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Chapter 18: Job Seeker (Part 1/2)

“Who?” Even though Luo Nan was already quite prepared, he was caught off guard by this sudden address.

Zhang Yingying’s gaze was just like a sharp blade that cut upon Luo Nan’s face. But Luo Nan’s reaction just then was really his honest reaction. Zhang Yingying wouldn’t gain anything from this.

But this time, Luo Nan woke from his bafflement in an instant. His eyes suddenly lit up:

“A psychic!”

Hic. It’s like he just blurted out a secret…...

Zhang Yingying chuckled: “Okay then. I’ll accept your gratitude.”

She accepted the piece of paper in a way to block Luo Nan’s line of sight. But as she was doing so, she couldn’t help but have her gaze remain looking at the paper’s surface. She kept on glancing at it. Her heart made a meowing sound of interest... Perhaps this cat was scratching its skull in deathly torment!

Two minutes passed and Zhang Yingying could no longer bear it. She placed the picture to the side and spoke directly open:

“Why do you draw like this?”

“What is a psychic?”

Two people’s gazes, questions, and curiosity crackled in the air to form a ball of mass; the situation was dire. Unfortunately no one was willing to conceded to first step. They glared at each other in contention to be in a motionless deadlock.

Luo Nan was sitting down so there was a great difference in high between him and Zhang Yingying. He tried to stand up, but something unexpected happened before his butt could leave two centimeters from the chair. Zhang Yingying was using her palm to press down on his shoulder showing no restraint.

This gal had a lot of strength. It was as if there was a barbell pressing down upon Luo Nan’s shoulder. His entire body tensed to push back against the force, causing even the metal chair to begin creaking.

Zhang Yingying leaned forward with her body to practically join with Luo Nan’s face. She appeared to have an extremely intimate attitude, but she was confident that Luo Nan would be able to handle it for sure. She increased her strength:

“Come on. Tell me. Why do you draw like this? I don’t remember there being……. huh?”

Zhang Yingying suddenly stopped, after all she was quite the intelligent person. She realized something, causing her attitude to change. She processed something, her brain beginning to work at high speeds, her eyes squinting to contain a dangerous air:

“You’re testing me?”

Zhang Yingying awoke with a realization: That sketched picture was absolutely just a cover given to her by Luo Nan. Its true purpose was to test her reaction. Clearly, Luo Nan had already began to doubt what the target of her actions were, even before he picked up his pen.

Of course it was natural to be suspicious. But for Luo Nan to be able to be this skillful as demonstrated, to apply his own abilities so broadly, and conversely setup a cover to give her…… Why, this was quite the nice surprise!

Luo Nan sat on the chair. He didn’t avoid Zhang Yingying’s beautiful face, which was nearly within reach. His line of sight locked up with hers. Yet the mood had actually turned quite tranquil: “It was you who investigated me first. You looked at my monitoring recordings. And there’s more. You said that ‘I’m not choosing a Deep Blue’. Is it because you felt that I will display a steady hate as a result, using my relationship with Quantum Corporation’s Formatting Theory as a basis? That means that you’ve certainly investigated my family background and circumstances. You at least know of the matter with my grandfather.” 

Zhang Yingying rolled her eyes: “Did anyone ever tell you that if you remember too many details when you’re young, you will grow up to be extremely petty…… Wow, your small dick sure can shrink!”

After a speil of babbling nonsense, Zhang Yingying admitted that she kind of flew into a rage from being humiliated. So she was determined to toss pride to the wind: “If you care this much about investigations…… Let’s continue then. Yep. Student Luo Nan, can you describe what useful abilities you’ve learned?”

Luo Nan remained as levelheaded as ever: “I have no idea how to address my abilities, how to characterise them, what level to place them at… In that case, how can I describe my understanding?”

Zhang Yingying was slightly obstructed upon discovering that there was really no meaning in engaging with this stubborn Anti-Hero’s air. There absolutely wasn’t any sort of option to compromise in this guy’s head.

