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Chapter 23: Frequently Booked (Part ½)

Actually, Luo Nan’s vision was still fuzzy for two seconds after lifting his eyelids. When his vision totally recovered to be clear, all he saw was a wall.

The person in front of Luo Nan was buff and tall, taller than Luo Nan by a full head. This person’s back just happened to block the sun, covering Luo Nan’s entire face by his shadow. This sudden sight truly did scare Luo Nan a bit.

Luo Nan took a second look from a different angle. On top of this person’s strong and muscular body was actually a rather simple and honest face. His face possessed the youth of a student, containing not even a few hairs of peach fuzz. And that wide mouth of laughter appearance of his was rather likeable.

Luo Nan did a brief recollection and realized that his own deathly face combined with his muttering had created a far to conspicuous image. That inquiring wave of a hand was certainly done out of good intentions.

He responded with a smile as well: “It’s nothing. Just a bit of a wandering mind back then.”

A wandering mind? The person ahead revealed an energetic smile on the spot that spoke “Although you’re stubborn, I’m also a guy so I understand”. Then he immediately introduced himself: “That’s good that it’s nothing. My name is Xue Lei. I’m a 10th grader of the River Wu district.”

“Luo Nan, also from the River Wu district. 10th Grade.”

“Huh? You also live in the River Wu district? I live on Pair River Road, where do you live?”

“Blue Bay Community, I just moved their not too long ago.”

“That’s not far away at all! What a coincidence!” Xue Lei clapped his hands a few times with great laughter, “What a strange meeting. It must be fate. Alright, just call me Leister.”

…… This one had to be following the code of chivalry.

Luo Nan was suffocated for a moment from Xue Lei’s knightly manner of speech. It was unknown if Xue Lei was doing it on purpose. Luo Nan was left speechless for some time.

However Xue Lei’s giant mouth was completely able to support the occasion all on its own: “I’ll just call you Nanster then. Fate is fate after all. Actually, I had already walked passed you back then. But I heard your breathing resonate; it seemed that you were buzzing with a chant. It was like a deep breathing technique, yet it was not. And when I saw your complexion…… That appearance of yours, I was afraid you hit a setback while skill training. Yep. It’s great that it’s nothing. It’s great that it’s nothing.”

When Luo Nan heard the words “deep breathing technique”, “skill training”, and similar vocabulary, Luo Nan’s mind stirred. He looked at Xue Lei again, sizing him up. He noticed that Xue Lei was wearing some odd clothes. They seemed to be training clothes from some sort of gym. They had a light grey color, and on the left chest was an emblem of a three-legged cauldron. It gave people a deep impression.

Xue Lei noticed where Luo Nan’s gaze was pointed at and puffed up his chest:

“These are the training clothes of our gym. Not bad eh?”

“Hic… was you?” Luo Nan answered with a question. A certain memory had flipped to the surface from the depths of his mind. This tall and sturdy figure along with the grey jacket was familiar no matter how he looked.

Xue Lei was confused: “You know me?”

Luo Nan reminded him: “This morning. Outside the changing rooms in the South 2 Area.

“It was you!”

Xue Lei also recognized Luo Nan, but his response was stranger than Luo Nan’s; he casted a glance behind him and only then did he speak in a low voice: “You should be fine now right? That group of people should be all scattered by now……”

“Yes sir. Many thanks for your helping hand and your sense of justice.” Luo Nan also followed the code of chivalry and gave thanks in that style.

Indeed, this was quite the coincidence. This tall and sturdy student in front of his eyes was the Ardent Person who helped him out this morning. This enormous campus could accommodate several hundred thousand people. The probability of meeting this person again was really far too small.

“Ain’t nothing, Ain’t nothing. I was just passing through and I was there at just the right time.”

Xue Bei was gesturing with his hands endlessly, but his face revealed excitement before he could finishing speaking a few words: “Nanster. Although your body looks a bit weak, your hand strikes are quite nimble. The places you striked were tastefully chosen. Have you trained before?”

As Xue Bei spoke, he also gesticulated with movements. He nearly touched Luo Nan’s body as he demonstrated.

Luo Nan didn’t know if he should block Xue Bei’s move. But then a voice suddenly called from behind Xue Lei:

“Leister. What are you up to?”

