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Chapter 39: A New Way of Thinking (Part 2/2)

Aside from Zhang Yingying, the four experts brought by He Yueyin were also present. They assumed action by taking out and placing down the three unconscious people from the elevator.

He Yueyin’s footsteps did not end. She gestured with her hand for Luo Nan to enter the Society reserved conference room.

Zhang Yingying was ignored, but she was exceptionally clever. She wordlessly followed at their sides after her greeting, accepting the analysis and criticism coming over the HexaEar.

Anyway, He Yueyin didn’t criticize her completely negatively:

“Zhang Yingying’s initial response was acceptable. The situation was sudden and unexpected, but she was still able to discover the anomaly with the Black Wolf and was even able to intervene. Her biggest problem is that her attack power isn’t heavy enough. She wasn’t able to stop the Black Wolf from going on to harm Mr. Luo. In reality, if Luo Nan’s friend wasn’t such a remarkable martial artist to be able to rely on his own powerful will and life force energy to cast off the Human-Faced Arachnid’s corruption, then Luo Nan absolutely wouldn’t have been able to narrowly escape an attack from two sides.”

When Zhang Yingying heard this relevant assessment that contained some good points about her, Zhang Yingying’s expression didn’t actually improve. Instead, she turned more gloomy and was even a bit absent-minded.

The group of people entered the conference room, which was completely empty right now aside from a few monitoring devices installed in a disarray. He Yueyin did not give a single glance at them and just asked Luo Nan to sit down so she could continue explaining the relevant issue.

Since the conversation was conducted completely on the Psychic Wave Network, the plane of reality was just a sheet of silence. The atmosphere continued to be very tense after everyone entered and sat in the room.

“The most unfortunate issue occurred during the second wave. First of all, Zhang Yingying’s second reaction was very clumsy. She looked on helplessly while the elevator, which contained Mr. Luo, fell and dropped, and she wasn’t able to perform any effective actions. In addition, she wasn’t able to get to the elevator in time. Next, support of the operation completely fell apart. There was a total of 74 seconds when Mr. Luo was completely exposed to the threat with the Black Wolf and the Human-Faced Arachnid, including the time when I was there……”

“We should be rejoicing the fact that we are still able to analyze the circumstances surrounding Mr. Luo right now, that we’re not paying funeral respects to him. But this result had nothing to do with the members of the operation.”

It was just as before; nobody spoke. He Yueyin’s analysis wasn’t that exceptional, but it was formed from cold hard facts of steel. She completely exposed the clumsy response of the society’s operation team.

Luo Nan saw number 3393, the Black Beetle who had spoken initially, disconnect and exit from the conference mode. It looks likes that fellow was also quite prideful and rebellious.

He Yueyin’s expression did not change in face of this. She continued: “In comparison to the issue with the operation I exposed, I am incapable of understanding the reasoning behind the plans arranged beforehand. I received the notification from the Society only half an hour before the operation. I wasn’t presented with a mission briefing. I was asked to act as secretary and a bodyguard for a member. It was only after I arrived at the pub that I saw Mr. Luo’s basic profile. The crucial information was also unclear.”

“According to my understanding, Mr. Luo was also completely ignorant of the details of the operation. Moreover, he’s lacking in the appropriate training, so he made very non-professional actions when faced with this sudden development and ended up getting trapped in a dangerous situation.”

“Everyone was focused on battle. The members of the operation didn’t utilize their mental abilities at all in order to bring about effective commands. Moreover, the infected was placed as a higher priority. The Human-Faced Arachnid’s autonomous activity was neglected, leading to the utter failure of the mission.”

“I discovered the aforementioned issues during the operation. Perhaps I have a misunderstanding somewhere about the inner details since it hasn’t been long since I retired from the military and entered the society. I apologize ahead of time once again. But for the exposed and future exposed issues, I hope everyone is able to engage in serious discussion to resolve this. Otherwise, our search and destroy against the Human-Faced Arachnid can only lead to constant losses and lead to even more unpredictable consequences. Over!”

He Yueyin’s long explanation had finally come to an end. No one spoke for a long time in the conference channel and there was nobody who responded to her proposal. It was an awkward atmosphere.

Luo Nan even thought that if He Yueyin hadn’t softened her tone near the end, perhaps more people would have exited from the conference channel like the Black Beetle.

He was able to see that He Yueyin’s rigorous and strict methods were a bit inharmonious with the Society’s atmosphere as a whole.

Then Luo Nan thought of Zhang Yingying’s assessment of ability users this morning.  Some comments about being “stuck up, untamable and unsubduable, eccentric and perverted”. He could see from the present that this really wasn’t an exaggeration. At least them being “scattered around” were words that absolutely hit the target in reality.

Perhaps this operation will result in nothing?

Beyond all expectations, Zhang Yingying spoke out within the conference channel at this time: “Everybody, I’ve been humiliated to this degree. I’m not scared of speaking out…… We still need tactics to hit this boss monster. Everyone came over here like a swarm of bees without direction. In reality, we’ve underestimated the enemy. Let’s gather together as a team again.” 

The words by Zhang Yingying were made dispirited in an everyone-came-here-to-eat-a-farewell-dinner style. But the result was actually quite decent. The silent and frozen conference channel spilled with chaotic noise at once:

“Okay. Let’s discuss the battle tactics. It would also be good to meet each other.”

“Mr. Luo still hasn’t opened his mouth. Did his secretary turn him into a puppet?”

“Oh Vice President He. Today’s fortune is tomorrow’s disaster. Mr. Luo truly understands what it means to be wise and play things safe. Apparently, he’s still quite young?”

“I still haven’t met our future Vice President! This beginning is far from good!”

“To be able to draw from the success and experience of an ex-military is quite good. Apparently, Vice President plays the Wilderness game?”

“Does the military have a team in the Wilderness game? The Vice President should be an expert. What character do you usually use?”

Luo Nan was left speechless. This was clearly a Wilderness team who played the online game, Ten Days in the Wilderness, together. It was unknown who called out first to come over to deal with the Human-Faced Arachnid.

They probably thought they were in a game raiding a boss?

He Yueyin was expressionless when faced with this. She could only sit quietly and wait.

Luo Nan looked at Zhang Yingying again. After she had finished speaking, she had leaned forward on the table. She continued being lifeless, then she felt Luo Nan’s gaze and suddenly turned her head over:

“Hey. Draw another portrait for me, okay.”


“Forget it. You don’t understand anything.”

Zhang Yingying buried her head in her arms so no one could see her and grew increasingly depressed. She knew that He Yueyin’s assessment of the entire situation was quite fair. But the more she knew this, the more she minded. It was only because of that sentence:

Her attack power isn’t heavy enough…...

Ever since she entered the society, a single attack of her White Rainbow received praise from every big shot in the society without exception. She was known to have the most powerful and explosive attack power among the Awakened. She had always been quite proud because of this.

But in reality, she absolutely didn’t cause enough damage to the Black Wolf. If the Black Wolf had used a serious skill against Luo Nan at that time, talking about things right now would be useless.

Zhang Yingying was somewhat absent-minded as she felt the cold and sharp air circulating around her body. She inexplicably thought of the words spoken by Susan this morning:

Has your White Rainbow stunted?

This was the first time Zhang Yingying had similar thoughts sprout in her mind:

It seemed... it seemed that things were a bit different than what her boss said.

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