to pat Luo Nan on the shoulder, but after thinking about it, she ended up not daring to. She just patted him under the desk in passing: “Just as long as you’re fine. You’re a systematic class from now on! If there’s anyone who’s ignorant and dares to say you’re a gifted class, this old woman will cleave them in half!”

As she spoke, her gaze swept over a few unreliable fellows across the table.

Cat Eyes raised her hand immediately to surrender: “Yep. You’re a systematic class. No doubt about it.”

With the primary instigator of the situation already surrendering, all the others humphed and could only tacitly agree to this preposterous classification.

He Yueyin’s cold and firm finger pressed against the side of Luo Nan’s neck to feel the blood flow of his artery. The other hand was placed on Luo Nan’s forehead. She asked gently:

“You don’t have blood congestion in the head, no blood deficiency symptoms? Any dizziness? Any loss of vision……”

Luo Nan shook his head somewhat embarrassed: “I’m fine.”

There was really nothing wrong with Luo Nan. His consciousness was super clear from the start. He was just completely focused on the external neuron, so he didn’t respond to the external world.

The two pieces of information he had scooped could both be described as enormous. But when compared to each other, the contents of Cat Eye’s super-far perception’s data file was really negligible. 

The external neuron was still in the middle of analyzing the Human-Faced Arachnid’s information. But Cat Eyes’s data was completely able to be decoded to completion in a short dozen or so seconds.

Luo Nan stirred telepathically and the interface of the flexible e-ink screen emerged on his retinas. He noticed that the number of icons on the interface had undergone a change once again.

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