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Chapter 27: Privileges Locked (Part 2/2)

Luo Nan painstakingly suppressed the life-force-consuming urges of the Wraith Sign and soon the turmoil on the mental plane terminated in a short two seconds.

It was unavoidable for Xie Junping to receive a bit of impact, but it should be within the limits of what he could receive.

Luo Nan saw that Xie Junping was absent minded, so he lightly patted Xie Junping on the shoulder to try to comfort Xie Junping. But who knew that before Luo Nan could speak, Xie Junping would obscurely spit out a few words with a shaking head and a drifting gaze:

“What’s that noise?”

Speaking delirious words now?

This was Luo Nan’s first thought, but he immediately noticed his own heavily chained crow shaking and vibrating as it slowly withdrew. It was making a crackling sound.

“......Senior? What do you hear?”

Xie Junping’s face turned towards  Luo Nan. His eyes were unable to focus. He opened his mouth, but suddenly fell looking at the sky. Luckily Luo Nan propped him up, otherwise Xie Junping would have had the back of his head smash against the ground.

But Xie Junping had already fallen into an unconscious state right now. He was dizzy, and it was as if he was having a nightmare. His body temperature shot up rapidly and the wristband on his wrist even started to sound a health alarm; it sought to transmit a signal outwards.

But the problem was that they were located about fifty meters underground right now. And they were in front of a laboratory. The signal was blocked extremely well. No matter how advanced the wristband was, the signal was bound to be useless.

The after-effects of destroying the burning wraith parasite are this serious?

This was absolutely outside Luo Nan’s expectations.

He had clearly contained the damage towards Xie Junping’s life force…… Could it be that the bond between the burning wraith and Xie Junping on the mental plane was far deeper than he predicted?

Luo Nan’s expression was grave. He let Xie Junping lay flat on the ground. The heavily chained crow came out again and he let the Wraith Sign scan Xie Junping’s body internally and externally.

The problem was that there were no anomalies whatsoever. This was really true even from the aspect of the Wraith Sign’s scans.

Luo Nan was even more helpless when it came to the state of the Xie Junping’s body.

The structure of the human body was far too precise and complicated. Luo Nan had morphed his nervous system over these years using drugs to sculpt his Format. He already had bold  knowledge of the human body from altering his own. But the total of what he understood was still only a drop in the ocean.

Luo Nan really didn’t wish to have made Xie Junping into this state.

But events have already gone this far; he had no options. He pondered for a moment before carrying Xie Junping on his back to prepare to leave for the surface; he’ll handle things there. 

Frankly speaking, carrying Xie Junping was not the least bit relaxing for Luo Nan. This fellow weighed about seventy to eighty kilograms, and he was in an unconscious state; he didn’t know how to be cooperative and so he was heavier as a result.

Soon Luo Nan began sweating, but luckily the elevator was right in front of him. He reached out with his hand to touch and push a button. But right at this moment, he heard a warning beep sound clearly. It seemed to have come from Xie Junping’s wristband.

Luo Nan thought that there was now another problem with Xie Junping, so he rushed to lay Xie Junping down to prepare to scan. But he never expected that he would hear the sound of a circuit breaker switching in the next instant. Suddenly a pitch black darkness befell his eyes.

Luo Nan was stunned for half a second before he suddenly lowered his head. There was still a bit of light amidst the darkness at this moment, the source of which came from the wristbands on his and Xie Junping’s wrists.

A series of information flooded Xie Junping’s screen in an orderly fashion:

The person who was awarded with temporary authoritative privileges has entered an unconscious state.

The defense system of the laboratory room has entered into a B-Grade state.

Awakening functions for activation. The person who was awarded temporary authority has not responded.

No other people have been awarded with authority privileges within the range of the laboratory.

The defense system of the laboratory room has entered into an A-Grade state.

The power system has been shut off. The communications system has been shut off. The transportation system has been shut off. The life support system has been shut off…..Locking of the laboratory area has been completed. 


