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Chapter 25: Telepathic Sensor (Part ½)

Luo Nan’s eyes were wide opened as he watched everything happen. He was completely unable to stop it.

The interface of the lit up wristband was a chaotic mess, likely due to the penetration of the long thread. Then the wristband darkened.

But the screen lit up once more within a span that was less than half of second. It returned to normal and the call continued to go through. It still continued to vibrate to notify him. However, Luo Nan noticed that the style of the interface had a clear distinction from what it was before.

And moreover, it was inexplicably familiar.

Luo Nan looked at the interface of his wristband and was dumbstruck. This continued until Xue Lei walked over from the side to remind him with some words:

“Oi. You got a call.”

Luo Nan came to like waking from a dream. This time he clearly noticed the information regarding the inbound number. His eyelids twitched, and his first reaction was to block this fellow.

Second thoughts were running in his mind. Just as the first rounding of calling vibration ended, a second round immediately came right after. 

Luo Nan spat a breath of air and connected the call.

A candid, amiable, and extremely charismatic voice sounded out from his wristband in the next moment: “Junior Nan. It’s me man~ Xie Junping.”

I know who you are…….

Luo Nan absolutely wasn’t willing to acknowledge this person. Over thirty hours of torment starting from yesterday until now, and unmet after-effect consequences of inconveniences, all had its origins in this fellow’s crazy actions. 

If this guy dared to show himself right now, Luo Nan would absolutely be very happy to perform some ordinarily not-so-convenient experiments on Xie Junping’s body. Luo Nan wouldn’t even blink an eye.

However Xie Junping had no shame it was to the extreme. When he saw Luo Nan’s moment of silence, he immediately apologized over and over.

“I’m really sorry. I’m sorry. Junior Nan, the responsibility of the matter from yesterday lies completely with me. In fact, I should have contacted you yesterday, but I was busy preparing a few things; I absolutely didn’t have time for detailed talks……. How about this. I’ll come to school right away. Where are you Junior Nan? Let’s meet up. I want to apologize in person.”

Xie Junping spoke each syllable of Junior Nan with so much affection that Luo Nan got goosebumps listening to him. This guy probably mulled over the tone of addressing Luo Nan for half a day before he decided on this manner of speaking.

Luo Nan really didn’t want to be involved with any matter with this sort of person. He responded not coldly, but not friendly: “Senior, you don’t need to be this polite. I’m also busy over here.”

“Busy with what? Do you need help? I have some time today man~ I can pull some strings.”

Luo Nan could only shake his head upon listening. Can you just reveal the arrogance of a second generation child of weath? Anyone can see that you’re planning something with this type of enthusiastic tail wagging.

Strangely enough, Xie Junping’s half-truthful words carried the hint of nervousness. Can it be that he was worried over having that trivial matter pop up again? The matter with the nightclub is fine. The Pot of Destiny is fine too. It’s already been a day since the pertinent things happened. It would be bad to handle them again. Luo Nan was just about to reclassify this person in his mind to the lowest category.

“It’s nothing. I can handle it myself.”

Luo Nan completely believed in his older cousin Moya’s words right now. There would be no good food to eat when one sows seeds and becomes entangled with this group of rich kids.

Li Xuecheng was like this. Xie Junping was no different.

But Xie Junping’s skill in involving people was top notch: “Efficiency, efficiency man~ We can finish handling things in ten minutes. Is there a need to drag things out for an hour? Where are you? Share your coordinate marker with me. I’ll come find you!”

Luo Nan wrinkled his brows and he instinctively looked at the interface of his wristband. The screen that had been darkened by the call suddenly lit up to display a delicate and fine interface.

Indeed, the interface was different now.

Luo Nan’s wristband’s previous interface was automatically created from a typical theme. The hue was white and the interface was concise and snappy with no extra embellishments. But now the main color of the interface turned to a space-blue. There were also detailed stars decorating the background, and even the software icons changed.

The problem was that Luo Nan was still familiar with it……Aside from a slight discrepancy in the layout, this was clearly the main theme of the interface of his flexible e-ink screen..

He had met a ghost.

The matter with the interface of his wristband was really weird. Luo Nan felt that his brain wasn’t up to par. He really didn’t want to stay idle in this chaotic mess of the office room. He then called to Xue Lei that he would go ahead and leave first.

It was without a doubt that he was the first person among this group of students to leave this office room.

Xue Lei also wanted to leave with Luo Nan, but he was stuck there by Li Mingde’s shout due to some unknown problem. He returned back to the room with a bitter face.

Luo Nan left the door, but he wouldn’t abandon Xue Lei that easily. He stayed waiting at the corridor outside the door.

