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Chapter 128: Shadow Realm (Part 2/2)

Translator: Strivon

The quicksilver-like radiance from Fairchild's body interlocked with the dark clouds of turbid mist that came pouncing at him. The two forces collided and it all seemed fine at first, but then the giant shadow arm smashed through Frost River Reality. Its momentum did not end there and the arm pounded into the ground.

The shockwave blasted across and the three skyscrapers could be seen swaying. Transverse waves and longitudinal waves were tangent to each other and the power became even more intense. The rooftop of the skyscraper beneath Fairchild's feet was like a cloth being torn asunder. Long fractures suddenly spread, splitting in all directions. Anyone could tell that the building was about to collapse.

Having experienced this level of power, Fairchild knew that he was no match for it. However, he remained expressionless. He just cast his gaze at Ouyang Chen. "You've been a spectator for this long. Was it to wait for this?"

"Yea... But it’s still not enough." Ouyang Chen lifted his head to look up at the source of danger hidden in the background. It had appeared at last. 

The giant shadow arm had already manifested as a pitch-black pillar that ran through heaven and earth. It was like an orbital elevator that ran from outer space to an endpoint stopping at the ground. However, it was still hard to determine where its other end laid.

The dark clouds of turbid mist spun and flew around the pillar, forming a vortex of distortion. There was also mist at its base that billowed outward. Though lightning did not flash within, a terrifying power could be sensed hidden inside.

The following change in the situation was no longer something that could be resolved by spectating.

Ouyang Chen had already begun to make a move. He did not appear to do anything special; ripples just manifested outside his body and swept outward. The ripples were unstoppable. The dark clouds of turbid mist surrounding the giant shadow arm were split open and the ripples directly assaulted the shadow body itself, causing it to tremble endlessly.

The demon in the background seemed to sense the threat. A sudden burst of electric flame gushed from the dark clouds of turbid mist to cleave down toward Ouyang Chen's head.

Ouyang Chen neither ducked nor dodged. His expression did not change at all. He just looked like he was opening his mouth as he breathed in, swallowing the lightning directly into his body. A crackling glow throbbed around his body, but it was quelled by the ripples he produced.

Ouyang Chen responded in quite the effortless manner in this exchange of blows. However, he then frowned. "This taste is filled only with greed and impatience."

Fairchild asked, "Is it an Extraordinary?"

"It doesn't possess an extraordinary thought process. It’s formed of pure chaos and disorder. It’s more like a Human-Faced Arachnid."

Ouyang Chen's gaze flitted from the giant pillar to the shadow arm, to the circulating and spiraling cloudy mist. He sighed and said, "However, it’s at the peak of chaos. It actually has the existence of a 'domain'... In this sense, it’s not wrong to say that it is an Extraordinary."

The so-called shadow pillar was a region of high-interference between the mental and material planes. The dark clouds of turbid mist that surrounded it were similar, but the degree of interference was at an inferior level. The further away from the shadow pillar, the more the degree of interference dropped.

Based on its ability, the demon was completely able to envelop the entirety of the Logic World with its might. However, its outstanding instincts allowed it to distinguish between levels of intensity. It used the strongest interference to warp a section of material space and wielded this warped space as a weapon, clashing it violently with the outside world.

It was just like a lever. It used a relatively small amount of energy to leverage a power far beyond its normal limits. The dark clouds of turbid mist. The soaring electric flame. These were all produced in this fashion. This was a high level skill. This was one of the applications of an Extraordinary's 'domain'.

Ouyang Chen was not too pressured by this. Enemies on the side of chaos, even if they possess the ability of the Extraordinaries, were not worthy of too much of his attention.

There was no reason or logic that could be described in chaos itself. Even if something could be analyzed from chaos, the end result would just be a shallow idea. It could only be used to fool an amateur. Even if Ouyang Chen wanted to research it, he would need to find the overall mechanism that formed this power of disorder. This would be a time consuming process.