Humph. Might as well bet it big and lay all her cards on the table. No matter how mature he’s acting, in the end he’s just a baby!

After a few curses beneath her breath, Zhang Yingying retreated a step in the end: “I never expected for you to lack this much knowledge and experience. I really pity you…… Actually you can easily find out by looking online what a so-called psychic is. It’s a fellow who can closely connect and contact ghosts, specters, and the like. These people can sense incorporeal things that ordinary people cannot touch at all. And, they are able to connect to them. There’s nothing special about them aside from this. Satisfied now?”

Luo Nan was obviously dissatisfied. If they really “Weren’t anything special”, why did you make a big fuss over nothing?

“Now it’s your turn.” Zhang Yingying absolutely wouldn’t get the worst of it. She tossed out her question once again, “Why did you add this glowing band to this portrait of me?”

“Felt like it.” Luo Nan was somewhat reserved. He patted his notebook: “When faced with some interesting source material, I will have a quite special feeling inevitably. I draw this feeling out later, concentrating it as suitable…… Perhaps this is the ability to communicate with spirits? Yep, you’re haunted by a ghost?”

“You’re the one who’s haunted!”

Although the exchange went like this, Zhang Yingying was still quite satisfied with Luo Nan’s response. To the best of her knowledge, the majority of psychics in this world really did use various mediums and ceremonial methods to strengthen their vague senses until they finally reached the result of linking with the incorporeal.

For instance, Luo Nan used a pen and paper to take that feeling and display it as an image. Whether it was efficient or practical, it was already very impressive. To use an other-worldly gift to describe the feeling was quite fitting.

The event with the Darksider life form had just recently occurred, causing Zhang Yingying to think of some practical future applications of this ability. She soon felt her entire body be filled with interest: “How long has it been since your ability has awakened? Are there more pictures like this?”

Luo Nan looked at her baffled: “Is now a good time to ask that?”


“Then let me ask something. These ‘ability users’ that Lawyer Zhang is mentioning, are there a lot of them? Have you talked with them? How do they practice and train normally? How and what sort of levels are these abilities separated to? What stage would my ability be at? If……”

“Stop!” Zhang Yingying crossed her arms to form an X, decisively shouting for a time out.

Then she stood slightly further back to size up Luo Nan up and down with great earnest, looking like she suddenly realized something: “You really don’t know anything…… Anyway, you’re quite interested in the circle I’m in right?”

Luo Nan didn’t hesitate at all: “Yes. I’m extremely interested.”

Zhang Yingying blinked her eyes: “Even if the organization I’m in is an evil organization, or perhaps a simple super powerful research institute, the type that specialize in slicing specimens for analysis…… You’d still be interested?”

“It’s an organization?” Luo Nan keenly captured the crux of things. He also responded without the slightest hesitation, “You guys are already paying attention to me right? If you discover that I have this psychic ability, shouldn’t you be attracting and recruiting me? Or perhaps abducting and imprisoning me?”

“Haha. You narcissistic madman……. Okay then. Let’s say things are like you say. Wouldn’t the proper thing to do under ordinary circumstances is to wait for a good offer? This impatient job seeking appearance of yours...What’s up with that?”

Luo Nan thought for a bit. And responded like so: “If the choice is between being an outstanding student or being a young and inexperienced employee, I choose the latter.”

Even if it was better for him to choose to join the Mystic Arts Research Society to perform independent lab experiment work, he would have to stagnate in the Chemistry Society and be a well-behaved and brilliant student for a year before doing so.

He needed pressure and opportunity. After all, he didn’t have much in terms of capital; the time left for his grandfather…… was not much.

That circle. That circle was probably overfilled with ability users. If he was going to come knocking, he had to knock his way inside!

And he was using the quickest method to do so.

Luo Nan stood up and faced towards Zhang Yingying. Beneath her stunned expression, he performed a proper bow: “Therefore, please think it over seriously Lawyer Zhang. Give me the chance to get a job with you.”

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