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Chapter 127: Change in the Turbid Clouds (Part 2/2)

Translator: Strivon

Luo Nan felt quite an intricate sensation.

When he had erected the framework of the altar, he was able to transcend past that world. He was not directly influenced by being the sacrificer and received only benefits... All this was possible as long as he could support it.

However, now the projection of the Scales of Truth entered as An Weng's evil intent came attacking over. That feeling of supremacy was offended and the altar's framework he was supporting faced erosion and collision by external forces.

He had never encountered this kind of situation before.

However, this was natural now that he thought about it. The Scales of Truth was the paramount holy entity of the Order of Justice. It could act as a sacrificial vessel and could be regarded as another altar frame. An Weng had made his way upon one of the plates, becoming a sacrifice of the Scales of Truth. One thing was being used for two things, possessing dissimilar purposes and different natures. A clash was inevitable.

In addition, An Weng was not just having the two frameworks collide together. His penetrating evil intent had locked onto his target. He clearly wanted to pull Luo Nan into the depths of the maelstrom!

It seemed that An Weng had succeeded.

Luo Nan tried to wash his mind of the Scales of Truth but it was useless. The thing grew clearer and clearer, especially the side with the white plate. There seemed to be a possessed force that drew in his mind, giving him no chance to escape. 

Looking deeply into the source of this power yielded what seemed to be a structural pattern that was vaguely like that of the Shield of Truth. His body grew tense from inside out. It was as if he was bound by incorporeal threads.

Luo Nan struggled in his discomfort, but he never expected the instrument connected to his body to ring in alarm. The collective gazes of everyone in the vehicle became focused on him.

Zhang Yingying, the ad hoc nurse, immediately raised her hands up high in the air. "I didn't do nothin'!"

"Even if you wanted to, you couldn't have caused this to happen."

Through an AR display, Bai Xinyan integrated the data of the instrument and various numbers were arranged and displayed. The laymen who saw the display were all blinking crazily. However, everyone was able to see sudden minute fluctuations appear on a near-level frequency graph.  

"There has been a change in the strength of the fleshly body, though the scope is quite small." Bai Xinyan's gaze swiveled over, flitting past Luo Nan's face. "There hasn't been a crack on the Shield of Truth, right?"

"About this... I'm not sure."

Luo Nan scratched his cheeks with his hands; he was a bit embarrassed. Though the matter was hidden and he could not speak of the details, he was not a resolute and courageous boy. Instead, he took on the attitude of uncertainty.

Bai Xinyan raised an eyebrow, but she did not say anything. Zhang Yingying had already smacked Luo Nan’s shoulders. "You're not sure? What do you mean, not sure?"

"The problem isn't on my end..."

Actually, it was!

Luo Nan got himself in this deep and was forced to admit to himself that things had gotten big now.

Right now, Luo Nan could sense an enormous 'heat source' existing by his side. He was familiar with this feeling of order. It was undoubtedly Fairchild.

Luo Nan combined the situation in the Logic World with the fragments of An Chengli's memory that he had received from the high-imitation Human-Faced Arachnid to produce a conclusion. He did not know whether to laugh or cry from his conclusion.

Perhaps, he and Fairchild were the same. An Weng had acted first and asked questions later against them, sending them to become the underlying mass atop the Scales of Truth... Had Luo Nan been placed upon the altar to become one of the sacrifices?

This was truly an example of irony.

The sense of supremacy that always came when erecting the altar's frame caused Luo Nan to lose accuracy in his conclusions. When An Weng exhausted his soul and forced his way over, Luo Nan had believed that his Wraith Sign held the upper hand. Luo Nan's behavior of being engrossed in the thrill of the hunt was too careless.

After making it past the dangerous situation of near destruction, An Weng immediately used decisive methods to give Luo Nan a good lesson.

If Luo Nan's conjecture was correct, An Weng had captured the link where Fairchild blessed him with the Shield of Truth. An Weng used incomprehensible and arcane techniques of the Order to achieve success in one move.

