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Chapter 32: Discussing a Legacy (Part ½)

Xie Junping frowned as he looked over. Hu Huaying and Hu Saner of the Student Council were of the people who came. They counted as his die-hard allies and the person whom they greeted was none other than him.

Asides from these two, there were two new faces and another four people; the upper members of the Construction Society and even the chairman, Lang Ding, had come over.

When faced with this situation, Xie Junping suddenly felt a bit of an ominous premonition.

Although he felt apprehension in his heart, Xie Junping still adopted a smiling and welcoming expression. This sort of communications work was precisely his expertise. Since he wasn’t facing Luo Nan, that old geezer, he immediately felt the heavens and earth open up wide. He just did whatever he pleased. He went from the difficulties of the infernals of hell to the starting arena for newbies.

Though he face seven people, he was still able to greet with the amiable cordialness of a host without messing up at all. He also cleared up the identity of the two new faces in passing.

A lawyer, Xing Zhu, was the representative of the investor. His temperament was calm and flat, in accordance to the cold and aloft behavior of the society elite. Another was a bodyguard, Hei Lianpi. He had a swift and fierce build, looking like a rather cool professional. No one would ignore him.

These two were already working hard in public society to make a living; they were older than the students present here by a huge gap. Reasonably speaking, in these circumstances it would best for the Society Operations Office to send out people of equivalent status to receive these two, or perhaps send out a teacher advisor from the relevant society to meet them. But Xie Junping did not see such a person.

Xie Junping was finding this all the more fishy and soon his premonition became true. While during the exchange with Lawyer He Zhu, He Zhu spoke directly: 

“The Rainbow Fund is more than satisfied with the growth plan and personnel composition of the Construction Society. They are willing to launch more practical collaborations…… It’s quite the decent investment to inject capital into the iconic building of the northern bank. I hope we can meet an agreement with the school and the Student Council pertaining to planning the course of events.”

Xie Junping gave a chuckle, but he was cursing Hu Saner a million times in his heart: You didn’t describe the matter clearly! Sure it’s true that an investor had arrived, but he’s not directly entering the game or something. The investor’s starting a new path! And it’s for the aid of the Construction Society!

Oh man. He originally thought that it was going to change between a meeting of two dragons to a war between three kingdoms. But now the situation looked clearly to be a one-sided advantage!

He grinned while shaking hands with Lang Ding and he diverted the conversation: “I won’t mention anything else, but I have no choice but to be impressed with the matter of pulling a sponsor to the Construction Society.”

This chairman of this large society, Lang Ding, wasn’t an especially strong person. He only laughed at this moment: “It’s alright. Pulling in a new investor will make the allocation of society funds more fair. The schedule is now much more laxed.”

“I wish you the best!”

Xie Junping laughed with delight, but his heart was screeching: There’s trouble now…...

He turned his head to glance an eye at Luo Nan. This old geezer still had the look of having a gloomy mood, paying no attention at all to these uninvited people. Indeed by following Luo Nan’s logic, all Luo Nan needed was to be in the Order Club, to be in the building designed by his mother. It didn’t matter who ended up controlling this place at all.

“My god. How could a situation ever be so simple?”

Xie Junping cursed silently; he felt that he had quite the headache.

The Construction Society was okay too. Forget about the Mystic Arts Research Society. There’s not a single one of the large societies that was easy to deal with. His planned work was now impossible. A small member of a society had the ability to disrupt one’s plans.

Before, Xie Junping was confident to give a guarantee to Luo Nan. This was because he had contacted the Mystic Arts Research Society beforehand; the path behind and ahead had been totally great.

But now this matter with the Construction Society was really hard to deal with.

It was relatively easy to speak to Ling Dang, but this matter with the society was far more complicated. There were many thorns in the executing committee. Regardless of other things, Li Xuecheng, this dying dog, acted as the daily vice-chairman of the Construction Society. He possessed great influence within the society.

