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Chapter 20: Vestiges of a Wraith (Part 2/2)

The camera shot the earth at close range, however the audio recording device and other equipment were still in operation. Only the sound of fist meeting flesh, miserable shrieks in succession, and noisy chaos could be heard. 

In the end it seemed someone had chased the thugs away. Only then did the scene return back to tranquility.

Li Xuecheng was mute for a moment. He recovered and saw that the First-Person-View puppet wouldn’t be getting back up anytime soon. He tried calibrating the camera remotely. His mouth continued to mutter all the while:

“I should have known to use a hovering type……”

The camera suddenly shook and the scene changed. The view cut through the building, the grass field, the sky, and also an intermittent image of a person. The rocking caused one’s eyes to go dizzy.

“Steady yourself!”

Li Xuecheng had rushed out the order with the assumption that the First-Person-View puppet had recovered. But soon he discovered that he was wrong.

The figure was way too close to the rocking camera. The ice cold gaze of an eye focused gradually into view. Was it familiar?

…...F*CK ME!

Li Xuecheng smashed a heavy fist on the armrest. He finally understood the state of the current situation. Luo Nan was holding the unconscious First-Person-View puppet and was searching for clues right now. In addition, Luo Nan had quickly discovered the issue.

The camera rocked slower and slower, while Luo Nan’s face become clearer and clearer.

Lian Yu’s hand grew more and more painful. She opened her eyes and looked at Li Xuecheng who was right beside her. He probably noticed that she was looking at him for his ashen face made a slight adaption. His mouth twitched before he finally squeezed out a smile:

“It appears to be ‘Game Over’ this time.”

This awkward self-mockery combined with Lian Yu’s relatively obedient attitude allowed Li Xuecheng to recover a bit of confidence. His voice increased in volume:

“It’s as I said before. Does he know who’s the instigator? Even if he does know it was me, can his claw reach out to me? Like I can even give him a greeting right now……”

Li Xuecheng was about to use the communications device in broadcast mode, but halfway through he saw Luo Nan’s gaze seemingly looking straight at him. Li Xuecheng hesitated before he finally chuckled. He replied stubbornly:

“......I can also just ignore him!”

He closed the projector upon speaking, refusing to receive the information coming from over there. He began to talk and gabble non-stop when faced with Lian Yu’s gaze:

“Jie Yu. I’ve always understood since I was little that the resources behind power is formless, traceless, and omnipotent. This fellow was fortunate today to be able to get away from the campus thugs. But tomorrow, the ones he shall face will most likely be true gangsters.

“I still have many different methods of play aside from what you’ve seen today. His family members, his relatives and friends, each person is a viable line of attack. This is real life. It’s not like those games with their botchy programming and plot influences. We can take our time to play!”

Li Xuecheng’s speech became filled with more and more passion. Confidence filled his throat anew. But Lian Yu, who had been pulled into his embrace, only felt a rocking sensation inside. The speech left an intense sour taste that was frightening. Her organs were stewed and nibbled to have a thousand sores and a hundred holes by this time.

This setback was already out of Li Xuecheng’s mind; his mind turned more sexual instead. He hugged this charming and delicate doll, no longer increasing his strength. But wouldn’t it be purely idiotic of him to believe that his wishes will be fulfilled?

Intentions sprouted in his mind. The temperature of his breathing increased to the next level. His lips moved to the boundary between Lian Yu’s neck and collarbone.

Lian Yu’s mood suddenly plummeted to zero. She tried to break free, but she was firmly locked in place by Li Xuecheng.

“Jie Yu, Jie Yu, Jie Yu……”

The fuzzy syllables boiled from Li Xuecheng’s throat. The temperature of his body was rising. Sky’s Fury was a very nice place. He had many splendid conquests in this place. And today there would be another large victory.

“Bang bang bang!”

Someone had suddenly knocked on the car window with a decent amount of strength. This person’s mood was clearly represented.

F*ck. I still haven’t come yet and you’re knocking some sh*t now!?

Li Xuecheng was furious for some time. He was even more furious that the bodyguard in the surroundings wasn’t able to obstruct a stranger. What if Luo Nan had come murderously over? Wouldn’t he have to personally deal with the matter?

He pressed a button to roll down the car window. He was just about to curse at this person, but what appeared outside the car window was Xie Junping’s ice cold face.

Li Xuecheng was struck dumb on the spot.

