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Chapter 35: Secretary He (Part ½)


The entire sequence of Zhang Yingying’s totally nonstandard way of speaking caused Chen Xiaolin to be dumbstruck. Her mind was weighed down heavily now; she really wasn’t suited to respond to Zhang Yingying’s sort of character who was quick-witted a hundred times over.

Fortunately, another elevator had just arrived at this time and the high ranking members of the Mutual Assistance Group were the first to enter. Chen Xiaolin was pulling Xue Lei over there, but there was a moment when she didn’t pull him and the two were just a bit stunned.

Luo Nan lead Zhang Yingying to shift a few steps and bumped into Xue Lei lightly while moving. Only then did the stiff atmosphere break and dissipate. The party of people had already entered the elevator, but the mood inside the elevator was just as one could imagine.

The only person who wasn’t affected was Zhang Yingying. She pulled Luo Nan to the very back of the spacious elevator, drawing intimately close to him. Her upraised head blocked the sights of the others:

“Come come come. Lower your head.”

How could Luo Nan let her be so coy. Right when he was furrowing his brows, Zhang Yingying performed a quick action, gripping his earlobes tightly. She stuffed something into his ears and soon a fine sound started up.

“What’s this? Internal earbuds?”

“The examiner. The exam problem.”


“Fine then. Actually this toy is called the ‘HexaEar’, but the name isn’t important and its functions aren’t important. What’s important is that it is the exam evaluation for entering the society. The problem could be easy, but it could also be very difficult.

Zhang Yingying’s hand lowered then raised, letting Luo Nan understand that his answer to this exam problem would decide his place within the professional society.

“Oh, you guys are going to the 27th floor…… There’s even a party? You’re not focused kid! Then let’s set the end time for the examination to be the moment when we get to your destination. Best of luck then.”

What the hell! Are you doing things spontaneously with no plans at all!?

It was very difficult for Luo Nan to remain calm and collected. He saw that the elevator floor indicator had already reached the 15th floor. The elevator moved unhindered for some damned reason; it didn’t stop anywhere on the way up.

At most he would have 10 seconds before he would reach his destination…...

How could Luo Nan have the time to think deeply? At this very moment, a trembling cry came from the mental plane. The heavily chained crow, which was most worthy of his faith, pierced out of his forehead and scanned the foreign object in his ear.

The heavily chained crow was undoubtedly the most successful accomplishment from Luo Nan’s self formatting. It embodied his ultimate strength.

Ability users should be relatively sensitive to the wraith sign, since it was derived from the burning wraith and the Darksider life form. Luo Nan instinctively wanted to avoid contact between the two, so he didn’t use the furthest most end of the chains.

Meanwhile, the external neuron maintained a charged-up and idle state and was ready for access at any moment…… The first impression he got from this HexaEar was that it was a set of internal earbuds, like a special electronic product. If he wouldn’t get an ideal outcome from the exam, he would even cheat to change it.

Luo Nan had to strive for a position within this professional society no matter what, for this represented his future path!

His thoughts and decisions coursed using an instant’s effort. The heavily chained crow cut through the HexaEar and used its limited resolution to sense an approximate analysis of the internal composition of this little thing. Sure enough, it was a precision electronic product. The highly integrated components made Luo Nan be completely dumbstruck as an electronics newbie.

But then a sort of marvelous response was fed back from the slicing chains in a flash.

Luo Nan’s mind and will naturally concentrated on it. The detailed static in his ear was blocked off and there was only this response that formed a series of electronic signals. He excited the relevant areas of his nervous system and passed the valid information through into a form that was comprehensible by people.

Oh. This form looks quite familiar.

Before Luo Nan could react, a gentle artificial voice had already spoken out in his ear: “Number 5357. Welcome to Xia City’s Wilderness Explorers Branch.”

At the same time, a translucent region opened up onto Luo Nan’s retinas and a concise visual interface emerged. Upon it was the traditional interface of a forum and it showed that his registration was already approved. He just needed to fill out the relevant information.

This sort of virtual interface wasn’t unfamiliar to Luo Nan. Many companies used this HoloFilm product, and they all had this capability. Two hours ago, he had used the external receiving neuron to a similar effect and experience.

This also took in telepathic inputs…...

For an instant, Luo Nan nearly believed that the external neuron was no longer under his control, but soon he confirmed that the external neuron was still maintaining its original state. The HexaEar was just using a similar method to send and convert electronic signals to his brain.

Yes, it was extremely similar!

Luo Nan reached out with his hand to support himself against the ice cold metal wall. The beating of his heart was rapidly escalating in frequency…… This was certainly a brand new clue! It was related to the external neuron. It was a relevant clue towards that coward!

He should have realized it sooner, should have realized that his grandpa’s and that coward’s research should have crossed paths with ability users.

My god. His decision to enter the professional society was absolutely correct!

A low electronic beep indicated that the elevator had reached the 27th floor. The other people all headed out, however Zhang Yingying whole face was covered with suspicion as she glared at him next to him: “Don’t say that you don’t feel a single thing at all. If you’re going to be this disappointing, I’ll just immediately kick you off this floor!”

Luo Nan wasn’t willing to let Zhang Yingying see his numerous and chaotic feelings. He lowered his head in a concealing nature and walked directly outside.

Zhang Yingying followed him out of the elevator. She spoke in shock: “It can’t be. It doesn’t make sense. My judgement can’t be wrong……”

This female was way too annoying with her buzzing. Luo Nan’s fuzzy thoughts were made completely into a mess. There were already the words “Welcome to the Society” and so on. He obviously wouldn’t believe that he had failed the examination. He made a general sweep over the fill-in-boxes of the interface. It probably used that vague method of using telepathy to enter in the data. Most of the boxes were pull-down menus; all he had to do was select his choice.

Aside from basic information like his age and gender, the vast majority of the boxes were stuff he never came across before. Like the “Ability Source & Class” box. There were two options. One was “Gifted Class”. Another was “Systematic Class”. The f*ck is this?

Luo Nan opened his mouth in annoyance: “Am I a Gifted Class or a Systematic Class?”

“Obviously you’re a Gifted Class…… Gak!?”

Luo Nan acted telepathically, setting in his choice. He still didn’t understand though: “What’s the difference between the Gifted Class and the Systematic Class?”

“The gifted class possesses a certain innate and special ability. The systematic class relies on an existing training system to go through arduous tempering and practice……”

Zhang Yingying's words were somewhat open ended. But before she could finish her word, Luo Nan completely overthrew her previous judgement: “I'm a Systematic Class!”

What a joke. If he had chosen the Gifted Class, the dozens of years of his grandpa's research and his five years of hardship, wouldn't it have all been negated?

He acted telepathically again and he changed his selection in the box. But his neck suddenly tightened before be could ask his next question. Zhang Yingying was actually firmly strangling him in place from behind. Her vigorous body had drawn and stuck close to him, making him suddenly go dizzy’

“Ah ah ah ah. You can see the interface right? You're filling it in now right? You haven't awakened right? This is heaven defying for a precision slanted mentally enhanced…….”

Luo Nan nearly nearly passed out from being choked by Zhang Yingying. His brain was already a pile of mush.

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