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Chapter 25: Telepathic Sensor (Part 2/2)

Xie Junping was already past the state of being a depressed and muddle-headed drunk after an entire day of recovery and preparation. His previous form was completely tossed to aside into a deep ditch. Right now he was 100 percent a laidback, bright, and positive youth.

Xie Junping overtook Luo Nan with a few steps. He originally wanted to embrace Luo Nan with a hug, but he could only grasp Luo Nan’s hand when he saw that Luo Nan didn’t have any desire for one. Xie Junping grabbed Luo Nan’s hand, not letting go. He shook fiercely:

“Junior Nan. It’s all thanks to you. It’s all thanks to you.”

Luo Nan couldn’t stand Xie Junping’s cordial spirit. He twisted his hand away and took the opportunity to introduce Xue Lei and Xie Junping to one another.

Xie Junping took Xue Lei as Luo Nan’s good friend, so he was also exceedingly cordial to Xue Lei. After greeting Xue Lei, Xie Junping asked: “What sort of business do you guys have over here? Are you done?”

Xue Lei had seen Xie Junping in the society promotional event before. It wasn’t like the time with Luo Nan when he didn’t have any impression at all, he was able to recognize Xie Junping.

He didn’t over complicate his thinking and gave an honest answer: “Just some matters with societies. Soon we’re going to miss the deadline. Advisor Li is pressuring us a bit.”

“Societies? Advisor Li? Junior Nan, did you enter one yet?”

Xie Junping was suddenly startled. He turned his head looking around.

Luo Nan felt Xie Junping’s reaction was strange. He shook his head: “Not yet……”

Right now Li Mingde had observed all of Xie Junping’s fishy behavior from the vantage point of the elevator. He wished to avoid them by ducking in the elevator, but he was at quite the elderly age. He wasn’t that nimble. In the end Xie Junping’s gaze swept onto him.

“Hey Uncle Li. I came here in a rush and didn’t see you. How strange. How strange.”

Xie Junping drew out his tone as he greeted in a loud voice.

Li Mingde squeezed out a smiling expression. He had just reprimanded Luo Nan. When he saw Xie’s and Luo’s conversation, he couldn’t avoid feeling weakness in his heart. After a word of acknowledgement, he waved his hand in hopes of getting away:

“It’s nothing. It’s nothing. You all have a nice chat. I have things I need to first attend to.”

“Wait a bit~ Shouldn’t we come to you for society matters sir?”

 Li Mingde hesitated for quite a while when Xie Junping spoke these words. In the end Li Mingde still strolled his way over. A smile and benevolent expression was on his face, but he was feeling restlessness in his heart.

Ignore Xie Junping’s intimate addressing of “Uncle Li”. Li Mingde knew himself that his title of being the grade advisor was not taken into consideration by Xie Junping at all. Ignoring Xie Junping’s family status, Xie Junping’s authority and work in the honor society within the student council was enough to unwaveringly suppress Li Mingde.

If this advisor were to happily do what he wanted, the Xie Family would more or less do something about him for sure.

He had just barely inched his way back, wielding the self-respect of an elderly. He laughed before speaking: “Junping~ You two know each other?”

“That’s right! Uncle Li doesn’t know about this! This is my savior! The savior who saved my life!”

Xie Junping was smiling and laughing, but his words were filled with earnest and energy. No one would misunderstand: “Uncle Li, you’ve heard of the matter in the R&D district yesterday right?”

“Hic. I know.”

“But you don’t know that during the incident, I was in a state of life or death ontop of a nearby overpass. When that earthquake happened, I fell head first down. If it weren’t for Junior Nan’s bravery and courage, if it weren’t for Luo Nan grabbing onto me, eighty percent of me would have become meat paste.”

“Wow. That’s very dangerous.” Li Mingde was growing more nervous. Of course, he was nervous for himself…… He still needed to maintain an expression of empathy; he felt very uncomfortable.

Now Xie Junping was firmly sticking close to Li Mingde: “Uncle Li, this is what being brave and acting with justice is. He saved my life. This is not something that can be rewarded by an old-fashioned medal. Give him school credit as compensation! Don’t say that this mushy life of me, Xie Junping, isn’t worth 2~3 units of school credit?”

The corner of Li Mingde’s mouth twitched. He had no idea how he should respond.

