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Chapter 36: Battle Encounter (Part 2/2)

Zhang Yingying laughed as soon as she saw what Luo Nan was doing: “Polishing your weapon right before the battle? Well, it’s better late than never. Do you really take this to be an exam?”

Luo Nan’s head didn’t rise: “Someone told me that I’m a psychic, but I never admitted to being one before. Right now I’m being treated quite decently, so I’m going to draw a picture and try to get a feel for it. If, by any chance, I’m really……”

“You’re mentioning ‘by any chance’ to me?”

Zhang Yingying saw that Luo Nan wasn’t preparing his weapon for battle; he was simply preparing to flee the battlefield. Her almond eyes went wide at once and she grabbed him by his collar: “You were able to draw my White Rainbow, and there’s also that bizarre sketch of a prison. How can you not be a psychic?”

“Okay, I’m a psychic.”

Luo Nan’s gaze still remained on the drawing software. He drew a little bit of something, but actually, his mind was in turmoil with no order whatsoever. Zhang Yingying was still clamoring by his ear right now, so he simply had nothing to lose: “You were the one who explained the concept that I was a psychic. You were the one who said it, and I have already taken the benefits provided by the Society. In any case, it will absolutely be Sis Yingying who will foot the bill in the end.”

“Bleh!” Luo Nan’s unprecedented way of addressing Zhang Yingying so intimately made Zhang Yingying sick to her stomach.

It’s hard to handle a kid who’s using reverse psychology…...

Zhang Yingying’s eyeballs spun and spun and the hand that gripped Luo Nan by the collar somewhat loosened: “Anyway, this C+ Rank secretary bodyguard is at most for one night, okay. This request is still within my limits. If you want to enjoy this kind of special treatment for a long time, then you need to draw out some strength…… That’s right. I think you said before that you need some inspiration or something. How about we stimulate some a bit early~ Acumen College’s large community has high levels of service.”

Within the mutual competition of shamelessness, Luo Nan was finally defeated by Zhang Yingying’s ample experience. He pursed his lips and uttered not a word. He drew out completely meaningless lines on the drawing software with a distraught and anxious heart.

When all was said and done, he really cared about the preferential treatment he was receiving from this professional society. This was a highpoint that he had never imagined to obtain, and this was also an opportunity that had dropped from the heavens.

He didn’t want to let this opportunity slip from his fingers. He had to produce something.

Luo Nan tried to recollect to the morning of today, to the practice that was the most similar to being a psychic. But that dreamlike state was really far too mysterious and otherworldly. In his current circumstances, with his skittish and anxious mind, it was really hard to completely bring that state back.

Zhang Yingying drew her face closer and saw the plastered lines on the flexible screen. The more she looked the more suspicious she becomes.

“Hey hey! You’re going to make a mockery of yourself. Don’t drag me down with you!”

While Luo Nan did not feel like acknowledging her, somewhat felt to be familiar people walked passed him at this moment. Luo Nan raised his head to look and saw that it was none other than Xue Lei and Chen Xiaolin. The two did not have good expressions on their faces. The issue of the exchange before clearly had not been resolved. There was an air of depression between these two and right now they were walking towards the elevator. It was unknown what they were up to.

Obviously, it would be hard to greet them under these circumstances.

Luo Nan could only pretend that he didn’t see them. He drew out two strokes with a lowered head, and he actually inexplicably drew out the twisted lines of the Wraith Sign. He completed it from start to finish in a single breath. He had never drawn it this efficiently before.

Only when the sign finished forming did Luo Nan wake back to consciousness. His thoughts were slightly palpitating as he was scared that Zhang Yingying would infer from the sketch. He raised his head and shot a glance, but was actually met with a rarely seen sight of this woman, who had disregarded his chaotic lines with at first glance, be somewhat stunned:

“You feel something?”

Luo Nan was just about to respond when he suddenly went mute. The abrupt drawing of the Wraith Sign would inevitably give off an ominous implication.

