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Chapter 32: Discussing a Legacy (Part 2/2)

Xie Junping took the focus of this argument and diverted it onto himself. But in retrospect, perhaps he had saved Lawyer Zhu’s fate. He felt the superiority of occupying a higher ground:

“Lawyer Zhu, you’re saying that the recruiting a new member for the continued operations of the Order Club is a waste of resources. I do not believe this is so. Do you believe we of the Student Council eat swine food, that we don’t know what we’re doing? Hu San. The ability to recruit new members by the Order Club was reinstated in the recent new semester right?”

Hu Huaying had suddenly become a bit confused from these arguments and Xie Junping had already pulled him into the water. Luckily the many years of being allies were not for naught. He immediately nodded:

“It was reinstated on September 1st.

Xie Junping was fully aware that this was a behavior from the lagging execution of procedures, yet he used this as evidence, throwing it onto Lawyer Zhu’s face:

“Perhaps Lawyer Xhu doesn’t understand the inner workings of the school. If so, there’s no harm in me telling you. The Order Club truly did cause themselves to fall into ruin over these past few years. There’s more than the financial affairs situation from last year. An experimental accident occurred in the year 93, which caused their qualifications to recruit members be removed.”

“But it was none other than this qualification that was reinstated on September 1st of this year. What does this mean? This means that the school still hopes to give the Order Club another opportunity, to let this old society, which existed back when the school was founded, leave behind some trace of existence. Even if they aren’t able to escape their fate, this doesn’t mean they will completely disappear. At least there will be a legacy……”

His speech started as words that even he wasn’t confident in, but Xie Junping grew more spirited the more he talked. Even he felt a bit moved.

This was because he had thought of Bu Qingwen at this very moment. He thought about how this talented alumni had designed Gear all by herself, left behind a classical work of art, traveled to the distant wilderness, and then died in that sort of moving and tragic fashion.

This former society had possessed great people such as her. They had to leave behind something, something to let people remember…… This sort of thing was exactly what he was going for!

And so Xie Junping’s voice grew all the more resounding: “A prospective member has applied and the society has approved. Isn’t this very normal? I looked and saw the true passion contained within this student’s submission. The grounds are sufficient, and the applicant himself is extremely outstanding. What would it matter to allow such a person to enter the society during escrow?”

Lawyer Zhu had seen several displays of emotions overwhelming logic such as this. Young people really loved to act this way. He shook his head with a smile: “The grounds are sufficient? Then can you give concrete details?”

If it was before, Xie Junping might have been embarrassed. But today he was very different. He laughed out loud: “Of course they’re sufficient; they’re super adequate!”

He directly pulled up the design plans from the society’s database and had it revealed to everyone’s eyes through the nearby projection installations.

“Gear, aka this building we are in right now, is the child of a doctorate who graduated in the year 72 from the School’s Architectural Design Institution. Mrs. Bu Qingwen designed and planned this building all by herself until it was completed at last. Here are the relevant digital records; they include Mrs. Bu’s personal signature. There’s no problems right? Lawyer Zhu?”

Lawyer Zhu felt that something was not quite right. He retracted his smiling expression and looked at the records with a frown. On the contrary, the dark complexioned bodyguard gave a cold stare next to him, making Xie Junping’s mind have a thought break out:

This older brother doesn’t seem to be a bodyguard; he seems more like a mobster holding some firepower.

Anyway, Xie Junping pushed these unprecedented feelings and raised his spirits quickly. With a bold uplifted head he said: “Mrs. Bu Qingwen is our school’s pride just based off of this masterwork Gear! But it was such a pity; those whom the heavens love die young. Mrs. Bu unfortunately passed away six years after completing this work. The personnel of Gear were changed afterwards, and there were none who remembered this shocking, but short-lived alumni from back in the day. It was only until today……”

Xie Junping walked with large strides until he stood next to Luo Nan. He grasped Luo Nan by the shoulders: “It was only until today that Mrs. Bu’s sole and only child, Student Luo Nan, had tracked down the vestiges of his mother and entered Acumen College for study. Through a month of pursuit, he found his mother’s work of art, yet he witnessed the Order Club in decline and Gear unprotected. The pain was too much and he took the initiative to request entrance to the society, to devote all his strength to take this legendary building and have it shine with luster anew…… Are these grounds not sufficient?”

Luo Nan shot a glance to the hand residing on his shoulder, not saying anything in the end.

