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Chapter 36: Encounter Battle (Part 1/2)

Wrong! There was something wrong with this atmosphere!

Luo Nan understood his own position very clearly. Even if he had leapt out of the circle of conventional society and entered into the special domain of the Wilderness Explorers Society, he was nothing more than inherently a bitter job-seeking staff member. So far he still wasn’t familiar with his “work environment”, and so he obviously didn’t have an appropriate position.

But now you’re saying that I even have a secretary?

Luo Nan glared fixed at Zhang Yingying. This woman, who appeared to have an innocent expression, absolutely knew for sure the entire causes and effects behind this.

Zhang Yingying’s face was as pure as a white lotus flower: “Has your secretary made any arrangements?”

Luo Nan’s mouth twitched: “What did you all arrange before? Isn’t it to have me experience this in the elevator? The examination has ended now. Can I go home?”

“Don’t go~ The entrance examination has ended, but there’s still more advanced testing. The society has already opened a room on the 81st floor. Hehe. We will receive you properly. All you need to do is be engrossed in drawing and it will be fine.”

“Drawing?” Luo Nan gradually gained a better understanding in his line of thinking. He gave a cold glare: “You want to evaluate my psychic abilities? This is different than what you told me!”

Zhang Yingying had an innocent expression: “Yea~ I told you before. Its best not to expose matters involving psychic abilities. First get familiar with your situation inside the society, then when your ability truly Awakens, it’s fine to take your abilities out later. Otherwise, there will be a lot of people coming to annoy you and you won’t be able to refuse all of them. You’re bound to offend someone…...Am I right?”

Luo Nan continued to glare at her.

Zhang Yingying spread her hand: “The problem is that my words are damn useless. The big shot has already spoken. The situation has changed. What else can I do? Originally I was prepared to come here to give you more of an explanation, but then you were able to see the interface and you also possessed the ability of telepathic control. So then let me ask you to switch over to the homepage announcement region……”

Luo Nan followed Zhang Yingying’s instructions and the translucent interface on his retinas underwent a change. It was eye-catching to the extreme. The rusted color of the earth contained the cracks like the waves of the sea that continued to spread down to the furthest abyss. The scene was boundless and limitless.

“You should already see the interface of the homepage. It’s the wilderness right? There’s a bulletin board on the side of the road. Its right on there.”

What third-rate game interface was this…...

Luo Nan loaded the information from the board while cursing silently. Not even half a second passed before a flood of words, such as “Darksider Species”, “Human-Faced Arachnid”, and “Virus”, entered and interweaved to form a fuzzy, cold, and dark screen that appeared before his eyes.

With a single swipe, a cold trace of sweat trickled down Luo Nan’s spine.

“Look. Do I need to say more? Right now there’s a war between us and those infected by the Darksider species. The Government, the Military, the Society, and Quantum Corporation are sparing no price at all towards the search and destroy operation that is unfolding in the entire city. They have to bring this large scale epidemic completely under control.” 

Zhang Yingying’s finger tapped on Luo Nan’s chest one strike after another. Her expression was one that was quite rarely seen; she was no longer smiling: “My attitude towards this is very serious. The society’s attitude towards this is also very serious. Every single ability user, no matter how experienced or how much of a beginner, has to contribute their strength to give aid in these concerning and dangerous situations. In addition, Mr. Luo, who has just entered the society, is a psychic. Right now in regards to the society, you are what we need the most. The most valuable of resources!”

Luo Nan muttered: “The most valuable?”

“Of course. Do you know how many psychics there are in the society right now? Even though our Xia City branch has over a thousand people, we only have four psychics. And, one of them is in adventuring in the wilderness right now. It’s impossible for that one to get back in such short notice. So there’s three left. Grandfather You looks to be approaching a hundred in years. It would be too inhuman to make him run about day and night, so he can only act as a central overseer. Then separated into the west side of the city and the east side of the city are Old Gao and Old Bai. I don’t know how much they’re slaving away right now……” 

“Then you discovered a new slave?” Luo Nan mocked her to conceal the nervousness in his heart. He counted as one infected by the virus in a certain sense. But the Darksider species that invaded his body had been vanquished by the power of his Format, the heavily chained crow.

But the problem was that this vanquishing was not a total elimination. The burning wraith had turned into the Wraith Sign and still maintains its instincts. It was still able to consume its species and strengthen itself. God knows if the ability users would take him to be as one of the infected with his state, an enemy that had to be slaughtered.

But even though Luo Nan was nervous, he also possessed a certain excitement that was inexplicable.

“Human-Faced Arachnid”......This sort of special existence was able to expand the vastness and depth of Luo Nan’s knowledge towards the burning wraith. It allowed him look down from a much higher level and see the entire course of events for the situation; he had a completely new idea of what he would do in the future.

The Human-Faced Arachnid had laid down a giant net over the city. He was originally a node within this net, but now there had been a change.

Looking at the society information, the purpose of this undergoing “collection net” was to ultimately reconstruct the Human-Faced Arachnid, the most prominent and treacherous devil of the Darksider Species, into a completely peak state. This could start at any of the other nodes.

But currently he was suppression of the Wraith Sign using his Format. From this perspective, if his node was the one to make it to the very end, wouldn’t that mean he would completely seize the terrifying strength of the Human-Faced Arachnid?

Wasn’t this the extraordinary strength that he had been chasing after all this time? It would be a strength seized by his Format. Maybe this was exactly where the marvels of the grandfather’s research lied?

“Hello hello. What are you thinking? You’re not scared stupid right?”

Luo Nan came to from his distraction, but he didn’t respond immediately.

Zhang Yingying then patted him on the shoulder: “Don’t be scared~…… Mmm, being scared is normal. The fact that you didn’t cry and scream for mommy already makes me quite gratified. Relax. We just want to borrow your fantastical drawing ability and you will absolutely be protected. Look, you have me right now. Then the society arranged a special duty secretary for you; it’s He Yueyin. She’s a monster that was evaluated to be rank C+ when she entered the society…… Hic. A genius! Her strength is high without limit!”

Luo Nan concealed a laugh: “The opponent is the Darksider species. Doesn’t that mean only psychics are useful?”

“What are you thinking? On the real battlefield, any one of the standard Awakened has a means to lock onto the Darksider life form. They just have different methods of doing so. Quite a few are even able to see them with the naked eye.”

Zhang Yingying solemnly corrected Luo Nan’s absurd and ridiculous line of thinking: “The real problem is as such. When the Darksider species lies in its hidden state, only psychics are able to discover clues about them. The society will rely on your ability to do precisely this. Who would send you to the front lines!?”


Luo Nan grew even more nervous. It seemed that he was closer to an Awakened than a psychic; he also detected the Darksider lifeform through intuition. The most he could do was rely on the Wraith Sign for a reaction while being in close proximity.

As for being a psychic, he had just drawn what he had seen when he had fooled Zhang Yingying that one time. Besides that, he did have demonstrate what could be psychic capabilities during the events with Li Xuecheng. But that was because the burning wraith had already formed on Li Xuecheng’s body; it was a mutual response between wraiths.

That kind of situation was seriously different than the long-distance sensing of a psychic!

What to do? Luo Nan wanted to pick up his notebook right now and practice some more to avoid being made a fool of when the time comes. In reality, he really did take out his notebook. He had opened the drawing software of the flexible e-ink screen.

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