His target was An Weng and his intentions had not changed even in the last minute.

Ouyang Chen began to rise a bit; his toes left the ground by several inches. He just levitated in the air without anything to support him. When one reached the level of Extraordinary, even if one did not have the natural ability to fly, one could create an environment that allowed flight. This was done through the mutual interference between the mental and material planes.

This was also another application of the 'domain'.

No matter where Ouyang Chen went, the substance-like ripples eliminated both the cloudy mist and electric flame alike. The ripples appeared to move unimpeded, unhindered, and the spreading ripples appeared brighter at the forefront. It shone with its illumination.

What had once been a well-blended shadow pillar was now a bit more transparent. The forefront of the ripples that constantly followed rules and patterns were slightly distorted. 

The 'domains' of the demon and Ouyang Chen had collided.

The atmosphere in the Logic World suddenly grew tense. The entire area was shaking. The rooftop of Building A was already on the verge of collapse from the clash between Fairchild and the dark clouds of turbid mist. Now, it finally collapsed. The helpless and blank priests and knights fell screaming in quite a miserable manner. 

Fairchild did not have the ability to levitate so he could not avoid falling down from the ashy and turbid mist. Fairchild spat out a shout and his quicksilver aura cleared the surrounded area. He raised his head and looked up.

However, what he saw was not Ouyang Chen nor the demon who had yet to reveal itself. What he saw was clearly a Human-Faced Arachnid struggling endlessly within the shadow.

When the 'domains' collided, traces of the Darksider lifeform submerged in the shadow pillar was revealed. 

Number 3! This Human-Faced Arachnid had just escaped into the depths of the mental plane. When one tried to probe the deep sea for it, one would find it hard to trace. It was strange and baffling. However, it appeared again at this very moment. Its demonic body was ravaged and unwhole. It appeared weak and lifeless. Its entire body was aflame. And most importantly, it had lost the special ability to roam in the depths of the mental plane. 

Did the assault of the shadow pillow hit Number 3 head on based on sheer coincidence? Or was there a different reason? 

Fairchild could see Number 3 struggling inside the shadow, but it did not look like it was struggling to escape. Instead, it seemed to be charging deeper inside. Fairchild could not refrain from being suspicious. Was An Weng really still controlling the Human-Faced Arachnid from the inside? Acting in such a way inside the dark depths of the demon's shadow was simply suicide! 

Floating in the air, Ouyang Chen was able to see things clearer than Fairchild. He was familiar with An Weng and knew that the old man was not someone who did things roughly. Even if An Weng was overtaken by emotion, he would certainly have a fundamental reason for his actions.

The clash between 'domains' grew more intense. Ouyang Chen used this as a pretext to look through the shadow. He could vaguely see something glimmering and sparkling from the center of the shadow pillar.

Ouyang Chen had found the reason!

Ouyang Chen soon determined that the glimmer was the projection of the Scales of Truth. It actually did not collapse during the initial assault. Instead, it was embedded in the depths of the shadow, and its form was the same as ever before. 

Of course, there were still changes that could be described. Atop the black plate was the Krait that controlled the elements of chaos. Right now, it was coiled into a ball and was at its last breaths of life. The mist formed from the elements of chaos had already dissolved completely into the shadow surrounding it. It seemed that next, the Krait itself would soon dissolve into the shadow as well.

Under Ouyang Chen's rapt attention, Human-Faced Arachnid Number 3 was doing its utmost to close the distance between it and the projection of the Scales of Truth. The distance between it and the Krait. The interior of the shadow possessed a terrifying heat and a corrosive nature, endlessly dissolving Number 3. However, Number 3 did not cower in the slightest.

There was not that much distance between the two. With a body that was nearly burned to nothingness, with struggling movements that disregarded the cost, Number made contact with the edge of the Scales of Truth projection at last. It pounced at the black plate in quite a desperate manner. Meanwhile, its malevolent and deformed mandibles opened up to swallow the Krait atop the plate in one bite!

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