He followed his instincts completely in the next moment, turning his head. Xue Lei and Chen Xiaolin had both entered the elevator. The internal lighting of the elevator illuminated down, but it was unable to brighten the gloomy faces of these two. Luo Nan felt that a dispute would probably break out at any moment, to explode out between these two.

And at this very moment, Luo Nan had a bizarre thought flash in his mind. It was the information he had checked up on this recent morning, coming from the Secret Star Forums:

It was the event where a suspected psychosis breakout had occurred, leading to a human tragedy. The wife had slaughtered the husband. And before this had happened, the husband and wife both had experienced a “nightmare”.

Warning! Warning! Warning!

The Secret Star Forums had marked it with large black letters, and these letters floated out of the sea of his mind in the same fashion.

Luo Nan closed his notebook with a bang, turning and moving his body towards the elevator. He shouted loudly at the same time:

“Xue Lei!”

This large shout was absolutely made impulsively. When this shout had left his mouth, even Luo Nan found it hard to proceed. He didn’t know how to explain things.

But it was right in the next moment that a trembling rang forth from the mental plan. The heavily chained crow called with a vibrating and earnest cry. And most importantly, the Wraith Sign at very front end of the chains lit up with a dark red glow.

Luo Nan’s consciousness was pounding mentally, but what immediately floated to his mind was an absolute loss on what to do. This was because there were two responses from the Wraith Sign that was clearly coming from two completely different directions. 

One was right in front! The other was right in back!

Luo Nan could see the one in front absolutely clearly. Right when Xue Lei was looking at Luo Nan baffled, an apparition that was quite like the burning wraith became visible. Half of the demonic body was submerged in Xue Lei’s back shoulder. It was unknown whether the body was coming out or continuing to permeate inside.

Reality and the illusionary had intertwined. A human body and an apparition were fused into a weird scene. It caused one’s scalp to go numb just looking at it!

And right behind him…...


Zhang Yingying’s shriek and an acute air-lacerating hiss rang out at the same time. The elevator door was already closing at this moment. And Luo Nan clearly saw a warped shadow already nearly touching him come from the closing smooth-metal door.

A bloody glow exploded from the shadow's shoulder and a spurt of blood dripped onto the side of Luo Nan’s face and neck. And at the same time, Luo Nan’s back shook severely. It seemed like someone had crashed into him, pushing him forward to fall.

Only the force was too much. Luo Nan’s feet couldn’t even touch the ground the entire time. He soared up high, heading directly towards the elevator door that had yet to close completely.

He was approaching the elevator door at rapid speed and the space between the door was shrinking little by little. Then Luo Nan had a rough understanding what was going on. He was probably going to be used as a tool to block the door from closing.

The elevator door opened up on two sides in the next moment. A silhouette staggered to the side, crashing into the corner of the elevator. It was Chen Xiaolin.

As for Xue Lei, with his large stature that was half integrated with the wraith, he blocked the front of the door with an expression of anger that was straightforward and even a bit juvenile. He was like a furious King Kong. His thick palm reached for Luo Nan’s face.

Perhaps it was because the change was sudden, but negative feelings didn’t have time to surface in his mind. Luo Nan felt rather tranquil right now.

In the blink of an eye, Xue Lei’s hand had reached past his ear and grabbed onto his shoulder. Xue Lei pressed down lightly, ending Luo Nan’s air floating state in an instant. Luo Nan couldn’t help but tumble and fall to the corner of the elevator in the same direction as Chen Xiaolin. 

His field of vision spun as he tumbled. But the heavily chained crow, which had spurred the Wraith Sign, already mapped the entire surrounding environment of the elevator into his brain.

A howl entered his ears at the same time. Xue Lei had already collided together with the dark silhouette that had thrown itself into the elevator. It looked like Xue Lei wanted to knock that person out of the elevator. But his opponent’s charge was far too strong. Xue Lei’s imposing body was unexpectedly unable to resist it and he fell completely backward, smashing heavily into the back of the elevator.

From what Luo Nan could sense, it seemed like the entire building was rocking.

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