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Chapter 27: Locking Authority (Part 1/2)

Oh oh! Right on target!

Xie Junping was practically brimming with tears of emotion when he saw Luo Nan’s intense response. Wasn’t it hard for this bro to hold himself back the whole time? Wasn’t it all for the sake of seeing this kid’s expression?

This split second reward made Xie Junping feel that all his homework wasn’t done for naught: The inarticulate and introverted Luo Nan was forced to break through his shell when faced with his great foe. The degree of which Luo Nan casted his attention clearly increased by several levels.

If things continued along this way, your bro won’t be scared of you not receiving his passion!

Xie Junping felt that things have finally ended up on the right path. He relaxed mentally, and felt that his acting ability was bursting. He blinked his eyes and donned an innocent state:

“What do you mean?”

Luo Nan glared at him: “You said Yan Hong…… Is it that Yan Hong?”

Xie Junping felt a bit inexplicably weak when faced with Luo Nan’s gaze. Yet he still followed his predetermined strategy to respond: “It’s that person who acted as a professor back in the day at Acumen College. He had an academic scandal in the year 90……”

Xie Junping spoke very evasively, but a few words from Luo Nan struck to the core: “The person who came out with Archetype Formatting Theory? His laboratory is located over here?”

“Yep. He was hired in the year 83, since then he had done all his work here until the year 90.” It could be said that Xie Junping knew the data he just collected by heart.

This was from Zhang Yingying’s analysis if he remembered correctly. This was the two year node that had the greatest impact on Luo Nan’s life.

Luo Nan remained silent for a few seconds. He went deeper inside to make room and was no longer blocking the entrance to the elevator. Xie Junping took the chance to duck his way inside. He selected a floor, and the cylindrical elevator began to move.

The silence within this sort of idle-state-with-nothing-to-do of the empty space of the elevator was the most awkward thing ever. Xie Junping tried to make the atmosphere lively, but Luo Nan took the initiative to open his mouth:

“Senior…...It seems like you’ve done quite a bit of homework.”

And so things had come just like this. Xie Junping didn’t want to play the fool of “doing good work without recognition”. He had saved quite a few words for this conversation with this intelligent person.

He broke into a laughing grin: “It’s alright. It’s alright. It’s for helping Junior Nan. Hic. It’s also to relieve my guilt. Obviously I need to be diligent.”

Using the word “diligence” was not an exaggeration in the least. Xie Junping had split his scalp thinking of this plan.

Luo Nan’s society crisis. The Yan Hong who was suspected to have stolen the results of Luo Nan’s grandfather’s work. The expansion plan of the Mystic Arts Research Society…… In the end, finding this explosive point consisting of a perfect collection of elements coming from every side was a coincidence by chance. 

However Xie Junping was worried that his own private investigation would cause Luo Nan to be resentful. He rushed to mend things over: “Junior Nan. I didn’t investigate your background on purpose. Information comes in a string in this day and age…… I also don’t view Yan Hong in a positive light. He’s way too annoying. Junior Nan, you’ve lived quite a few bitter years!”

Luo Nan turned to look at him: “Senior, you know quite a bit.”

“Hic. I just know about this much.” Xie Junping laughed awkwardly; uncertainty entering his heart once again. Luo Nan’s thoughts ran far too deep after all and the intense mood could only fade away in an instant. Luo Nan had returned to his expressionless state that revealed neither anger nor delight….. This was very difficult!

The elevator had arrived to the subterranean fourth floor. This floor was approximately fifteen meters underground. The elevator’s door opened, and the horizon immediately revealed itself.

“This floor is completely knocked empty. It’s the central control room of Gear. The underlying layout of this building could be roughly described as four underground floors of society activity areas and seven underground floors of experiment areas. The space underground exceeds the space above ground. Obviously it is unique among the northern buildings.”

Xie Junping ignited his promoting spirit for the sake of introducing to Luo Nan: “Right now the central AI is in a low-energy-consumption-and-operation state. I’ll activate it on the way back. Then we can know just how many resources remain in this building that we can use……”

Luo Nan’s interest was in a different place: “Is it still possible to find Yan Hong’s experimental data?”

“That would be very difficult.” Xie Junping scratched his head as he spoke, “When Yan Hong had his academic scandal explode in popularity, it’s said that there was a planned accident that destroyed many key places, annihilating much of the evidence. Then Quantum Corporation took over all of his experimental legacy, and they pretty much wiped this place clean…… Hic. If we look carefully though, we may be able to reap some gains?”