Xie Junping continued to chatter on and on: “Hey hey Junior Nan. Can you hear me? Give me your coordinate marker.”

I’ll mark your sister!

As soon as Luo Nan released this thought, he actually witnessed the interface of the wristband change. It was actually the gps window, and the related coordinates sharing function was chosen. These things emerged just like this in front of his eyes.

It was as if an invisible hand did all the operations completely in a flash. The middle segments were left out completely.

Luo Nan was somewhat stunned and stupefied. His present AI installation could only use voice commands to attain this sort of result. Yet Luo Nan was extremely certain that his mouth didn’t spit out a single syllable at all.

What had truly affected his wristband were his thoughts.

With thoughts of performing tests, Luo Nan thought’s stirred: “Share.”

The corresponding option lit up. And Xie Junping on the other side of the call was exalted. He spoke a sentence “I’ll be there soon” in a hurry, then ended the call.

Luo Nan stared at the interface of his wristband dumbstruck.

The setup of his wristband the flexible e-ink screen actually had a portion of the same data shared. The swapping of interfaces was alright by itself, but there was also the capability of telepathic control mode. What the hell was this.

Telepathic control was not some sort of new toy. But the problem was, Luo Nan didn’t carry any sort of telepathic equipment. His wristband itself wasn’t installed with any kind of these capabilities. 

Of course, Luo Nan clearly remembered that the wristband had an additional “long thread” inside it right before the marvelous changes.

And Luo Nan suddenly remembered something else also at this moment. A certain person had said something back in the Precision Electronics Interest Society: “The processor, memory module, signal i/o module, sensors… It lacks all of them completely! Do you just use this as a mirror most of the time?”

Obviously the flexible e-ink screen was not a mirror; Luo Nan had used it perfectly fine.

This fact needed to be established. Wouldn’t this mean that the long needle contained the capabilities of a processor, memory module, i/o signal module, sensors, and other miscellaneous things?

Just this alone, just the existence of the telepathic sensor module was enough for him to impatiently wish to perform testing and verification at once.

After an interval of bafflement, a steady flow of students came out from the office room. Some of their paces were rushed, some appeared to let out long breaths of relief. However there was no trace of Xue Lei as of yet.

Only until the very end did a noise ring out from the door. It was unexpectedly Li Mingde exiting. His expression was a bit ugly. Behind him was Xue Lei. Xue Lei rushed Luo Nan with a grin upon seeing him.

Li Mingde also saw Luo Nan. He still remembered the students that had avoided his “good will” and walked out the office room. His expression turned heavy and he opened his mouth spontaneously:

“Your name is Luo Nan right.”

Luo Nan was a bit startled, but said, “Advisor Li.”

“Have you decided on a society yet?”

“...... Not yet.”

“Then you should make the most of your time. Don’t dawdle.”

Li Mingde’s tone was very stiff. Luo Nan didn’t know why Li Mingde’s mood was bad, but he didn’t care. Luo Nan just nodded his head, which could be considered his answer.

The problem was that Li Mingde got angry upon witnessing Luo Nan’s care-free attitude. He had a rapid and complete change in personality from being the grade advisor to being the disciplinary director :

“One more thing. Yesterday you skipped classes for the entire day. You’re temperament is very file. You will need to write an explanation explaining the reasons why you skipped classes. You can also write a self-reflection. You absolutely need to make the facts clear and you will need to bring out reasons sufficient enough to convince the working teachers. Otherwise it will be extremely difficult to receive good grades in the three main classes and two minor classes you are taking. There will be greater pressure in terms of your school credit.” 

Luo Nan uttered not a word. He could only cower his body to display his understanding.

Li Mingde was especially vexed by Luo Nan’s taciturn display, but it would be bad for him to say more. He calmed his face, turned, and walked away to the elevator door before he shook his head with a humph:


Luo Nan and Lei Xue glanced at each other in helplessness.

“What did he call you for just now?”

“Seems like there's some Hand Combat Society that wants to pull me in. They let Advisor Li help by asking me. I gave them my answer.”

They were the same as two stuck out nails. No wonder they were scolded.

Li Mingde was already seventy years old; he felt, to some degree, that he had the privilege of to be arrogant due to his age. Luo Nan and Xue Lei didn’t care about this. They prepared to leave so they walked down the corridor. The elevator door opened and Xie Junping came out in a hurry, looking stylish. He gazed forward fixed, brushing past Li Mingde’s body.

Li Mingde stared stunned. He wanted to greet Xie Junping, but instead he saw Xie Junping’s gaze sweep to Luo Nan. Then Xie Junping spoke with great laughter:

“Junior Nan! Junior Nan! You’ve made it easy to find you!”

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