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Chapter 34: Elevator Entrance (Part 2/2)

“Look at those who walked out in his company. Just based off of who I recognized alone, they include the brains of the Parents’ Association, the Council, and the Society Operations Bureau. He invited all of them to the dinner gathering to talk about standards. Elder Mingde’s qualifications aren’t enough to come inside. You go chat him up, just a few words. It’ll save me a lot of trouble!”

Indeed, Chen Xiaolin was becoming exasperated that things weren’t turning out as she expected. Xue Lei had a huge frown on his face. He really couldn’t do something like this.

Before victory could be determined between these two, Chen Weican sent off those honored guests that mentioned standards and headed off back inside the hall with the rest of his party.

Chen Xiaolin saw him draw closer and she gave Xue Lei a hidden push to remind him to open the elevator door. Then she approached Chen Weican engagingly and cheerfully: “Chair Chen……”

Chen Xiaolin greeted several high ranking members of the Mutual Assistance Group in succession. Xue Lei hesitated for a moment, not moving a single step. Then a slap came from behind, Chen Xiaolin turned around, and Xue Lei’s face froze.

Luo Nan could see that the situation wasn’t good. He gave Xue Lei a push and stood next to the elevator entrance, positioning himself into an awaiting posture. By the time Luo Nan raised his head, Xue Lei only gave Chen Xiaolin a greeting; the opportunity to exchange words was soon dead in the water, mainly because Chen Xiaolin was propping the scene.

The party of people headed inside the elevator. Chen Xiaolin leading the group was really quite remarkable. He had a large and tall stature. He wasn’t particularly handsome, but his gentle smile made him seem a bit distant. He also greeted back at Chen Xiaolin and Xue Lei, not lacking in etiquette at all. However, his footsteps never stopped moving as he headed directly into the elevator. He was clearly the type of person to let other people match his pace, a rather powerful and influential character.

In comparison, Luo Nan felt that he was quite like a bell boy from the way he stood by the elevator entrance.

Another batch of people just came down the large hall through the pub’s entrance, the person in lead was a woman wearing a professional dress and carrying a rather old-fashioned folder. Her gait was hasty, and she looked to be a white collar worker. Behind her was four rather lean and buff males. They moved hastily as well.

This group’s pace was quite faster than that of Chen Weican, most notable was the white colored woman leading the front. Her height certainly exceeded 170 centimeters with five centimeter long slender heels beneath her feet. The pants of the traditional suit she wore was nothing special, but they lined against her tall, slender, and beautiful figure. Most of all were her long legs that were beneath those slim-fit pants. Those contours were beautiful, simply striking at one’s core.

Chen Xiaolin was already a tall and lean beauty who was present, but she was shorter than this white collared woman by half a head. This difference was made the most distinctly when the two passed each other.

The model figure of this white collared woman really made people exclaim in awe, but her gait wasn’t the catwalk gait of a model. Her strides were large in distance as she moved forward perfectly straight. The four buff dudes followed behind her arduously.

They were only able to see this white-collared woman’s facial features, which matched her figure precisely, when she drew close. Her contours were clear and solid, as if she were a like a sculpture. But they contained a cold harshness that prevented strangers from getting too close. In the end, whether or not she was beautiful was secondary to this.

Right now her brows were furrowed, making her seem to be lost in thought, deliberating over some issue. She walked straight into the opened elevator, paying no attention to those nearby. The several buff males followed her inside, milling around to squeeze into the small space of the elevator.

Fine then. Luo Nan had truly become a bell boy right now.

Chen Weican was somewhat surprised when the white-collared woman walked past like a gale of wind. Through the light within the elevator, he could see this white-collared woman’s face. It was as if he woke from a dream; he spoke out probingly:

“He…… Sister He?”

The white collared woman raised her head and her gaze swept across Chen Weican’s face. Her brows furrowed even deeper; clearly she recognized who he was.

