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Chapter 26: Order Society (Part 1/2)

Xie Junping already had a car prepared downstairs.

Acumen College prohibited all vehicles from entering externally. What Xie Junping prepared was only a electric tourist car; it was the same type as the transport cart in Acumen College’s hospital this morning.

It seemed like this kind of vehicle was the status symbol of the rich kids in the school.

Luo Nan’s heart trembled as he thought of Li Xuecheng. There was a bit of flavor from his close examination of sizing up Xie Junping.

It must be stated that the burning wraith unbridledly sent “seeds” all over yesterday morning. There was no reason that Xie Junping would be exempt from the same circumstance…… Luo Nan still remembered that Xie Junping’s mind was on the brink of collapse at that time. The burning wraith loved precisely this sort of intense and negative state of mind the most. 

But right now it seemed that this fellow was completely normal. At least a burning wraith didn’t leap out from his body and scream in assault and slaughter against Luo Nan.

Obviously Xie Junping didn’t know that Luo Nan had these thoughts blazing around. He dragged Luo Nan onto the car and personally acted as the driver. He drove speedily to the northern part of campus.

Luo Nan sat shotgun in the car. With a little deep thought, the mental plane shook and the heavily chained crow probed out from between his eyebrows. It paused a bit before continuing to spread its wings to go stick close to Xie Junping’s body. The abstract symbol at the front of the chain had its luster put out, looking like the eye of a devil. The responses he was able to observe were nothing but a layer of deeper darkness and gloom.

Several seconds passed and the level of red brightness suddenly increased. The rays were on the verge of piercing into Xie Junping’s body. However the heavily chained crow sounded with a cry. Then Luo Nan suppressed the crow’s restlessness.

“Indeed, there’s a demon……”

Luo Nan was not really surprised. Afterall, there was nothing was really said to be strange from the perspective of logic. Moreover, it was clear that the maturity of the seed in Xie Junping’s body was far different than in the case with Li Xuecheng; the seed still remained in a half-hibernated state. It took Xie Junping’s blood and energy to mask its odor and be indistinct.

If Luo Nan were to take his own body as a reference, Xie Junping should roughly be at the stage right before Luo Nan had the conflict with Li Xuecheng on the warship yesterday.

Two days had already passed. Is the maturation of the seed going poorly? Or is it due to the element of the host’s temperament?

The chains had coiled a few rotations around Xie Junping’s body. In the end the chains were slowly pulled back.

Just wait a bit more. Just wait a bit more…...

Luo Nan didn’t act blindly without thinking. He had a substantially deeper understanding of his own capabilities ever since he devoured the first burning wraith. His pondering was even more comprehensive. He could separate his abilities into two aspects at this moment:

One aspect was the heavily chained crow. It represented the power of the format “My heart’s a prison”. It opposed his introversion, acting as a stabilizing force. It controlled and suppressed external and internal abnormal changes.

Another aspect was the manifestation of the burning wraith as the abstract symbol. It could be abbreviated as the “Wraith Sign”. This toy retained an appropriate portion of the capabilities of its archetype. Its nature was extremely aggressive, like a ferocious beast on the hunt. Its reactions were sharp and its insatiable appetite would become extremely large from time to time.

The suppressive strength of the chains was overwhelming at his current stage. The Wraith Sign could only lie low and wait for an opportunity in the overwhelming majority of circumstances. Only when there was an intense provocation, only when Luo Nan would face the killing intent of other burning wraiths or when extreme emotions erupted nearby, would the Wraith Sign activate. The majority of actions would be subjected to the chains’ control.

Luo Nan recognized this point very clearly. His foundation was in the chained crow, in this Format. The Wraith Sign was just an applicable tool. Luo Needed need to carefully polish the principles of use behind this tool, and Xie Junping…… would be quite the good reference point.

Yep. It could be said that this was a tiny revenge.

Luo Nan’s mind stirred telepathically once more as the chains withdrew. He commanded to chains to streak across to his wrist. The chains then made contact with his wristband without a sound.

The outer sealed shell of the electronic device had no meaning when faced with the mental scan. The various devices within were likewise. Luo Nan discovered that his own senses had limits in terms of their “resolution”. He only had a rough perception of the the interior construction of his wristband; it was extremely fuzzy. 

