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Chapter 28: Neuron (Part 2/2)

Was he the most bitter sufferer of epilepsy in all of past history?

Luo Nan had practically seen his own tragic departure from life in that split second, but this had mapped out a deeper level of cognition for him: The structure of the long-thread revealed itself at this moment, looking like a gigantic neuron.

The neuron acted as a basic signal processing unit of the human body; its ideal model would pretty much have the appearance of a giant tree.

The forking branches were information receiving dendrites.

The trunk section was the axon that transmitted information.

The anterior axon terminals and the posterior dendrite contacts of a neuron were similar to the root system of this large tree, realizing neurotransmission of the nerve and conduction of electrical signals.

The large tree was growing within each and every system module of the laboratory. At precisely this moment, it collected huge volumes of electrical signals from various system modules while converging these signals for transmission.

There was a problem; this large-size neuron somewhat departed in shape from the structure of a typical neuron in comparison. Independent operation was not implemented, instead the root system fed off the external power source and the destination of the conducting signals had changed to the trunk-fused heavily chained crow, which was also Luo Nan as a matter of fact.

In a certain sense, the large-size neuron was just like an external synthetic organ of Luo Nan.

This was an extremely mysterious thing. Its potential was boundless if he was able to utilize it properly. However, the large-size neuron’s information transmission method was far more berserk than that of a typical neurotransmitter.

Billions of electrical signals congregated together. If it were any typical person’s brain, they wouldn’t possibly be able to process such a large quantity of information that all flowed down the same path.

Luo Nan tried to have the heavily chained crow sever the connection, but how could it be easy to sever a mysterious link such as this on the mental plane? Luo Nan could practically see himself drowning within the electrical signals, tragically and instantly departing from life in spasms.

However, what came a minute later was not a flood of electrical signals, but a glistening and familiar interface.

The central control room lit up, but it wasn’t the sort of brightly lit glow of lights. The large-sized neuron’s controlled energy and information had emerged in a relatively restrained style. An exquisite and outstanding transformation had been completed within the large volume of glowing electrical signals. The end result was delivered onto the enormous screen right in front of Luo Nan.

The enormous screen displayed none other than the interface of the flexible e-ink screen which had accompanied Luo Nan for the past five years.

This was undoubtedly another outstanding work of the long-thread.

On the petite wristband’s screen. On the enormous monitoring screen spanning half the room. It proclaimed its own existence in such a way.

Luo Nan was a bit baffled when he saw the enormous manifestation of the flexible e-ink display. He could not only see the flashing interface, but he could also see the inclusion of the background operation’s basis.

The structure of the large-size neuron was permeated with the flavor of bionics. So much so that the nerve cell naturally possessed the basic structure of a cell.

Luo Nan channeled through the heavily chained crow to discover this piece of area within the border of the branches and trunk of the large tree. Flourishing branches uploaded and sent back a huge volume of electrical signals here; it was the primary location of convergence.

Luo Nan had yet to find out all his integrated capabilities in this place. However, he was able to use this place to analyze, filter, transcode, and compile information at the very least. It was just like a computer processor, or perhaps an auxiliary secondary brain. It first took the transformed large volume of signals and shaped them into becoming something that was concise, clear, and easy to understand. Only then did it truly feed the signals back to the central control system and within Luo Nan’s mind.

This allowed Luo Nan to avoid the damage to his brain from the huge volume of signals. It truly was a realized and inconceivable implementation of the effects of an external receiving neuron.

This was no magical and fictional kind of thing; it was a real operating mechanism. It was a conversation that touched upon the mental and physical signals. This man and machine interactive information technology made one undoubtedly become respectful.

Was the earth capable of reaching technology on this level?

Luo Nan pondered for quite a while but was unable to come to an answer. He could only return his attention back to what he was capable of understanding, the interface.

The style of the flexible e-ink screen did not change at first glance. But when it comes down to it, there was still a change.

The interface that Luo Nan used had been extremely simple and refreshing; there weren’t that many available applications. He had only used his flexible e-ink screen to surf the web, draw, and read digital novels. He didn’t download any unnecessary applications.

There were precisely 8 application icons on the main interface. Among them included the five basic system functions: clock, calendar, player, browser, and settings.

Luo Nan himself had downloaded a document editor software, and his older cousin had pressured him into downloading a popular market news app. Lastly, there was the drawing software that had always existed inside.

These application icons were in grid layout mode. There were two columns with four icons each. The layout was quite intuitive at first glance.

But Luo Nan clearly saw a new icon on the enormous screen right at this moment. It’s structure was a group of crossed gears. Were it not for the different color, Luo Nan would have probably confused it for being a typical installation icon.

The caption of the icon was very straightforward; it was the word “Gear”.

This…... external neuron had the capabilities of automatically downloading apps?

Luo Nan’s thoughts stirred, and his telepathic test from before actually had an effect once more. A new interface opened up and emerged right in front of Luo Nan. It was actually the building plans and elevation map.

Luo Nan confirmed that these were undoubtedly the building design plans for Gear with just a glance.

This was only because of how way too clear-cut the details of these design plans were.

No wonder the caption said Gear. Each and every location of the scattered seven floors of the entire building could be seen in the space of this circular room. There were at least a hundred locations! And Luo Nan could see and confirm from the plans that a few doors and entrance halls were set up in a gear-tooth style. He could see that the entire structure was just like a heavy machine from just the planar map. Various locations were connected together in a gear-drive fashion to form an indivisible whole. It was marvelous and exquisite.

There was even a column of options to the left side of the interface. Practically the entire column had turned grey right now. Only the sole option at the very bottom of the column still contained its full luster. And the name of this option was quite bizarre:

“Observation Platform……”

Luo Nan was unable to comprehend it.

A noise sounded from behind Luo Nan’s back right during the period of bafflement. Luo Nan’s attention moved and the enormous interface screen hid away. The central control room returned to a pitch black darkness where even one’s fingers could not be seen.

It was unknown what sort of nightmare Xie Junping was experiencing behind him right now, but Xie Junping’s hands and feet were waving and moving. However, Xie Junping was unaware that he was sitting on a chair; he soon lost his balance, the chair fell and a person flipped, and the end result was Xie Junping falling.


This moment had actually awakened Xie Junping completely. He cursed out and reached out his arm to hold his head. His eyes opened, but darkness was all that entered them. He clearly hadn’t recovered a level-head. He shouted over there:

“Turn on the lights!”

Luo Nan used his nearly-dead wristband to emit a bit of light. This was enough to satisfy Xie Junping’s wishes.

This sort of light was able to suddenly illuminate the outline of one’s face. This was enough to scare someone to death in this sort of place.

Xie Junping drew in a cold breath and screamed. He crashed into the chair right when he was dodging away.

Luo Nan didn’t want to play any courtesies. He just directly spoke: “Senior, it’s good that you’ve awakened. You’re state wasn’t too good just now. You fainted probably because of that. The laboratory has detected that you lost conscious and removed your temporary privileges, cut off the power, and ceased operations of the life-support system. See if your privileges have been restored already?”


Xie Junping used five seconds to fully digest the information Luo Nan conveyed to him. He shuddered violently on the spot, awakening to be clear-headed at last. He was unable to bring himself to ask how he had come to faint when all was said and done. He immediately lit up his wristband and addressed the issue with his privileges.

A bang rang out approximately three seconds later; Xie Junping had kicked away the chair that was to his side. Then he shouted:


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