Moreover, the matter would not end here. Right now, it seemed that Luo Nan had already replaced Fairchild, Ouyang Chen, and similar characters. Luo Nan had become An Weng's number one target to deal with. Luo Nan's ability to draw enmity caused even himself to feel helpless.

The most vital matter was to naturally have the situation get back on track. Whether it be President Ouyang or Fairchild, weren't these two being idle for too long?

"Perhaps An Weng is focusing and pressuring Fairchild and Luo Nan got involved as a result?" Everyone in the vehicle could obviously see that Fairchild had given Luo Nan a blessing. Papercut frowned as he guessed this, all of a sudden going on this train of thought.

Red Fox spoke in a low voice, "It's also possible that he's being directly targeted like striking a cow with a mountain in the way." 

Zhang Yingying gave Red Fox a thumbs up in great approval. "That's right... Then we need to take defensive measures!"

"We are in no condition to do so right now."

Bai Xinyan shook her head. She lifted her wristband to make a call. Soon, she was connected. "Sister He, about the matter with your boss stirring up trouble. Even being separated by the Logic World can't stop An Weng. I propose to push President Ouyang to resolve this matter asap!"

Luo Nan's head hung down, having lost the face to meet others in the eyes for a time. However, he ultimately would not distract himself in social matters for too long. He also could not count on the help of others. His mind soon concentrated upon the altar frames.

Luo Nan could not relax for even a moment when it came to An Weng, even if it appeared that the old man was rapidly growing weaker. 

"There's not much time left." An Weng was clear about his own state.

Within the colosseum, half of Number 3's limbs had been chomped and consumed. It appeared spiritless and it lacked the strength to fight back.

The mass of An Weng's soul trembled and shrank. All that remained was half of the mass at its peak. Though this was all that was left, the two maelstroms of altar frames tore at each other with the colosseum being second to the Scales of Truth. The Scales of Truth was the major aspect.

Since Luo Nan was placed upon the scales...he could only be placed on the truth side. An Weng had been catching up to that mass but Luo Nan's mass was absolutely abnormal. The combined mass of he and Fairchild's caused the projection of the Scales of Truth to instantly slip toward the unbalanced state.

In such a dangerous moment, An Weng's mind grew even more callous and firm. Though it was clearly an illusion, the projection of the Scales of Truth seemed to possess the majesticness of a true holy entity, the essence of immortality.

An Weng could withstand the ignition of his soul for a short period time... He could even obtain a stronger tension and realize even more excellent results.


It was as if a bowstring was plucked with great force. The probing waves swept deep through space the instant the vibration sounded. It was far more tyrannical and penetrating than the last time.

In this instant, it did not matter whether it was the Logic World or the hazy starry sky, they were both practically transparent to him. His consciousness spread freely to every nook and cranny, to every level. 

A layer of cloud and mist accompanied the transparency. It was what the probing waves accessed on the material plane. It was the phenomenon formed from mutual interference.

The cloudy mist seemed to grow denser, and it soon caused the night sky of the Logic World to become a bit dirty.

"BANG!" Another sound vibrated, broadcasting out; the visibility within the Logic World plummeted once more. It was as if a thick fog had rolled in and the three large buildings were practically warping.

"Ouyang!" Fairchild had a bit of his telepathic senses focused on the projection of the Scales of Truth. He could indirectly touch An Weng's current state. Fairchild felt a bad omen come over An Weng and he warned Ouyang Chen.

Before Ouyang Chen could respond, electric fire suddenly leaped from the upper layers of the hazy mist. The arc stabbed their eyes and it came smashing down like a redwood that was felled.

Why was 'smashing' the word to describe it?

Because in the blink of an eye, the bolt of light twisted and coiled. Behind its powerful glow was a turbid and solid shadow with the appearance of a clenched fist. The chaotic electric arcs coming from it were the fist's fluttering hairs. Looking at the whole, it was simply the giant arm of a monstrous beast and the arm came rumbling down.

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