Xue Lei’s body froze as soon as he heard the voice. He withdrew his hand and prepared a smile. Then he turned around: “Hey Xiaolin~ There’s a fellow student I know over here……”

A tall and skinny girl walked over to them several seconds later. She automatically hooked Xue Lei fixed by the arm, declaring their relationship publicly. The two matched quite well in height to say the least.

Xue Lei introduced her promptly: “This is my girlfriend Chen Xiaolin, she’s a grade higher than us…... And this is Luo Nan. He also lives in the River Wu District; he lives over in Blue Bay right?”

Luo Nan nodded with a smile, he wasn’t superfluous.

Chen Xiaolin sported a pixie cut. Her jeans matched well with a simple white jacket. She looked to be a blunt person. The outlines of her face were extremely distinct. Her eyes were slightly slanted, giving her a somewhat astute and strict appearance. A single look made it clear who held the power between her and the simple-minded Xue Lei.

However, Chen Xiaolin was extremely accommodating when it came to dealing with people. She greeted Luo Nan with giggles and laughter addressing him as “junior”. She held an unwavering attitude.

Luo Nan saw that the two were paired like one and felt that he shouldn’t bother them. He prepared to say goodbye, but he had to first express serious and heartfelt thanks for Xue Lei’s favor of assistance:

“The matter from this morning……”

He had just started his sentence when Xue Lei bored at him with wild hinting eyes. Luo Nan was struck dumb, then he took a look at Chen Xiaolin wrinkling her brow to the side. He realized that there would be some interference; now wouldn’t be the time to talk about this topic.

He thought for a bit, and just straightforwardly reached out his hand: “You guys get going then. Leister, let’s add each other as friends…… is that alright?”

“Of course, of course.”

Xue Lei chuckled as he reached out his hand, making contact with Luo Nan’s wristband.



Both of the wristbands vibrated at practically the same time when they had touched. The sound was quite surprising.

“Whoa! That was synchronized! Dang!” Xue Lei cried in surprise.

His voice died to a miserable groan in the end from Chen Xiaolin ferociously pinching his waist.

Luo Nan confirmed that this was an important message that issued the notification vibration. He lifted his wrist to confirm. The sender was the special duty advisor of the 10th grade, Li Mingde. He wanted Luo Nan to be at his office at 5 o’clock.

It probably had to do with him skipping class yesterday and missing exams.

To the side, Xue Lei finally realized what the situation was. After verifying the information, he also gritted his teeth: “Elder Mingde has summoned me. This news can’t be good.”

Luo Nan raised his head to look at Xue Lei: “You too?”

Xue Lei blinked his eyes: “What?”

After a moment of shock, Xue Lei immediately realized something. He looked at Luo Nan once more. He spoke with brotherly meaning: “You also didn’t enter a society?”

Luo Nan immediately confirmed that the person in front of him had somewhat of a different conclusion.

Xue Lei was already grumbling and complaining on his own by now. He spread his hand: “I really wanted to enter a society, but when I went to look at the Martial Arts Society and the Fitness Society, I saw that they were far lacking when compared to my gym. I had no interest at all…… Oh right. You want to go over together?”

“My meeting time is 5 o’clock.”

Xue Lei was delighted: “Mine is 5 o’clock too! This is some great fate! Let’s go together! together!”

Next to them, Chen Xiaolin thought of something. She asked Luo Nan: “You didn’t enter a society? Then you’re a new student that just entered the college?”

Luo Nan nodded his head in agreement.

Chen Xiaolin’s eyes lit up in an instant: “Junior, what middle school did you go to? Is it River Wu Experiment Middle School? The same as Leister?”

“No, I went to Sixth Middle.”

“Xia City’s Sixth Middle? How prestigious! But it’s far away from the River Wu District……”

“I used to live in the Nade District. I just moved into the River Wu District after I tested into Acumen College.”

“The Nade District? That’s a core district right? Housing there is extremely expensive!”

“It’s alright.”

Luo Nan found it somewhat difficult to handle the questions over family property from Chen Xiaolin. He wished to back away from the subject.

However Chen Xiaolin had already smiled with a proposal: “It’s almost four. The matter with Advisor Li is a bit far off and we won’t be able to get anything done in this time frame. Why don’t we find a beverage shop and chill for a bit before going over?”

Xue Lei naturally agreed. Luo Nan felt it wasn’t proper to decline when he looked at Xue Lei, so he nodded his head in agreement.

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