The flood of information ended. The luminance of the wristband also died out. The faint luster of the wristband was like the gaze of a teasing demon. It blinked and blinked, no longer paying heed to its observer.

Luo Nan tapped the wristband to try to revitalize it, but the personal defense of the mechanism of the wristband had activated. There was no response whatsoever no matter how he tapped.

Luo Nan smashed a heavy fist against the elevator door.

Present society was certainly a society of authority and privileges. 

A physical network covered every nook and corner of the city. The scope of digital privileges you have, which level of access you have, determined which locations you were able to access in the city. 

Your physical body could move freely, but your privileges were controlled. If one were to charge into the realm of high level privileges with the identity of low level privileges, one would just crash nose-first into a wall. And so Luo Nan had been caught in this inexplicable snare and was trapped here on the spot.

The “Privilege Trap” was very commonly seen. Most of these traps consisted of elevators, corridors, and other relatively confined narrow areas in important locations. These traps were meant for capturing illegal intruders who were not awarded with privileges, then the intruders were to be handed to the police for processing.

This trap that Luo Nan encountered covered a vast amount of area. It’s just that the location wasn’t quite ideal…… This was a sealed space located fifty meters underground.

The darkness was just like a demon that was everywhere at once in this place. The silence that permeated through the space passed along restlessness and fear.

Luo Nan stood at the elevator’s entrance. He could clearly hear his and Xie Junping’s breathing. Several seconds passed before Luo Nan took Xie Junping, placed him down, and leaned him against the elevator’s door.

“Hey! Wake up!”

Xie Junping did not respond.

“Bang. Bang.”

Still no response.

Shouting, slapping, pinching, and other methods were all employed, but Xie Junping continued to remain in his unconscious state. On the other hand, Xie Junping’s body temperature had stabilized quite a bit.

Luo Nan was dumbfounded. He stood there for a dozen seconds before smashing the elevator door one more time, but this time his fist was a bit lighter. Then he carried Xie Junping anew and headed back the way he came.

The darkness followed them like a shadow following a body. This was the darkest of darkness, the defense system of the damned laboratory room. All power sources were cleanly and directly cut off. There really weren’t any sources of light at all.

Luo Nan’s initial thought was to use his own wristband for light. But his wristband practically emitted no light since half an hour ago, due to the long thread entering his wristband and causing a low-energy state.

He might as well just not use anything, the darkness had no meaning to him in anycase.

The heavily chained crow extended out once again and the Wraith Signed flickered with a demonic red glow in front. This aura only radiated out on the mental plane, but it illuminated the plane of reality through some sort of form to allow Luo Nan to be able to observe his surrounding environment without using his naked eye. Even more importantly, this method was clearer then using his naked eye.

This was using his soul’s point of view without having to leave his body.

Regardless of any fact, it was truly a great feeling to be able to “see” one’s surroundings clearly. What had been unobservable in the darkness had been scanned and seen clearly. The mental aspect of pressure had also alleviated.

Luo Nan found a chair within the empty space of the central control room. He place Xie Junping upon it and temporarily left Xie Junping unoccupied. Luo Nan had already walked to the front of the completely shutdown control console. He pressed a few random buttons, and the result was no response at all.

The threat in reality still remained critical and heavy.

Luo Nan didn’t forget about the flickering stream of information that appeared later on Xie Junping’s wristband.

Several systems were completely shut down, the most life-threatening was the shutdown of the “Life-Support System” without a doubt. They were fifty meters underground in a sealed room. If the system didn’t constantly circulate air, not much time was needed for the trapped…… Those inside the room, be it intruder or temporarily authorized people, would face the risk of suffocating to death.

From this, Luo Nan could tell that owner of this laboratories ought to possess truly a vicious and merciless heart. These measures were undoubtedly illegal, should one dig out the legal clauses. But when Luo Nan thought about who the owner of this laboratory was, Luo Nan felt things matched his own inner expectations.

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