Several seconds passed before Xie Junping made the first realization: “That’s right. The application for increasing credit in our school is quite troublesome. I’ve thought of something. How about this Uncle Li. Why don’t we exert all our strength on the society side. We can’t be lacking when it comes to my savior right?”

Li Mingde was being overrun by the waves of words. This, combined with a bit of temper, made Li Mingde feel that he had turned into dough and that he was letting Xie Junping knead him. Although he still wanted to maintain a bit of arrogance in front of the students, he unfortunately could only grunt in agreement.

“......Then it’s settled!”

Xie Junping had pressured quite a few benefits from Li Mingde. Only then did he send Li Mingde off into the elevator and wave his hand in farewell. He turned around and winked his eyes towards Luo Nan and Xue Lei: ”It’s settled. Elder Mingde is still easy to talk to.”

Luo Nan and Xue Lei looked at each other. They both had bitter smiles.

Although Xue Lei had a straight temperament, he wasn’t foolish. He was certain that Xie Junping had business with Luo Nan from the hurried way Xie Junping came here. He didn’t want to get involved, so he chatted with Xie Junping for a few words before conveying his gratitude. Then he said he was going to prepare for some dinner activities with his girlfriend. He was the first to take his leave.

Luo Nan also wanted to leave, but second thoughts ran through his mind. It would be better to clarify the situation today. In the end he had to understand where this cordialness of Xie Jieping was coming from.

There was no other people right now. Xie Junping spoke more openly. He approached Luo Nan and asked: “Li Mingde was being weird just now. Is it because he was bothering you beforehand?”

Luo Nan laughed and did not speak.

You must know that this old thing is not trustworthy. It’s not like he’s been relying on fishing for money with the societies for only one or two days. Anyway, this sort of thing won’t happen in the future. There are two types of teachers in Acumen College. One type is the teaching type. The other type is the babysitting type. Li Mingde is of the latter, and obviously one who is paid to do so. He will be very careful now that he knows of our relationship.

Xie Junping brought out a bold air unconsciously. But soon he thought of Luo Nan’s Anti-Hero kind of level of virtue. He was somewhat embarrassed:

“Junior, it’s fine that you know now. In reality……”

“I understand.” Luo Nan didn’t want to continue discussing this topic.

Xie Junping took the opportunity to begin friendly relationships: “Junior Nan, I know that you’re not willing to be troubled over this sort of matter. It’s easy…… You saved my life yesterday Junior Nan, and you also saved my reputation. It’s not excessive to say your actions literally gave me a new lease on life. And so henceforth, Junior Nan’s business is my business. Ignoring other things, obtaining school network contacts and sprinkling money for societies are all my expertise. Future matters you need to have resolved in the school, whatever expenses you have outside you need paid, if your older bro blinks in face of these, then I’d just be inhuman!”

The majority of his words were blurted without thinking. They contained the truth, but they were too exaggerated. It was impossible to be assured by them. It was uncertain if he was dizzy from blood rushing to his head, causing him to blurt out words without thinking. Things weren’t too good in the end. Both sides found themselves pretty awkward.

Luo Nan only followed what was proper in his heart. He had no change of opinion towards Xie Junping: “Senior’s words are serious.” 

Xie Junping approached a bit closer to reveal a mysterious smile: “Junior Nan. It’s not my style to give thanks through empty promises. And so, let me take you somewhere……”


“Don’t misunderstand me. We’ve spoken seriously. Today I have come to truly and properly convey my thanks. My attitude is very serious. Junior, you must give me this face by all means.”

Xie Junping grabbed onto Luo Nan’s arm and brought out a won’t-let-go-even-in-death attitude. “It’s not even six o’clock right now. The society activities have yet to end. Junior, give me some of your time. If by six o’clock you’re disatisfied, you can turn around and walk away. I absolutely won’t stop you.”

Luo Nan lowered his head to look at the time on the screen of his wrist band, however all that met his eyes was a pitch-black darkness. He tapped it and the screen displayed the low-battery indication, then the wristband immediately entered into energy-saving mode.

The battery consumption is a bit much…...

Luo Nan recalled that his wristband had at least half battery, and this was normally enough to last a whole month without any problems. The current situation was clearly abnormal.

He spent some effort muttering to himself in deep thought. Then he was dragged towards the elevator by Xie Junping.

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