If Luo Nan were to truly enter the Construction Society and bump into Li Xuecheng once more…… Wouldn’t there be a case of a mysterious campus death?

He had to head back and think of a plan!

Xie Junping never had the intention to stay behind during his entire exchange. He exchanged a few more rubbish words and pulled Luo Nan to leave.

But he never expected that Lawyer Zhu of the Rainbow Fund would freeze him in place with a shout after just walking few steps: “Head Xie. There’s some business I need to discuss with you.”

While it’s true that Xie Junping was the head of the Society Activities Department of the Student Council, only a few people directly addressed him by this title within the school. He turned his head stunned, and adopted a smile:

“If you have any business to talk about, don’t hesitate Lawyer Zhu.”

Lawyer Zhu nodded slightly: “It pertains to the aspect regarding societal assets. At present glance, the Order Club has already entered a state of empty operations. The completion of all processes will take at least three months to half a year. It would be disadvantageous to protect the existing assets at the this time. So we propose to hold a negotiations meeting to communicate with the competing societies and formally count up and sequester all assets of the Order Club. This will lessen depreciation and prevent external consumption. I hope the Student Council can coordinate and organize this as the middleman and complete the relevant procedures as soon as possible.

Xie Junping's eyebrows was a knot. If you sequester the society, where would this old geezer next to me go?

Lawyer Zhu didn't wait for a response and continued: “In addition, we also hope that the school will do a strict investigation. We were paying close attention to the Order Club’s website recently and we discovered that a new person had actually been admitted to the society. Can the society still recruit people even when it's halted? For someone to enter the society during the competition over its resources, we need to understand the cause of this.”

Oh crap. This guy specialized in finding faults!

Xie Junping's face darkened in an instant, but he found things odd at the same time. He didn't remember offending the Rainbow Fund in any place of his plan. Perhaps it was this Mr. Zhu’s litigating instincts.

The Rainbow Fund was a very famous investor fund of Xia City. Logically speaking, they need to be this cheap right?

He sent another glance to Luo Nan at his side. The latter had clearly heard Lawyer Zhu’s speech and had already lifted his head. But his line of sight wasn't casted on the person who had spoken; it dropped next to the Lawyer, on that bodyguard with a dark complexion.

It was strange.

Although Xie Junping did not understand what was the matter, he wouldn't leave things undone when it came to things. He smiled a fake smile in response: “Lawyer Zhu probably didn't know that the Order Club still hasn't been dissolved in accordance to school procedures. The new member was recruited with the Student Council as the escrow agent. The member's main function is to maintain the normal operations of the society. To recruit such a member is within the realm of reason right?”

Lawyer Zhu laughed faintly: “All original members of the society have entered detainment procedures. I find it hard to believe that the society is capable of resuming normal operations. Otherwise the school wouldn’t launch the activities of bidding over its assets and act as the escrow agent. Our reasoning is as such. An escrow agent’s purpose is to fully realize the protection of the assets, especially in this situation where the society is substantially dying. If Head Xie believes that there's a flaw in our reasoning, we can hold a negotiations meeting, solicit the opinions of the highest bidders, and choose the highest common denominator.”

Xie Junping choked slightly. He really didn't have the guts to open that negotiations meeting.

Lawyer Zhu's line of sight transferred over to Luo Nan's face. Then at lightning speeds, he exchanged a meaningful glance to the dark complexion bodyguard next to him. After the latter gave a faint nod, he spoke:

“Are you Luo Nan, the student who just entered the society? I just saw your name in the announcement post on the society's website. Let me take the liberty of asking a question; what's the reason you entered the society? Have you gone through the relevant examinations? Before entering the society, did you understand the situation with the Order Club…...?

Luo Nan hugged his notebook when faced with these interrogating words. He was cold, detached, and quiet, uttering not a word.

In the end Xie Junping couldn't stand watching this. He shouted: “Hey hey hey! That's three questions! If you want reasons, just ask me! Who would know more than me?”

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