That long thread was the sole exception…… It was extremely eye catching. Or in other words, it was far too dazzling!

The long thread’s lustrous radiance really seemed to be like lightning streaking across the night’s sky when Luo Nan engaged contact with the thread purely on the mental plane. As for the two components of Luo Nan’s abilities, the Wraith Sign had no response towards the thread at all. And the heavily chained crow…… believed it to be a conductive wire?

Luo Nan snorted, but he was caught off guard. He let the lightning flow through the heavily chained crow and strike between his eyebrows and into his brain. His body shook violently.

“What’s wrong?” Xie Junping was frightened.

“It’s nothing.”

Luo Nan stroked his forehead with a bizarre expression.

If one were to chose the best place in Acumen College, it would certainly be the circle of wetlands established when the school was founded. This was the number one greenery in the city. This place was practically covered entirely by greenery, so one would always breath in fresh and clean air. And the slightly moist floor could practically take the long gurgling brook that weaved through a forest and have it permeated into one’s bloodstream.

And so Acumen College’s beautiful laid mostly in its wetlands. The wetlands’ beauty laid mostly in that peaceful flowing tree-weaving river.

The long river divided the wetlands into a north bank and a south bank, also dividing into an area of seclusion and an area of flourishment. The flourishing southern bank’s iconic building was the school’s main auditorium. Then crossing the river to the north was the dense wetlands jungle. A glance looking over would reveal practically no trace of human construction.

In this time of the day, the stream of people in the southern bank was tightly knit while the northern bank was relatively quiet. Xie Junping dragged Luo Nan to enter the jungle of the northern bank. He appeared to drive the car with familiarity and ease, being able to leap out to a strip of level ground from the dense woods. He continued driving forward and introduced without much thought:

“When compared to the southern bank, the northern bank takes up the majority of the wetlands. Many campus research institutions are situated here due to the good environment, however the cost of each is quite considerable. Be it the high taxes, construction materials, construction methods, structural design, all are strictly limited…… As for how strictly limited they are, you’ll understand as soon as you see the main auditorium.”

Acumen College’s main auditorium was quite well-known among the all the colleges of Xia City. It had an eastern building style of overhanging eaves and was hidden in the middle of the jungle. It was a subset of the wetlands garden.

The majority of the surface of the main auditorium really didn’t have any practical use. The area of functional usage laid completely underground. Only in this way could the auditorium hold over a hundred thousand students and teachers simultaneously for ceremonies.

“You see it right. The main auditorium is pretty low within in the wetlands. Constructions cannot exceed fifty meters in height according to the regulations within the wetlands area. It’s the quarter the height of Pan Hill.”

The Pan Hill that Xie Junping spoke of faced opposite of the main auditorium across the river. It was a tiny hill that was only sixteen~seventeen meters in height. Atop of the hill was a sea of green, yellow, and autumn red interweaving colors of splendor. An octagonal pavilion stood on top. The view there was wide and vast, giving a panoramic view of the whole area. It was the most refreshing thing ever.

In fact, Luo Nan loved to go on top and gaze far in the distance as the wind would blow against him. He was only able to endure Xie Junping’s suspenseful explanation until now because of the beautiful scene that matched his tastes.

Xie Junping’s mouth was an unceasing torrent of words: “There are few places where buildings could be constructed within the wetlands area. Naturally, environmental destruction carries criminal charges. Who wants to be charged? One can only seek space underground if one wishes to realize a functional facility. But the problem is that the geology and underground composition of the wetlands also has protective limits. The southern bank is a bit better, but digging three meters down in the northern bank is considered a violation…… Those research institutions had to pay a bitter price.”

He blinked his eyes upon speaking to this point: “Anyway, there’s always an exception for everything.”

Xie Junping extended his finger to let Luo Nan see an angle of a certain building through the dense branches and leaves of the thick woods. 

Luo Nan’s first impression was just a feeling that this was “pretty old-fashioned”. This was probably because of the rusted spots that were on the edges of the building. It gave one a rough impression.

Xie Junping laughed with squinted eyes: “Don’t look down on it. ‘Gear’ is the building we see ahead of us right now. It is the exception among exceptions of the thirty nine research institutions and society buildings in the northern bank.

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