Xie Junping had been fearful of dispelling Luo Nan’s interest, so he forcefully corrected himself in the end.

Luo Nan understood Xie Junping’s intentions perfectly clearly. He knew that if he didn’t clearly display his interest, this person would be scared and on edge for who knows how long.

Anyway, the problem was as follows: Even if Xie Junping owed him a life-saving favor. Even if Luo Nan held information that was not big nor small that could be used against Xie Junping. This rich kid controlled a great amount of resources. Did Xie Junping have a need to be this fearful of Luo Nan? Xie Junping had gone to a near abnormal state several times!

Was it due to the burning wraith? One was terrified to the point of dying. The other had hatred to the point of dying. This was the two extremes between Xie Junping and Li Xuecheng.


Luo Nan suddenly made the association with Li Xuecheng. Luo Nan’s mind stirred: It seemed that the news from this morning had already spread around. Whatever gossip that flowed within that small circle had moved at the utmost speeds.

He stared fixed at Xie Junping, looking deep in thought.

All Xie Junping felt was an uneasiness from head to toe. Right when he was about to open his mouth, Luo Nan took the first step: “I’ve heard that Li Xuecheng is senior’s best friend?”

Xie Junping jumped in fright; he really jumped back half a step. He responded extremely intensely: “You must not misunderstand that incident……”

“Misunderstand what? What if I do misunderstand?”

Both awkwardness, nervousness, and even a bit of fear were written on Xie Junping’s face. Xue Junping spoke all the more carefully: “Junior Nan. You’re saying that my relationship with Li Xuecheng is very close. This matter. I’m saying that yesterday’s matter……”

“What’s the difference between today and yesterday?”

These series of questioning words by Luo Nan almost caused Xie Junping to collapse. Now Luo Nan ceased to pressure him. He just wanted to verify one fact:

It appeared that this fellow Xie Junping was the one who had misunderstood something.

His brain collected a few trailing clues, and just like constructing a baseless sketch, Luo Nan’s thoughts suddenly became clear. Luo Nan blurted:

“Were you at the Medical Department this morning as well?

As soon as the words left Luo Nan’s mouth, Luo Nan found that the conclusion he made had a leap in logic that was far too extreme. Yet the results were extremely shocking.

Xie Junping staggered, nearly falling on his face. Luo Nan grabbed onto his shoulder to have Xie Junping’s face avoid the pain of the ground. But Xie Junping’s reaction was preposterous to the extreme. He shrieked:



Alrighty then. Things were finally clear now.

Xie Junping was indeed at the Medical Department this morning. He was in the same ward as Li Xuecheng due to jealousy of a rival affair and a mutual brawl with Li Xuecheng.

Li Xuecheng ran quite fast during the earthquake and Xie Junping lagged behind him.

Li Xuecheng’s party moved hastily; they didn’t see Luo Nan within the crowd. But Xie Junping had discovered Luo Nan.

And Xie Junping had personally witnessed Li Xuecheng directly collapsing unconscious after only a few seconds of crossing paths with Luo Nan. Li Xuecheng had entered into a state of shock and was still at the Intensive Care Unit even until now.

If it were anybody else, they wouldn’t think too much about what happened. But Xie Junping knew of the conflict between Li Xuecheng and he also had received some details from Lian Yu’s mouth.

More importantly was when his life was hanging by a thread yesterday morning. He had received Luo Nan’s other-worldly and shocking gaze. He felt those eyes were more and more mystical the more he thought about it. He was unaware that his mind had headed into a fantastical line of thinking.

He originally wanted to find Zhang Yingying to discuss with her what to do, but he was unable to get in contact with her for some unknown reason. It seemed that Hidden Indigo had completely closed down. He was forced to personally take the initiative and figure out some sort of move. A part of him was thinking of building a good relationship with Luo Nan, another part of him was attracted to the concept of people with abilities and otherworldly powers.

Xie Junping was completely unable to take any shock in his current state. Just a little bit of force would cause him to spill all the beans completely.

Luo Nan sighed a breath and patted Xie Junping’s shoulder. He had spoken this much, but he had left out the most crucial cause.

Of course, Xie Junping was ignorant and unaware of it himself.

Luo Nan used his action of patting Xie Junping’s shoulder to have the heavily chained crow come from between his eyebrows with a crackling vibration. The Wraith Sign flickered with a red glow in front and the crow entered in and out of Xie Junping’s body in a flash.

Xie Junping shivered inexplicably; a dark red glowing mist escaped out of his body on a plane that he was unable to touch. The mist was blocked head-on by the heavily chained crow, and was dispersed by this single attack.

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