Chen Weichan was confident in his conjecture. He immediately caught up to her with two steps and spoke with laugher: “Hello Sister He. I’m Chen Weichan. My father is the vice-chief of staff for Xia City’s Near-Defense Force, Chen Hanxing.”

He made his way into the elevator with a single step. Obviously those beneath him, Chen Xiaolin, Xue Lei, and etc, had to follow him inside. Chen Weican moved rather majestically and imposingly.

The white collared woman swept her gaze across the crowd of faces at this moment, her face unable to be read. However Chen Weican recalled a certain rumor. With a split second decision, his hand stayed at the entrance of the elevator to completely cut off the people behind him.

His forearm even touched something at this moment, but he was disinclined to pay attention to this. His body was half slanted as he spoke in a low voice without explaining: “You all take the next elevator.”

He pressed the button to close the elevator upon speaking, blocking the others outside.

“My God……”

Luo Nan heard Xue Lei curse clearly besides him. Then he saw Xue Lei’s face turn dark. Xue Lei wished to press the elevator’s button, but he had some time wasted by being two people away from the elevator; the elevator was already on its way up by the time he got there. He was a step too late no matter what.

He looked at Chen Xiaolin once more to see that she was actually embracing her bosom at this time. When Chen Weican had touched her chest just now when he had reached out with his hand to block them. This was a very inappropriate action.

Obviously, they all could have fit into one elevator, so splitting them into two batches was a rather arrogant action.

Xue Lei was a straightforward person, but this didn't mean he didn't have a temper. His eyes glared wide as he looked at several high ranking members of the Mutual Assistance Group. His expression contained quite the illwill. It seemed like he was about to brandish his tongue, to explode forth at this moment.

Those who were able to mix themselves into the high ranks of a multi society organization, like the Mutual Assistance Group, were all the cream of the crop. They had a deep understanding of Chen Weican. Even though they felt resentment in their hearts, they had to maintain and protect their chairman's face as well as their own faces.

There was someone present who laughed: “It's probably that major sponsor. Apparently the chairman’s been pushing quite hard. Is he using his handsome charms to sway her?”

Chen Xiaolin awoke to the side. She pulled Xue Lei to a stop and spoke in a low voice: “He didn't do it on purpose. Look at that woman, even she knew it was bad to stir up trouble.”

Perhaps these words were logical, but from Xue Lei’s perspective, they skirted by the issue far too much. They were spun without a hint of sincerity. They were complete dog shit!

He rotated his gaze upon the group of people outside the elevator, including Chen Xiaolin, and his breathing grew heavy. The fury in his heart was clearly escalating.

Luo Nan saw his state and was just about to stand forth, but then his elbow slightly went down and a cheerful voice entered his ear: “You impolite fellow! You really didn't wait outside. I nearly missed you. Luckily I have good eyes.”

Zhang Yingying had come

Luo Nan turned his head and saw that this female lawyer had swapped to a completely different outfit than the one she wore on the warship. She wore a denim jacket that matched with her miniskirt and had her long white legs exposed. Her feet were wrapped with Roman sandals, which exposed her toes. This near-summer outfit radiated energy all around.

Zhang Yingying's sudden appearance had actually somewhat eased the tense situation.

Chen Xiaolin could feel the fury of her boyfriend. This, combined with the obvious damage to her honor, made her unable to figure out how to placate the situation for a time. She was trying to figure out how to dispel Xue Lei’s fury, while not provoking the group of Mutual Assistance Group.

She could only try shifting the topic. First she pulled Xue Lei by his arm so their postures matched perfectly with Luo Nan’s and Zhang Yingying's. She forced a smile and greeted:

“Is this your girlfriend Nanster?”

Luo Nan was just about to shake his head, but Zhang Yingying had already responded with giggling laughter: “Nice to meet everyone~. I am Luo Nan's number one pursuer. Just Yingying is fine.”

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