Xie Junping’s gaze swept across the tangled bodies within the car. His lips twitched and smirked: “Li Cheng. Let’s have a chat?”

Li Xuecheng got out of the car absent-mindedly, while Lian Yu huddled and curled up in the car in a fetal position.

It wasn’t an accident that Xie Junping had come over since Lian Yu was the one who had originally sent out a help message to him. But Xie Jinping's attitude, from his abandoning her yesterday morning to the sweeping glance just now, still made her heart slightly go cold. 

Dreadfully, this person was uncatchable.

It seemed that right now, Li Xuecheng was quite the better option. But that warped appearance of his…...

While her mind was in a tangle, a muffled sound rang out from outside that was also accompanied by some cursing. These sounds rushed directly in her ear. Lian Yu leapt up to take a look at the situation outside of the car and her eyes went wide in a flash.

Xie Junping was sitting fallen on the ground, blood flowing from the corner of his mouth. He was somewhat stunned.

Li Xuecheng gasped for breath as he grinned with laughter. His boiling mood had probably caused him to rip the collar of his shirt to reveal a skinny chest. His breathing caused his chest to undulate up and down and the accumulation of the red color of blood pervaded it:

“Ha. Ha. Xie Junping. I’ve always hated looking at you. You’re just a fool who could only sell his face without a teleprompter……”

Upon speaking, Li Xuecheng walked over and delivered another kick. Xie Junping obviously wouldn’t give him an easy time. Xie Junping blocked the kick and pulled hard in one direction, dragging Li Xuecheng to the ground. The two then wrestled as a lump of mass.

The bodyguard finally caught up, but he was too stupefied to do anything. In the end it was Lian Yu who blurted: “Hey! Separate them quickly!”

The scene turned even more chaotic and Lian Yu felt an inexclicably familiar feeling with this scene. She recalled somewhat absentminded for a moment before remembering the conflict between Luo Nan and Li Xuecheng during their detainment. It pretty much went like this.

Her long slender fingers were in her hair, but she was unable to make heads or tails of the chaotic situation. In the end she could only ask the heavens in silence:

Has this world gone mad?”

Right now, the chaotic situation within Acumen College had already settled down. Luo Nan raised his wristband. He tapped to confirm on the verification mail sent by the International Science Expedition Society. 

He should have completed this task twenty minutes ago, but he didn’t have the leisure to until now. This was because of he had a certain intense feeling that he was going to be ambushed from the moment he first entered Acumen College. It was as if there were many people who were watching him attentively with fixed eyes.

At first Luo Nan believed that it was just a figment of his imagination. But this feeling grew stronger and stronger to the extent that he began to hear a low crackling rumble.

He was very familiar with this sound. It was the sound of the visualized chained crow. The crow had entered reality on its own accord for some unknown reason. It was simply a reconstruction of a passage from the legendary novel, “Divine Soldier’s Warning”.

Luo Nan remained super alert because of this. After a few rounds of observation, he finally discovered that he was being watched by several people. He then took the opportunity to jump the window and run.

How was he supposed to know that his enemy would bring out such a large force. They cornered him in the end. If it wasn’t for the help of that ardent person with a heart of justice, even he wouldn’t know how today’s events would end up.

Oh, why hasn’t that ardent person been introduced yet?

The situation was far too chaotic back then. Luo Nan could only remember that the person had a tall and sturdy figure. This person swept over like a gale of wind, chasing those campus thugs off in all directions…… They ran and ran, leaving no trace behind.

Acumen College was a place filled with strange people in great numbers!

Luo Nan shook his head. He was unable to see anybody observing him in his surroundings. But that feeling still remained in his heart; he entered into his visualization state.

It was becoming more and more effortless for him to enter into the Fixed Space. He saw that the crow with its long chains was exceptionally active within the center of the void. It spiraled and orbited inside and outside of the visualized diagram.

But what was most interesting was the faint red glow at the front end of the chain.

A fractured and twisted line was within the glow, forming an abstract symbol…… It made Luo Nan have quite the feeling of familiarity.

Its dark red luster was the best indication. Luo Nan was able to recall something within several seconds: Weren’t those lines the same lines that showed up on the burning wraith’s body when the wraith evoked a great mass of “spores” on the warship?

When Luo Nan had first drawn the burning wraith, he had drawn many coinciding lines on the paper. But those lines weren’t as concise as the abstraction right now.

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