The difficult people didn’t voice any objections and Xie Junping’s imposing air increased like the floating of a boat when the tide rises: “Junior Lang. Lawyer Zhu. While we do know that the Order Club is likely to become history, this Mrs. Bu has performed a great contribution to the school. The school should back and encourage the cost of supporting Luo Nan honoring his mother.”

“This is just my individual opinion, but I place these words in front of you. If you have any objections, you can voice your suspicions. A lawsuit is not a problem as well. Sue the Student Council. Sue the Alumni Association. Sue the Parents’ Association. Sue the School Administration Office. Sue the Board of Directors. No matter what, I will use this as my argument!”

“What is fake cannot be made true. What is true cannot be made fake. I want to see who’s able to sever the connection of flesh and blood between Mrs. Bu and Junior Luo Nan. Who’s able to smash their love between mother and child! Who’s able to take the cultural legacy of our school and stomp it on the ground in destruction!”

Xie Junping’s current imposing air could truly topple the mountains and overturn the seas. He glared with wide eyes and pointed to someone irrelevant: “Junior Lang?”

Lang Ding forced a smile and waved his hand; he wasn’t willing to contend with Xie Junping.

Xie Junping looked once more at the person who talked the most: “Lawyer Zhu?”

Lawyer Zhu’s face was a bit green and he didn’t respond immediately; he seemed to be formulating his words.

No way would Xie Junping give Zhu this chance! His mind flowed freely and rapidly right now. He displayed not a word, only laughing in the end. He held Luo Nan by the shoulder and swaggered off.

An unprecedented and decisive victory! Xie Junping’s eyes were practically brimming with tears of excitement before even walking a few steps. This was the first time he didn’t use a teleprompter, didn’t use internal earbuds, to make a fervorous speech okay!?

The results were simply invigorating to the point of ecstasy!

So pitiful, it was so pitiful that this wasn’t recorded! He wouldn’t be able to resample this event in the future…… Wait up. Maybe there was a way.

The idea was already born, so Xie Junping turned his head to ask: “Junior Nan my man! My form just now. Can you draw it for me…… Hic! I’m sorry.”

His mood had been quite exciteful, so he was neglectful. Xie Junping only just discovered that he was still holding onto Luo Nan’s shoulder and had yet to let go. A single cold and threatening glance from this old geezer caused Xie Junping’s neck to contract. He rushed to remove his hand.

Contrary to all expectations, Luo Nan gave him a huge thumbs up in the very next moment: “Senior, you’re very eloquent.”

Xie Junping coughed and spoke with reserved intentions: “I’ve met many litigators like him. And I got my confidence from Auntie and Junior Nan……”

But he couldn’t help himself in the end. He broke into a great smile and spoke like a chatterbox: “Say Luo Nan, just draw one for me. It would be quite the pity to not leave behind a commemoration.”

Luo Nan actually didn’t refuse. He just responded: “First I’m going to buy a flexible screen.”

Xie Junping never expected Luo Nan to respond, but he had suddenly obtained this reply. He was exalted after a moment of shock. Actually a portrait really wasn’t much, but this represented that the relationship between him and Luo Nan had truly entered into a new stage.

He immediately smacked his chest: “I’ll pay for it!”

“...... No need. Thanks though.”

Luo Nan gave a laugh, but he soon collected himself. He lowered his head and flipped through his notebook until he reached the page with the flexible screen to look at the broken side of the screen. He opened the metal binding rings a moment later, took out the flexible e-ink screen, weighed it in his hand, and adopted a pitching posture.

Xie Junping ate some shock next to him. Before he could exert strength to restrain Luo Nan’s throwing arm, Luo Nan stopped himself and faced Xie Junping with laughter:

“It’s bad to damage one’s health. Right?”

No matter what sort of craze Luo Nan was going through, Xie Junping just nodded his head resolutely. He knew fully well how Li Xuecheng had turned into a dying dog in the end. Therefore, he was able to infer the importance Luo Nan placed with this flexible e-ink screen. It was inevitable that he was worried about Luo Nan’s current mood, that Luo Nan would do something he would regret in the future.

If Luo Nan could come to by himself, well that would naturally be the best outcome.

Luo Nan muttered to himself deeply for a while. In the end, he put the flexible e-ink screen back in the notebook and continued walking ahead. It was as if nothing had happened at all.

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